WordPress SEO Tips, Tricks, Techniques To Improve Google Ranking

Wordpress SEO: Make search engine optimization stronger your website or blog using these useful tips, tricks, techniques from masters.

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WordPress is Magic. Yes, I personally feel that. It is not only easy to create a WordPress site but it is also very easy to optimize it to enjoy good ranking in Google. I am going to share with you some of the best WordPress SEO Tips Tricks and Techniques that I have learned from the masters. I have tried and tested these amazingly wonderful WordPress SEO tricks and they work like anything.

Please, bear one thing in mind. Today, SEO is not just about building backlinks. It is all about the quality of the content of your site. This is the most important thing in REAL Search Engine Optimization. Links from high-page rank and domain authority sites matter but with simple SEO Tips WordPress Posts can reach that eye-catching position and amaze even the big leaders in your niche.

How come this blog post is here? The site doesn’t even seem to have any quality backlinks? How has this site appeared on top of the page?

No wonder. Such questions will be rampant.

Why These WordPress SEO Tips and Tricks?

I have selected the BEST SEO Tips For WordPress Sites. You can employ these tricks. They will work well.

Before I started to blog on IT Wingz, I had been working for over 11 Years as a digital marketer and growth hacker.

From Masters in WordPress and SEO, I learned a lot. I owe my knowledge of WordPress and SEO to them plus other experts who I have found online who are popular. I can’t take all the names here, because the list is very long.

These WordPress SEO Tips have worked for me and I am certain these will work for you as well.

It All Starts With Domain and Web Host

Why have I given so much of importance to domain and host? Host? Well, it is ok. But, what about domain? Does your domain name for a WordPress site has any significance?

Picking The Right Domain

The domain name is the crux of SEO. I believe you already know how Google has downgraded sites that were Exact Match. Exact Match Domains are keywords based and they may become a negative factor for your WordPress SEO.

Therefore, pick a name that is unique and not entirely keywords based (But, do you know keyword-based domains still rank higher in google? There are some crucial things that you need to consider when you take an Exact Match Domain For Your WordPress Site.

Check out this complete list of FREE SEO Tools.

Select Your WordPress Site/Blog Host

Poor Hosting can break SEO completely. Site speed is an essential ranking factor. If the site loads slowly, customers may not wait and navigate to some other. How many such visitors wait for the site to load properly and then abruptly shut it down to the next site? The higher the number of such visitors, the slower the site’s ability to crawl up higher.

If your site is taking more time to load, it would be better to consult the host service provider. Ask why the site is loading slowly. Get to know more about the reason for such loading. If there are technical issues then those issues can be resolved or their effects can be minimized if not completely eliminated.

But, if your host can’t provide you any better solution, it is time to make a shift. Yes, move to a new hosting package and host your site somewhere else.

Grab A Quality Hosting Package

While selecting your web host, do not take the traditional approach and pick anyone you find on top for your keyword search such as “best hosting services companies” or “Top ten web hosting companies of the year.” it is always good to check plenty of sites, find reviews on the hosting companies before registering for any hosting package on the site.

BlueHost, HostGator, Godaddy, Hostinger, In Motion Hosting are some top hosting players in the market.

Remember, cheap hosting may sometimes mean bad hosting. So, do not fall prey to such marketing gimmicks. Use your intelligence and take the best hosting solution.

If you want, you can also try WordPress Hosting Solutions. There are plenty of WordPress Hosting Packages that you can select from. Pick the one to start with and upgrade you may need more space.

How To Set Up SEO Optimized WordPress Blog?

When you are ready with domain and hosting, it is time to put these two in action. Connect your domain to your host if you have used two different accounts to register for the domain and hosting. But, if you have purchased both the domain and hosting at the same from the same account, you will not have to worry over technical glitches. It is always good to book the domain and hosting from the same account.

How To Install WordPress?

wordpress seo tips

Almost all hosting companies give you this option to install WordPress Application and connect your domain to it. For instance, if you are using Godaddy Hosting or Bluehost Hosting, you will find the icon for the WordPress Application in the hosting control panel. You can click on the WordPress Application to install it on the site.

