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Is this post about Wix Reviews? Not Completely. Then what does it talk about? It will give readers a clear idea about WIX Website Builder. It will explain how popular this website building platform is and why it is preferred by a large number of businesses across the globe.

Certainly 110 million users can’t be wrong.

Wix is a great platform for people who want to create their sites on their own. That is the beauty of all-in-one website builders. And Wix, as one of the amazing website builders, is a popular brand.

Let us first understand what actually is a website builder.

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What Is A Website Builder?

As the name would suggest, a website builder will help people with building the site. It is a tool to create a site even without knowing any code. Because it will come with a very user-friendly dashboard. You can log in to one of the popular website builders such as Wix to find website design templates.

Pick anyone that you inspires you and start editing it. You can drag units, add or remove units to make the web page beautiful. And of course, make it SEO-friendly too.

Two Aspects Of Website Builders

Let us explore two common aspects of website builders. One is referred to as the classic website design template-based website builder and the other is referred to as an AI-based website creation platform.

A classic template-based website builder will allow the users to pick and customize the template as per the requirements. Users can customize the website template with no difficulty. It can be simple to add content to all the pages. And makes it SEO and LSI-friendly too.

AI Website Builders will take you on a new journey of website building. It will first ask you a couple of questions, understand your needs. Depending upon the answers, provide useful suggestions. And with suggestions, you can easily create a site you desire of.

Wix is a combination of both traditional template-based and AI-based website building platforms. There are almost 500+ industry-specific web design templates for you to select from.

Incredibly great drag-and-drop editor to edit the template to customize it as per requirements.

And if you want, you can also go for WIX ADI that can design a site for you on your behalf.

wix templates

Why Use Wix?

Building a site for business online is a big necessity. But, design and development may invite huge costs. Of course, well-to-do businesses can bear high costs of website design and development, but what about startups, individuals or professionals who want to create their site without investing more money?

The answer is WIX. Now, building the site is not something only experts in coding can do. And nor does anyone have to be rich to offer a huge amount of money for developers to develop an error-free site.

Because this amazing website creation platform is here to support people who want to build their site. No skills in coding needed. But, you shall have some design skills. Some basic knowledge to use this builder to create a site that can outperform in terms of design and functionality.

It is used by businesses belonging to 100+ different industries such as Education, Technology, Finance, Banking, Marketing, Hospitality, Entertainment, NGOs, etc.

Ever since the time, this stunningly user-friendly website creation platform came into being (2006), it has been growing infinitely. It has established itself as the leader in the world of website building tools.

Top Seven Reasons To Use Wix

Top seven reasons why people from almost 190 different countries use it as their preferred website builder.

Popularity: It is a popular platform when it comes to the top 3 website builders to build the site.

Affordable: It is more than affordable. Yes, you will be paying less amount to use this website creation tool to create your site.

User-Friendly: It is extremely user-friendly. Beyond your expectations.

No Hassle: Use it with no difficulty to create awesome site.

Reliable: It is reliable and trusted by over 100 million people.

Less Time Consuming: It will take very little time for you to build the site using this tool.

Support: Amazing support from the team is another reason why people are in love with it.

Pros And Cons Of Wix

Every product has some pros and cons. And Wix is no exception. When I say the PROS of WIX, I mean advantages. Some unique features that you will not find any other free or paid website builder.

And when I say CONS of WIX, I actually mean some of the features that could have made it all the more perfect for use. These CONS are actually a reflection of the comparison of this website creation platform with other popular Website Builders such as Weebly, WordPress, Squarespace, etc.

PROS Of WIX Website Builder

It is highly innovative when it comes to creating a site with all ease. Of course, a unique website building tool that requires no coding knowledge at all. Even someone with no knowledge of a basic line of HTML or another programming language can actually start using it to create a site. A site that can be better than a site developed by an expert in web design and development.

It offers great value for money. Your investment is SAFE. You will get what you need. No loss. That is the specialty of this website creation tool.

This website building platform is hailed as one of the best website builders on social sites. You can check out its social score.

CONS Of Wix Website Builder

Well, I would say it has some features that restrict users’ freedom to use it. For instance, when you pick a template, design and modify it and make it go LIVE, you can’t turn back.

I mean, you can’t change the template. Yes, when your site is once made LIVE, you do not have the option to pick any other template for the same site. Of course, to use any other template, you may have to pay for it.

