List Of WordPress Plugins Used By Search Engine Journal

wordpress plugins on search engine journal

I am going to share with you the complete List Of WordPress Plugins Used By Search Engine Journal

But, please, do not assume that WordPress Plugins on Search Engine Journal currently may not get changed. It is possible that in a few months after this post, these plugins may get replaced by other WordPress plugins.

I frequently visit the site: Search Engine Journal. Like millions of other subscribers, I am also one of those who want to know everything that is there about Search Engine Optimization, Google and other search engines, search engine marketing, social media, and many other interconnected marketing and business ideas.

WordPress Plugins Used By Search Engine Journal

I must say the site has undergone many changes since the time it was launched in the year 2003. The site serves millions of passionate technocrats, techies, digital marketing strategies, SEO experts, reputation management professionals, etc across the globe. The site is awesome, people working on it are awesome.

One day, when I was reading one of the articles on the sites, I wonder what WordPress plugins this site must be using. Because, 99 times out of 100, the site performs well when the selected WordPress Plugins are good.

A plugin that is good really makes it simple for the webmasters to run their sites smoothly. No glitches. No trouble.  So, I decided to know more about the WordPress plugins the site is using.

Which WordPress Plugins Are Used By Search Engine Journal?

First, I tried to know through code. Page inspection. But, that didn’t work. I tried to know more about through some resources which made me come closer to some conclusion that YES the site has got so and so plugins but then one day, all of a sudden, I come across a post on the site which talks about the free and paid WordPress plugins used by the site.

Let me tell you that the site uses both free and paid plugins. The moment anyone lands on the site, the plugin that attracts the attention is “Add To Any Share Buttons.” Yes, it is very common. Good too. That is why the site uses it.  It allows users to share web pages on social sites (F/T/G+/Link/Pinterest, WhatsApp and other social platforms, etc).

WordPress Plugins used by Search Engine Journal

(1) Official Alexa WordPress Plugin (2) ShortPixel Image Optimizer (3) Swiftype Search (4) Yoast SEO (5) PopUp Pro (6) Google Analytics by Yoast (7) jQuery Pin It Button for Images (8) WP (for auto-generating short links) (9) Yet Another Related Posts Plugin (10) TinyMCE Spellcheck (checks spell, style, grammar) (11) BuySellAds (for ads) (12) Blubrry PowerPress is a podcasting plugin (13) Disqus Comment System (14) Login reCAPTCHA (15) Contact Form 7 – Free (for management of the contact form).

So that is the list of the WordPress Plugins which makes this search engine journal site simply awesome… cool.

Why Did I Post It On The Blog Here?

The reason for it is very simple. I want every blogger to analyze what WordPress plugins they are using and the results they are getting. It is always a good thing to follow one of the supreme leaders in the market and search engine journal is one of them. It is an authoritative site. Following in the footsteps can make it easier to achieve success. I personally feel any blogger who uses these plugins can ultimately reach deserving heights.

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