List Of Useful WordPress SEO Plugins And Tools That Make Optimization Simple

What are the best Wordpress SEO Tools bloggers can use? This is the complete list of the Wordpress Plugins and Tools that help with Google Ranking.

list of wordpress seo plugins tools

Listed down are the best, free WordPress SEO Plugins And Tools For Better Search Engine Optimization Ranking In Google

If there is no SEO presence, there will be no traffic. A WordPress website or a blog without proper optimization will not crawl to the top position in Google. But, with the use of some good WordPress SEO Plugins, ranking in Google is a piece of cake. That is really simple. I have clubbed together some of the best, free WordPress Plugins and Tools you can use for improving your SEO position in search engines.

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WordPress SEO By Yoast

This is a wonderful, WordPress SEO plugin. A savior for the bloggers and site owners who do not even have any basic idea about Seach Engine Optimization. How? Yoast SEO Plugin guides you on what to do to optimize the site in a perfect way.

Let us say, you are adding a post. Your post doesn’t have your target keyword in the first 100 words, Target keyword is missing in the top headings. Images are not properly tagged. The main keyword or its equivalents are not peppered across the content in the right manner. The title is missing out on your primary keyword. The meta description is not as per the Google SEO Rules.

If there is an error in the SEO of your blog post or web page. It tells you and shows how it can be removed. That is the best thing about it.

You can use custom titles. It can add Open Graph Meta Data, create social cards for twitter and facebook. The tool pings search engines about new posts too.

W3 Total Cache WordPress Plugin

Do you know search engines want your site to have good loading speed? Naturally, nobody wants to wait until the site loads itself up completely. The circling icon drives Google searchers mad. They may not care to wait. And Google thinks about its searchers. It also tries to implement ways to make the searchers happy.

Google sees the Speed of the Site as one of the major factors. Whether be it on Desktop or mobile, the site should load faster (AMP project that aims at creating Accelerated Mobile Pages for easy accessing on mobile shows Google’s dedication towards mobile users).

If your site has loading issues, visitors count may decrease. Therefore, use W3 Total Cache to enhance and optimize the site’s loading speed. It will make your images load faster. The recommended loading time for any site is less than 2 seconds or to be more precise. 1.5 seconds. Within this time, it shall load completely. Otherwise, it may upset visitors.

There are numerous advantages to using this WordPress Cache Plugin. Go install this for your WordPress blog today to provide a better browsing experience for your site users. They will not wait to see how slowly the pages are loading as they navigate from one page to the other.

All In One SEO Pack

I do not say Yoast is the first best and All In One SEO Pack is the second-best WordPress SEO Plugin that bloggers can use to optimize their site.

Both have different features. Each one of these SEO WordPress Plugins has something unique that separates them from the bunch of other plugins for SEO that are there in the market.

Of course, you do not need any experience in SEO to use it. It also guides how on how to optimize your site step-by-step. Just like WordPress SEO by Yoast, this works wonderfully and makes it simple for the bloggers to optimize sites or blogs more intelligently.

It comes with simple optimization of the titles, automatic generation of the meta tags, XML sitemap, duplicate content detection, etc.

WordPress Security Plugins

WordPress is secure. Ther is no doubt about it. But, this doesn’t mean that webmasters should not take any extra security measures to protect their site.

Adding an extra layer of WordPress Security is important. Install All In One WP Security And Firewall WordPress Plugins to secure the site from all types of security breaches or cyber-attacks. This WordPress Security Plugin will come with advanced features like Password Strength, User Enumeration Prevention,

The plugin can also detect display names or login credentials that are identical to yours This is weak security. Attackers may have half the information they need to access your dashboard. Download this WordPress Security Plugin to see other advanced features and secure your site more effectively.

Google XML Sitemap

Search engines need to be informed about new changes on the site. For bloggers who post 3-5 articles per day will want search engines to crawl and index their new posts. It is true fast indexing may help to generate more traffic.

Consider you have added a new post. You know it is trending. And if google indexes as instantly as you hit the publish button, there are chances that the blog post gets some good reads.

Yes, not all the bloggers can get their blog posts on the top right after its publication in an hour or 24 hours but blogs with strong backlinks network and reputations face no difficulty in appearing on top of the first page.