When you click on the WordPress Application to download it, it will ask you the domain name you want to connect it to. You provide the name and it is connected in very little time.

Disabling WordPress Indexing

As soon as you install the WordPress application for your site, it makes sense to disable indexing as the site is not yet complicated. Once you are done with all the necessary WordPress changes, you can go LIVE.

When you set up a new blog, you can use the ‘discourage search engines from indexing this site‘ feature of WordPress until you’re done with working on the structure of the blog and ready to launch it. When you have that option enabled, it disallows search engines (bots) to crawl your pages (handled from robots.txt).

How WordPress Permalinks Should Be?

Certainly, you do not have to make use of the default WordPress Permalink SEO Structure. That is not mandatory. I have presented in one of my articles how permalinks for WordPress blog work.

During the time of adding any new post to your WordPress site, you should have the option to edit the permalinks in any way you want. When you remove the DEFAULT Permalink Structure, you can have the freedom to create any site you want that is 100% SEO based.

Best Permalink Structure would be www.abc.com/my-my-seo-team (good example).

But a bad example of permalink structure would be ‘?p=[id]‘ (default permalink for the WordPress blog). This is not good for SEO and you may also lose ranking in Google.

How WordPress Blog Post URLS should be – Small or Lengthy?

We have already discussed what is the best permalink structure for the WordPress blog posts. Now, let us move a little further and understand how the post URLs should be

Backlinko suggests that the length of the URL should be cut short. Two or Three words that indicate what type of a post it is will be enough.

The best example of the small URL is his own blog post that is here: backlinko.com/seo-tools

When we type SEO Tools in the search box, we get Backlinko on Top and the next that often follows is AHREFs.

But, when you type “FREE SEO Tools” you get AHREFS blog post on TOP and then another blog post form the Backlinko. There are other sites too that have first-page ranking in Google such as MOZ and Buffer.

The point that I want to explain is short URLs are the best when it comes to WORDPRESS Blog Post URLs. You do not have to stuff every possible keyword in the BLOG POST URL and make it lengthy (but, even Long URLs work).

Check out this list of SEO blogs that provide good information on web optimization.

Why Install .XML sitemap WordPress Plugin?

It is important for any WordPress site to have .XML sitemap plugin. This plugin will let the search engines know more about all of the pages and posts on your site. As you add new posts, the sitemap will be updated automatically. You can plenty of .XML sitemap plugins. I am leaving this to you decide which one can be better for you.

Just one small tip. Read reviews before you install any such WordPress .XML plugins.

Why Install Yoast SEO Plugin?

wordpress yoast seo plugin

I can safely say, Yoast SEO Plugin is the best WordPress SEO Plugin you will ever find. One of the most striking features of it is that it guides you on how you can optimize your WordPress blog.

Step-by-step you will learn how to create wonderful posts that are 100% optimized.

From three simple signals from RED to Orange and Orange to Green, you will learn to optimize the as an expert in SEO.

  • The key phrase you want to rank higher on is not in the first 100 words of your blog post.
  • The keyphrase is used very less. Use it at least 3 times or 5 times. For this length of the article, the recommended usage of your keyphrase is 7 times or 9 times.
  • The URL of the blog post doesn’t carry your keyphrase.
  • The top headings of your post do not have the keyword you want to rank on.
  • You have not added any image to your blog post. It is recommended that you should add at least one image. Add a featured image. Add Alt Tag to your image to help search engines read your image.
  • You have over-optimize the images. Please, remove the keyword or add other synonyms.

You will receive Warnings from Yoast SEO Plugin as you move on. You implement the suggestions and recommendations from Yoast SEO to finally create a wonderful post that is SEO optimized 100%.

All-In-One SEO Plugin

I would also suggest that you should try All In One SEO Plugin as well. This will work more or less like Yoast SEO Plugin. Of course, it doesn’t have all the features SEO plugin by Yoast but still, it works well.
I have used both All In One SEO Plugin and the Yoast SEO Plugin.

Currently, I am using Yoast for my WordPress Blog.

If you take premium Yoast SEO Plugin, you get plenty of advantages. You will be able to add other synonyms or keyphrases for all your posts (Free Yoast SEO Plugin will give you the option to add one keyword or keyphrase. You can’t add other synonyms or keyphrases.

