Social Media Marketing For Businesses: Step-by-Step Guide

Social Media Marketing for small to big businesses. Making use of proper social media marketing strategies, it can be easy to build a dominating presence.

what is social media marketing

What is social media marketing? Is it rocket science? Is it difficult or easy to build a social media marketing campaign that can work like magic? How to market a business on social media? What are the channels that can be used to maximize revenue online? How social media ad campaigning like Facebook Ad Campaign, Twitter Ad Campaign, Pinterest Marketing work? How enterprises can make use of social media marketing to promote their business? What are the best sources to generate business online through social media?

I am certainly not baffled by questions that most of the startups or local businesses that are about to go online ask me about social media. Many a time, I have come across people who do not believe when I say social media has the power to empower online businesses. Those who have already spent a bit of money on social media marketing and have not got any good results complain of it being very less active or less results-oriented. But, I believe poor results of their marketing campaign on social media could be due to bad social media marketing strategy.

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What is Social Media Marketing? Definition

I will try to be as simple in my explanation as possible. Social Media Marketing that is SMM for short is now the buzzword.

SMM is the most popular form of internet marketing that puts to use social media in order to market the services or products for business. It has now turned into a great source for branding or achieving marketing goals.

Making use of popular social platforms such as Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, LinkedIn, and various other platforms can help a lot with growing online business.

What Is Not Social Media Marketing?

Is your business on Facebook? Do you have a business account for LinkedIn? Twitter account? Pinterest account? And others? Creating a business presence on social media is good but it is not called social media marketing. Marketing needs more than just posting on Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter pinning images on Pinterest or uploading videos on video sharing sites, etc. It is far beyond that.

Social Media Content

Content that is posted on social media shall have the potential to drive audience engagement. It shall provide a reason for the people to click on the post and visit the site for more details. If this can be done, then it would mean you have got a good social media marketing strategy. Whether you are using paid social media advertising or unpaid social media marketing plan, it will help increase sales for sure.

I have created this social media marketing guide to provide you with basic to advanced understanding of social media marketing. There are some unique starter social media marketing tips to improve social presence for any type of business online.

With these useful, tried-and-tested social media marketing tips, it can be easy to create and develop a custom social media marketing expert plan.

Social Media and Marketing: Building A Strategy

Before setting up any social media marketing campaigns, first, take into consideration some business goals that you would like to achieve through marketing on social media. It is certainly of no use to start a social media marketing campaign that lacks a perfect social strategy that is in line with the business needs. Without a perfect social media marketing plan, it will be like wandering in the dark forest at a late hour of the night with no lamp or cruising without a map. It might give some fun but no good results. You get lost for sure.

Here are some fundamental questions to ask to zero in on social media marketing goals.

What my business intends to target using social media marketing?
Who will be the target audience for my business on social media platforms? Where exactly is my business target audience? Which social media marketing platform is used by the target audience?
What type of messages the audience may like? What my company shall do to connect to the right social site users?

How Social Media Marketing Can Work For Me?

Social Media Marketing will work only when a perfect plan is crafted with all business and social intelligence.

An eCommerce website may need to have visually appealing images to market on Pinterest, to attract the audience and drive traffic from Pinterest to the site and generate sales. Such a business site can also make use of Instagram to get instant results for hit promotional activities on social media.

But, a business-to-business firm looking for some new leads and deals can rely on Linkedin or Twitter for improved sales.

It will help businesses meet their marketing goals more easily than anything.

Setting up the goals shall be based on what the business needs. What is the purpose of marketing the site on social media?

  • Driving traffic to the site
  • Increasing the conversion rate
  • Branding (turning a business into a successful brand)
  • Crafting a unique brand identity
  • Creating and improving positive brand image
  • Improving customer experience through social interactions

If the social media audience is more engaged with content that you post, it will be easy to drive good results through social sites and achieve the desired goals as well.

Get a complete list of social media marketing websites that can help with promoting business in a flawless way.

Best Social Media Marketing Tips

Get started on a wonderful journey of marketing through social platforms. Before you make a start, focus on these simple social media marketing tips that help create successful social media campaigns that have the power to generate a 70% increase in your sales in business.

Social Media Content Planning

It is already mentioned how important it is to build a social media marketing plan. Pay attention to keyword research. Focus on competitive keyword research too. Google Keyword Planner can help with searching for the highly competitive, high volume, the right type of business keyword. Don’t want to use keyword planner? use other premium keyword checking tools that are already available online.