To add third-party applications, you may have to pay for this website creation platform. It is certainly not easy to scale up your site without third-party website tools.

There are plenty of customizable options that are often confusing for first-time users.

Wix Features

Let us discuss some of the best Wix Features.

Wix Editor

You can pick the template and edit it. Or you can create a template from scratch. There are 500 designer-made website templates for you to pick from and edit. The world’s most amazingly creative drag and drop website builder will help you design the site like a pro.

wix website builder

Templates Library

There are over 500 creatively designed templates for you to select from.


All the templates at Wix are mobile optimized. Yes, sites look amazingly wonderful on all devices.

Use Fonts

Unlimited fonts for you to create a good impression. Express your business using 100 different fonts.

Tailored Design

You have the freedom to design the site. No restrictions. Pick, edit or create as you like.

App Market

There are powerful web applications for you to manage your site and take your business to greater heights of success in the online world of business.

Scroll Effects

Add new beauty to your site with various scroll effects. Zoom-in, Parallax, Fade-in effects for your site are available.

Advanced SEO

Sites developed with this website creation software come with advanced SEO features. From the backend, you can add titles, meta descriptions, keywords, or other on-page SEO elements to make the site much stronger.


It is time to create wonderful animated sites. Animations can enhance the beauty of your site. With right scroll effects, video in background, your site will come alive with unmatched vigor.

Media Galleries

You can put on display videos, images or any special text using multiple layouts for your gallery.


It will take less time to go online in business with a site built by this top Website Builder. You will answer only a few simple questions and the site will be ready in a few seconds. You do not have to do it yourself. Wix will do this for you.

wix website editor

Content Support

Add beautiful text or images to propel your business to an advanced level.

Tips and Tricks

From time-to-time, you can expect to receive some tips and tricks on how to make the site more stunningly beautiful.

Unique Design

You get a unique design for your site. And yes, in combination with AI for better performance.

Colors, Fonts

M<multiple fonts, multiple color options for you to select from. You can also customize the fonts, colors as per your business needs.

Corvid by Wix

Do you want to build more advanced web applications? You can use Wix to deploy your web project. No server needed.

Rapid Visual Front-End Design

This innovative website builder will speed your front-end development. There are 100s of User Interface elements to modify the site

Production-Grade Runtime

Here is an opportunity to make use of the Wix Cloud. Run your application on Wix Secure Server.

Data Management

It offers a strategic and unified marketing approach to content marketing and content management.

Open Platform

Do you want to connect your Wix site to any third-party site or application? You can connect to any third-party APIs.

IDE and DevOps

Users can make use of the Corvid’s online IDE to create a stunning code. Work in your own preferred environment as you may want with the code editor.

Business and Marketing Tools

Wix Business and Marketing tools provide you better insights into marketing and help you improve the business in a better way.

Other Professional Features

  • Custom Domain for Your Website
  • Analytics
  • Wix Chat
  • Professional Mailbox
  • Contact Management
  • Social Tools
  • Free Hosting
  • Member Login
  • SSL Certified

Wix Pricing Options

Most of the people look for free website builders. Ultimately, their search for the FREE, TOP website builders ends at this website creation tool. Is this website creation software really FREE? That is the question I must answer first.

If you want to try out how it works, you can have the option. Go for a Free Account. You can sign up for FREE and use it for your business. Of course, to add your business domain and to use it more professionally, you need to upgrade to a premium account.

The FREE version works well but offers only limited features. You can get the best out of this wonderful Website Building Tool by opting for one of the most suitable WIX Pricing Packages.


You can create a site. Of course, it will be samplename.wix.com/sitename. And YES, there will be ads on this FREE Website created with it. Your domain can’t be connected to it.

Connect Domain

You will pay only $5 to connect your domain to Wix Website. But, the site may still show ads. And please, take note of it that this Connect Domain Plan is not available for all the countries.

Combo Pack By Wix

This combo pack is priced only $13. This is ideal for entrepreneurs who do not want to spend more on their first business site. Great for small businesses. It will give you plenty of storage space. There will be no ads.


Go unlimited by paying only $17. This will give you 10 GB space that you need for your big site.

Business & eCommerce

Ecommerce is growing at a tremendous rate. Businesses can develop their eCommerce site by paying only $23. This is the best plan for business owners who are looking for an awesome online store to sell their products online.

Users can also opt for premium apps like Wix Hotels or Wix Bookings.