The box to add synonyms or other similar keywords will be functional. When you select premium Yoast SEO, it works. There are other features too such as Add Breadcrumbs, Add Canonicals, Orphaned Content Filter, Internal Linking, Social Preview, and other useful SEO Features.

How To Use WordPress Tags Smartly?

WordPress Tags may work like keywords for a post. But, not exactly the same. Using WordPress Tags intelligently is very important. Suppose, you have a blog post with the title: “10 Best WordPress Cache Plugins To Speed Up Your Blog.” Obviously, for this post, your main target keyword would be WordPress Cache Plugins or Best WordPress Cache Plugins.

Now, naturally, for the post to rank higher, you will be adding plenty of other similar types of keywords in the post or its equivalents. You will also be planning to cover short and long-tail keywords. That is really good.

But, when it comes to WordPress Tag, you need to select SMART Keyword. Tagging shall take some other short to long keyword but not exactly the same keyword you want. I would suggest that you try one that is closer to your primary keyword.

And make sure that the category pages do not have a clash with the tagging. If you tag a post with the universal keyword like WordPress and you also have a category on your blog with the same name such as WordPress, you end up having two similar ties. This will create duplicate content or duplicate title issues.

The best solution to overcome this overcome is to have tags as noindex (this will stop the search engines from indexing your pages that are created by using TAGS.

Advanced SEO plugins may have this feature already. So, you may not have to worry about it. But, you will have to make changes in the settings in order to allow the plugin to send information to search engines what to index and what not to index.

How WordPress Cache Plugin Helps Your WordPress Site?

The speed of the site is one of the crucial factors. If the site doesn’t load fully in less than a second or at least within 1.5 seconds, visitors who may have stumbled upon the site will go to another sign.

This will give the Big G a signal that the site is not good. And it will start seeing this site as a low-quality site.

Use WordPress Cache Plugin to increase the speed of the site or blog. A right plugin comes with free access. You can WordPress W3 Total Cache Plugin. This is the one I like very much. It has all the advanced features to improve the site’s loading speed. Another cache plugin you can use is WP Super Cache. This also works well.

Using CDN To Improve Site’s Performance.

I would suggest that you CDN if you have big static content (in the form of images or infographics, CSS). CDN will cache static content, uses a wide network of servers and server end-users with the speed they need. The result is a faster loading speed that ultimately leads to good performance.

Why Block SPAM Comments in WordPress Blog?

If you do not block SPAM comments, chances are Google may see your page as not deserving. Suppose a spammer has added a comment that is not relevant to your blog post.

So, what do you think about how Google will react to 30-40 such posts on your single blog post? Obviously, Google will take your site to be a home of such filthy bad links. If your site were ranking higher in Google, it will take very little time to come down to a level of no importance or no ranking.

So, block all spam comments in your WordPress site.

How interlinking posts in WordPress important?

All relevant posts should be interlinked. This is what good SEOs say. A strong network of the post will help Google understand the relevance of the page and it will rank it higher for sure.

I am not saying add as many internal links as you want. But, limit to at least 5-10 per post depending upon the length of the content. Obviously, if you are writing an article that comes around to 4000-5000 words, it makes sense to use at least more than 20 or 30 internal links.

Keep in mind. Interlinking should be between pages that are relevant.

And do you know Yoast SEO Plugin makes this simple for you? It will suggest other Page URLs that are good to link to *these will be the pages Yoast discovers based on the topic of the titles you are posting.
Link new articles to older articles and vice versa. This will make the interlining much stronger.

Liking to special pages is also a good strategy that works well. When you direct your users to your most-read blog posts. you improve its ranking more easily.

How To Avoid Bad Internal Linking?

The simplest way is to link the page to only those pages that are relevant to each other. A post on SEO can have a link back to the post from another blog post on SEO – Search Engine Optimization. Remember, you do not have to link to unimportant pages. And it is also not necessary that each and every page shall have plenty of internal links.

How External Linking Should Be?