When competitive keywords or content search is done, more lucrative content ideas can be created and promoted in the best way. A little bit of research on what type of social media marketing strategy other competitors are following will help analyze what your business shall do.

Creating Unique Social Content

Posting a couple of posts on Facebook or Twitter is not enough. Content reigns supreme on social sites when it is crafted with an aim to offer truly valuable information for the audience. Regular posting on social sites is recommended but doing that to the level of spam or unaccepted is detrimental to the social presence of a site.

Since ideal customers like catchy, adorable, helpful and insightful content in the form of images, videos, infographics, how-to-guides, freebies, discounts, offers, etc.

Get to know more about digital content creation tools.

Building Brand Image

SMM makes it easy for brands to flourish in any competitive business sphere. Across all social media platforms, consistency in promotion and brand image is important. Making sure that the brand is seen and trusted for the qualities it has.

Social Media For Content Marketing

Share blog posts, website pages, special landing pages on social media platforms to drive traffic to the site, for brand awareness, bring customers to the site and get connected, improve sales, conversion rate, etc. If you can manage to build followers on social media, you get your business close to success.

Thumb Rule For Marketing On Social Platforms

Content for social is everything that goes on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn or other social sites. When sharing a blog on a social site, it is difficult to describe what it is all about. In such a case, it is important to craft a smart one-liner that can package the entire blog post. And with a relevant hashtag.

Using Hashtags For Marketing

Hashtags are common and everyone knows how to use them. These hashtags are used to specific meta information for all the social posts that you are going to put. We can also call it grouping the posts. Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, LinkedIn, Tumblr, Medium almost all the sites use hashtags as a description of the topic.

Promoting Curated Links On Social Sites

Social sites provide a platform for content sharing and content promotion that is beneficial for businesses. Apart from this, it makes it easy to create and promote curated links that have value for the target audience. Certainly, all other resources, no matter how good, valuable and engaging they are, you wouldn’t want to share on your business site. But, on social sites, these things can be shared to excite the interest of the audience and to get connected to the audience.

Analyzing And Tracking Social Competition

It is requisite to pay attention to what competitors are doing. Competitor analysis provides enough data about what competitors are doing. If any competitor is making use of a social platform that helps generate more engagement with the audience and increase conversion, it is better to resort to the same channel in order to compete more successfully.

Analyzing Social Media Marketing Success

With proper analysis of social media marketing strategies, businesses can arrive at the right decisions. Without tracking the data in the right way, determining the success of a social media plan is almost impossible.

Google Analytics is one tool that is the best when it comes to measuring the success of campaigns on social sites. It can help entrepreneurs, marketers analyze and measure truly triumphant methodologies and also understand what methods are needed to be continued and what shall be abandoned completely. By adding tracking tags to all business promotion campaigns on social sites, the marketing team can easily monitor and track the results.

Social Media Crisis Management

Up and down the marketing efforts go and dwindles the rate of success achieved on social sites. It is always good and wise to have a backup plan. Your team shall know what to fall back on at times of social media crisis and manage social media campaigns in the best way. Learning a bit more about how to manage even the worst of the social media blunders or disasters can come in handy.

How To Create And Implement A Perfect Social Media Marketing Strategy?

So, how will you develop and implement a good plan that can work for your business? It is certainly a big question because the type of social media marketing strategy you are going to adopt to promote business on social sites determines the level of success in marketing.

Experts in brand promotion always suggest making use of the right social media marketing platform for business promotion.

If you ask Wikipedia about how many social networking sites are there, it takes you to this article.

There are over 200+ sites that are good for networking but it is true not only a few can be suitable for business advertising and marketing.

Therefore, picking the right social websites is crucial.

Here are the top seven sites that are good for marketing.

Dominate social media presence with these useful hacks.

Facebook Marketing Strategies For Brands

What is the best facebook marketing strategy for businesses? How businesses can leverage marketing through Facebook advertising? To be honest, facebook marketing for small businesses is not going to be the same as that of facebook marketing for the big business. Facebook marketers with experience can create a good Facebook marketing campaign. This article on how to increase facebook post reach organically can be helpful for you.

Selecting a proper facebook marketing strategy for brands shall be based on the following criteria.

Do you know posting interesting and customer-engaging posts consistently on Facebook can help the Facebook page rank higher in Google? That is marketing. Get interesting content for your Facebook Business Page. Add all important information to make it complete so that it can rank higher. Pinpoint target audience and work on increasing followers by being productive in terms of quality and meaningful content of the audience.