Google XML Sitemap exactly does the same. It helps with instant indexing of the new blog posts or pages. You can ping updates to search engines and request them to index the site more quickly.

WordPress Mobile Friendly Theme Plugin

Making a site that is mobile-friendly is crucial these days. You need to take this seriously. With a plugin such as WPTouch Mobile Plugin, you can easily make your WordPress site mobile-friendly. Of course, WordPress themes that we find on ThemeGrill, Themeforest, and other Premium and Paid WordPress Themes Platforms now also come with a mobile version of the themes. But, still, if anyone is using basic WordPress Twenty Nineteen or any other basic WordPress theme, this plugin can work wonderfully.

Broken Link Checker

Blog management is a difficult thing. In the beginning, you may not have any trouble. A blog with even 100-200 posts can be manageable but what about a blog with as many as 1000-10000 posts.

Think of it, how news websites that are run on WordPress struggle to manage the content. Links that may no longer work needs attention. Google wants you to remove broken links as the presence of such broken links may weaken the SEO of the site.

But, with 1000s of blog posts, how to handle this? The resolution is Broken Link Checker that will tell you of links that are broken, links you need to fix immediately to remove.

This WordPress SEO Tool will monitor links in pages, posts, comments, etc. It will give a complete report of how many links are working and how many of them are not working.

There is an option to request google and other search engines not to follow broken links.

Do not leave your blog or site littered with broken links or low-quality links. As you will lose ranking in google.

Google Analytics By WordPress Plugin

Google Analytics is certainly the most outstanding method of analyzing the site. Analyzing the site’s performance will not only help with understanding the site’s presence but it will also help optimize the performance for better results.

There are WordPress SEO Plugins that can make Google Analytics worthier for you. Use one fo the WordPress Google Analytics Plugins such as MonsterInsights. This amazing WordPress tool will provide profound insights on your site’s success by connecting your google analytics account.

Simple installation and beautiful presentation of the data. This tool also provides inbound and outbound internal link tracking. Learn which posts are receiving huge traffic. Focus on demographics, traffic sources, etc.

Useful WordPress SEO Tips And Tricks For Beginners.

WordPress IMAGE Optimization Plugins

I would say, you do not need any IMAGE optimization plugin if you have already downloaded WordPress SEO Plugin by Yoast or All In One SEO Plugin. These two plugins give you the option to optimize the image well.

however, if you would like to optimize the images separately you can use an Image Optimization Plugin such as Smush Image Optimization.

In SEO optimizing images is very important. Make sure you have added the right Image ALT Tags. certainly, there shall be no duplications. Use long-form keywords to define the images too.

Useful WordPress SEO Tools

Let us explore some of the WordPress SEO Tools that can spice up your SEO process and help rank higher in search engines more smartly.

Check out free, best google SEO tools that can help you optimize any site like a master.

SEMrush SEO And Analytics Tool

I would say SEMRush is what you need if you are planning to turn your blog into an online crowd gathering platform.

SEMRush will bring to you the analytics and insights needed to track the site’s performance and improve SEO ranking and outrank competitors instantly in global markets.

The tool gives you an idea of the organic keywords you should try to rank on (how you can rank on too with clear insights and analysis of the competitors’ sites).

Where to get quality backlinks from? How your competitors are getting backlinks? Their resources for the backlinks.

It is a paid subscription but it worth a lot.

Google Keyword Planner

No one in the world of SEO and online marketing can claim to have a better understanding of the key terms and searches better than the big G – that is Google.

Keyword Planner by Google is what you need to explore everything with respect to keywords you can target for better ranking. Use Keyword Planner for keywords research, keyword ideas and CPC bidding and Competition Analysis.

It is actually a PPC keywords tool but it also works as an SEO Keywords Tool. You can create Google Ads Account and go to Tools to start using this amazingly wonderful tool that provides accurate information on popular and less popular search terms.

Check out complete list of keywords research tools.

Check out the complete list of the SMALL SEO Tools that you can use to optimize and analyze your WordPress blog or website.

Other useful WordPress SEO Plugins

Other useful WordPress SEO Plugins will be shared in the next posts. Stay connected.

Please, let me know what are the SEO Plugins you use for your WordPress Blog. I can list your favorite WordPress Plugins for SEO to help readers get on blogging more conveniently and reach their goals (with better optimization strategies and use of the WordPress plugins).

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