Similarly, it is very important that you should not give an external link to other pages or blog posts that have no value. This is also counted. The sites that you link with should have content that is matching well with the topic of your blog post. Irrelevancy will never be tolerated by google.

Disabling Author Archives

It is recommended that you should disable author archives on your WordPress blog. To remove Author Archives, you may have to modify your WordPress theme. But, the best way is to use a WordPress Plugin.

How To Optimize WordPress Images?

Do not just upload the images to your WordPress site. Make them work for you. They will work when you will add proper Alt TAGS for all your WordPress blog post images. If you are using more than 1 image for your blog post, make sure you use different Alt TAGS for the image, you can use exact keywords but for the second image, you shall use a similar long tail keyword.

You should not add two similar Alt TAGS.

How WordPress Post Titles Shall Be?

WordPress Post Titles shall have all the necessary keywords you want to rank on. But, do not take it in the wrong way. You do not have to use multiple keywords or repeat the keywords twice or thrice in the title. This will damage the ranking of your blog post.

Even if your title has the keyword in broken form, it will also work.

Let us say, you are targeting a keyword such as Google SEO Tools. There is a lot of competition for this keyword. There are as many as 10K-100K searches per month. Currently, Search Engine Journal shows itself in the first position for this keyword.

You will find the content of the post in the knowledge panel as well for this keyword from Search Engine Journal.

Now, to outrank such a site is not difficult but near to impossible. Because this same post has got plenty of quality backlinks too. Moreover, it is pretty old. So, obviously, it will have a big chunk of the space on the first page.

Example of a good title: How WordPress Site Can Be Made Strong With SEO?

If you check the title, you will understand the primary keyword WordPress SEO is broken but as the title has two primary words of the keyphrase, so it will accept it and give a green signal to go on.

Another Example: WordPress SEO Made Simple For Bloggers

This title uses the keyword as it is with no change but it is augmented with other words like simple and bloggers.

This is also a good example of a post title but generally, WordPress users across the globe prefer to use the keywords as they are not in separation. But, that is good too. If you experiment it you will see good results.

WordPress SEO Principle Of Old is Gold.

“Old is Gold.” Google follows this principle. If your post is 3 months to six months old, it will have a more prominent position in Google. And a post with almost a year old or two-three years old will have much greater prominence.

So, when you start posting articles and do not see any results. Do not be upset. Sometimes, the post may take a month’s time and it may take more time if you are trying to outrank a site that has already got page rank, domain authority, a strong backlink structure.

It will reach the first page, top position if it has quality content but, you may have to wait.

Therefore, the simplest way is to try generating content for those posts with keywords that are less competitive. As it can be easy to rank on keywords that have less competition.

How is Fresh Content Help Ranking With Google?

I have already described Fresh Content is like infusing life into your blog even when it was not breathing in the field of SEO.

If you have covered some trending topics, you may avoid writing the content on the same trend but you can pick other similar trends and blog ion them.

Or simply add fresh content to your old post or update the older post with some new bits and pieces of information.

WordPress Mobile Theme

Switch to WordPress mobile theme. This is of utmost importance. As Google wants your WordPress site to be 100% mobile-friendly.

Integrating Social Media On The Site

Add social accounts to give your users an option to connect with you on social media. And also let them share your content on social sites. Use a Social Media WordPress Plugin for good results.

I would suggest WordPress to Buffer or Simple Social Icons WordPress Plugins. You have other options such as AddtoAny, Sassy Social Share, Shared Counts or WordPress Social Login, etc.

Customizing Robots.txt

Do you want Googlebot to crawl or not crawl a few pages? Customize the Robots.txt. Using Robots.txt you can make it much clearer to Googlebot not to crawl or index a few or all specific pages, tags or categories. This will indirectly or indirectly enhance SEO.

Fixing Broken Links To Your WordPress Sites

The task of finding and fixing broken links is time-consuming. If you have posted such as 200-500 or 10000 posts, it is more difficult. But, with an SEO WordPress Broken Link Checking Plugin, you can minimize this difficulty, identify and fix broken links easily.

Other WordPress SEO Tips

What are your favorite WordPress SEO Tips and Ticks? Please, share your tips and tricks for WordPress SEO in the comment box.

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