Some advanced plans are available for ecommerce sites.


How Many Websites Are Powered By Wix?

There are more than 110 million sites that are built on the Wix Website Building Platform.

Is WIX Free? Does Wix Offer Free Plan?

If you want to try this website builder for FREE, you can. Visit the site and create a free account to start building your site.

What Wix Website Costs?

It may cost around $13 to $39 per month. The pricing depends on the type of plan you may select.

Is Wix The Best Website Builder In The Market Today?

To be honest, it is one of the best website builders that rule the market today. It is competitively priced and has good packages for the users.

Is Wix Better Than Shopify, Weebly, WordPress, SquareSpace or Godaddy Website Builder?

There can be no comparison here. Each one of these website builders have their own unique features and pricing structures. However, in comparison to Wix, Weebly and WordPress are known to be far better but these site creation platforms can be more expensive for startups.

Is It Easy To Use Wix?

It is very simple to create a site or a blog using this Website Building Tool.

Is It True That Google Doesn’t Like Wix?

There is nothing Google doesn’t like if it is developed as per its search engine rules. Wix sites also acquire special preference in Google when smartly optimized.

Can Anyone Hack My Wix Website?

It is not possible. You do not have to think about it. It takes high-security measures to protect the site from hackers.

Does Wix Offer SSL?

All Wix-based sites will have HTTPS enabled. So, this will save you some bucks too.

Who Can Use Wix?

You can use this website development tool if you want to create a site on your own. No help needed from anyone. All drag and drop functionalities will make it easy to create a stunningly wonderful site for your online business.

Should I Know Coding To Use This Website Builder?

Users do not have to have any knowledge of coding. What goes on the backend is not important. Because it has What-You-Do And What-You-Get Features. Drag design places to any section of the page to create an amazing site.

How Many Templates Does It Have?

Wix has plenty of templates for you to edit and modify as per your business needs. It is all a game of picking the right template out of hundreds of website templates available at Wix and modifying it with all due intelligence. And of course, without any coding.

What Is Wix Suitable For?

Whether you are running a small store or plan to have a travel site, you can certainly find this wonderful site creation tool helpful. There is a wide range of website templates that you can pick from to create a site related to your niche.

How Is Wix’s Template Editor?

Wix has got the most powerful template editor. It gives you the option to edit as you want, make it look the way you want. Edit the template to create a site that is in line with your business professionalism.

Can I See Some Website Examples Built On Wix?

Check out these website examples that are built on this amazing website developing platform.

Is Wix Good For Ecommerce?

Yes, it is pretty much a good platform for you to create your eCommerce site or e-store online.

There are no restrictions on what you want to sell. You can sell products with lowest transaction fees The site uses Square, Stripe or PayPal for transactions

What is Wix Ascent?

It is an all-in-one, innovative marketing and promotion solution offered by Wix eCommerce. Wix Ascend can help business owners connect with their target customers. With it, it can be easy to promote the brand.
Wix Ascent also helps automate the complete workflow and thus provides a way for marketers to market more intelligently.

How Many Industries Wix Cover?

Wix is apt for as many as 100+ different industries. Whether you are looking forward to building a site for your school or an IT office, you can select it for our site. Build a site for Hair Salon or a Clinic. A website for Photo Studio or a Wedding Planner. It has plenty of options when it comes to picking the template that is relevant to our business field.

Is WIX suitable For Cafes And Restaurants?

Yes, of course, it is 100% suitable for Cafes and Restaurants.

Is Wix Website Building Platform Only For Small Businesses?

Whether it is a startup or a small to big business,

Is Wix Website Creation Platform Suitable For Hotels And Hospitality?

Yes, it is. In fact, it is preferred by many of the big chains of hotels and businesses operating within the hospitality sector.

Can Musicians Use Wix?

Yes, it is liked by many musicians. Even popular musicians use Wix for their online presence.

Is Wix For Photographers Too?

Yes, if you are a photographer and want to create your online identity at very low costs, use Wix.

Is Wix For Graphic Designers As Well?

To be very honest, it is liked and recommended by a large number of popular graphic designers. If you want to promote your graphic design skills, use Wix to go online.

Can I Earn From Wix?

There are good opportunities to earn from Wix. Become an Affiliate to earn from Wix. That is the best option.

Your Wix Review

Add your Wix Reviews in the comment box. Your reviews on Wix can help others understand more about it. Kindness will be rewarded for sure.

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