Why Did Google De-Index My WordPress Site?

Why Did Google De-Index My Wordpress Site

Why did Google de-index my WordPress site? That is the common question many WordPress bloggers ask when they discover their site nowhere in Google.

Fixing WordPress Sites to get indexed by Google

Traffic to your blog through search engines is the best traffic. And if the site gets de-indexed from search engines then this might have a detrimental effect not just on the daily traffic but on the health of the site too. In this article, I am going to tell my WordPress bloggers or site owners what they can do if they if their site has got de-indexed from Google. There are surefire ways to resolve this issue and I am going to tell how to do it.

Why Did Google De-Index My WordPress Site? How to Recover From De-Indexing Effect?

It is all possible that Google may sometimes not index the site. This is one of the common issues. Most of the bloggers go through the problems of less traffic. A successful blog with huge traffic in the month of “May” may not show the same amount of traffic in the next month or the month after it. On detection, problems of the site being de-indexed by Google come up. So, why this happens? What is the root cause of Google not taking into consideration new posts on the WordPress blog? Why is it not indexing them continually?

There can be many reasons why Google might not index the site. Let us know about the reasons first. This will help us understand better what we can do to prevent our WordPress blog or site from getting de-indexed by Google.

Why Did Google De-Index My WordPress Site? Possible Reasons

Review the content of the site. Make sure all the posts are unique with no plagiarism of any kind. Sometimes, accidental plagiarism creeps into the content. So, cross verify that through Copyscpae.com.

Do not take this for granted by thinking that the content is written by you and is 100% original. There can be a possibility of long phrases or long sentences getting incorporated into the content (Learn more about Plagiarism here). You should understand that the sites with content that is illegal might not get considered by Google. Such sites may not appear in search results. Once you are sure the content is 100% genuine, focus on the next best thing. That is Google Webmaster Tools. Try to understand more about Google Webmaster. Read all the guidelines and follow them seriously. Doing this will always keep the site safe and secure.

Now, let us move forward to discover why Google might not index the site? Why WordPress Site may not get de-indexed by Google?

Is your WordPress Site visible for Search Engines?

You know, there is an option in WordPress to let the search engines index the site or not. Yes, it is there. Go to “Settings.” Recheck Search Engine Visibility Settings.

It is possible that settings have got changed incidentally. You or someone with the admin level access must have done it without being aware of the same. It sometimes happens. I have seen bloggers complaining of the same. So, whenever there is any such problem then do not forget to check these settings.

Just log in to the WordPress site. Go to “Settings” and then “Reading Page.” Scroll to reach the end of the page. Uncheck it if it is already checked and click to save it.

Google Search Console (Formerly, Webmaster Tools)

Login to Google Search Console. If the site has not been added then it is better to add and get it verified. Once you login to the account, you will know about issues with the site, if there are any.

Click on the Tab called “Messages” to read if there are new messages. Click on the tab called “Crawl Errors” to see if there are any crawling errors detected by google. Similarly, check “Security Issues” too.

Safeguarding The Site From Malicious Code

One common reason why it becomes difficult for Google to index the site or why it decides not to index the site is due to the malicious code present on the site. Hackers sometimes hack the site and load a script that can potentially distribute Malicious Software on users’ browsers. Web visitors visiting the site see a safe browsing warning in their browsers like FireFox, Chrome, Opera, etc.

Well, to be honest, cleaning a WordPress site that has been hacked is not easy. The process is very complex. The person who wants to clean the site is needed to be adept at such a process. That is the reason why most of the experts use Sucuri on their site.  Sucuri offers website security. Protect sites, detect malicious activities, respond in an intelligent way, keeps the bad guys at bay.

Those who would like to clean their site on their own can do so, provided they learn a bit more about it. Here is the resource link to fix a hacked WordPress site.

When done with all the necessary things then it is time to let Google reconsider the site. Here is what you have to do to let Google index the site. But before that, be sure of quality content. Follow all Webmaster guidelines).

First, make sure that the website follows Google’s webmaster quality guidelines.

Submit The Site For Reconsideration By Google.

I hope this article has helped you learn how you can prevent the site from getting de-indexed by Google and what to do to fix the site if it gets de-indexed by Google.

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