Using Facebook Plugins is one smart way to promote the page more effectively. Get it integrated to your site to help website visitors like your page and follow you on Facebook.

Get started with Facebook Ads to promote business. Track money spent more wisely using the most intuitive control panel. Select your ad type depending upon your goals. Various goals can be set that includes Facebook Page Engagement (just to spread the Facebook post, bring people to like your page, share, and comment, etc), Drive Traffic To Website (promote on Facebook to drive traffic to any site), Website Conversions (Facebook ads that can increase conversion rate),
App Installs (Facebook advertising that pushes users on Facebook to install your mobile application), App Engagement Event Responses, Offer Claims, etc.

Twitter Marketing Strategies For Brands

Setting up a page on Twitter for a brand is simple but marketing using Twitter can be difficult. Setting up a proper Twitter Marketing Strategy for business is the need of the hour. There are many brands already promoting like anything on Twitter. Amazing results are assured when the right Twitter marketing plan is created and implemented with all due diligence.

Increasing followers on Twitter is not simple. Tweeting is easy and simple but growing a real fan following is not that simple. So, plan ahead and dedicate time to tweet more smartly.

Of course, the use of Hashtags is mandatory to help your posts reach the masses.

Focus more on making the tweets more conversational and engaging for the audience.

Create a proper tweeting strategy or tweeting schedule so that you do not fall short for quality posts to share and tweet on time as per the schedule. Use the option of Twitter Video to create 140 seconds long video and upload it to the stream directly. Try to build an engaged following. Use Twitter Ad Options for brand promotion, generate leads, get traffic to the site, network with other people on Twitter.

LinkedIn Marketing Strategies For Brands

LinkedIn is a hub for B2B Marketing. It is a resource to generate good business. Making use of all options such as creating a post on LinkedIn to create a LinkedIn Group, Company Page, Article, Networking, Premium Emails, etc, brands can improve their social presence and improve business revenue too.

But, how to develop a business from LinkedIn? This is the first question that most of the entrepreneurs think of when they create a LinkedIn Company Page. But, trust me, using LinkedIn for marketing and business networking is very easy. Provided research-based, intuitive LinkedIn Corporate Marketing Strategy is used.

Of course, optimizing the company pages is one important thing when it comes to promoting the brand through LinkedIn. Even LinkedIn Company Pages rank higher in Google when they are properly named, based on the keywords research and by consistently improving the ranking of the page with interesting posts.

LinkedIn Content Strategy needs to be developed first.

Images and Videos can be added to increase engagement with the audience.

Commenting, sharing and networking bring in more business opportunities through LinkedIn.

YouTube Marketing Strategy For Brands

YouTube is an obsession today. Internet users across the globe use it. Business owners know its potential. Marketing by making use of YouTube is important as no business would want to lag behind.

If your competitors are already on YouTube, why are you still not using it?

Create a YouTube Business Channel. Open a Brand Account on Gmail (first and last name for your Gmail account as the name of the company like IT Wingz). Learn more about your target audience. Research what others have already got on their YouTube business channels and see if you can replicate or outperform with something much better. Optimize the videos smartly to get the videos ranked easily on YouTube. Update and schedule all your videos. Get engaged with the audience by replying to comments.

Learn how Instagram can be helpful. 30 Instagram facts, stories for you to learn more about it.

Social Media Marketing Automation Tools

Three are so many options for busy marketers to automate social media marketing. This can be done by making use of some of the useful Twitter Automation Tools such as Bluenod, Buffer, TagBoard, Trends24, AgoraPulse, Audience Connect,, Crowdfire,, Doesfollow, ManageFlitter, FollowerWonk, TrendsMap, Hashtagify, Hootsuite, iTrended, RiteTag, Social Oomph, Social Rank, Twible, Tweepi, TweetChat, Tweeroid, and others.

Social Media Marketing Companies: Take Help As Needed

Of course, running a business is a big thing. It may certainly be not possible to do everything on own. Hiring someone for SMM is a good option but hiring someone for the SMM job may come with its own good or bad outcomes. What if your business doesn’t get the result as expected? What if it doesn’t work for you? Outsource your social media marketing tasks to one of the best social media marketing companies. That is the best option available for startups or businesses that look for a cost-effective way of marketing on social media.


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