What Is SEO?

what is seo

For me, SEO is marketing. I do not know what you may take it as. I prefer SEO to SEM because it is more result-oriented and of course, brings higher ROI. It is Search Engine Optimization. A technique that can help business owners get that special, unique place in search engines.

I have been working in the field web marketing and optimization for over 11 years and I have worked with small to big businesses. The journey has been awesome. Optimization for Bing, Yahoo and MSN may sound a little off the track.

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Therefore, I am talking only about Google SEO. Google, ah, the kingmaker. The best of all web marketing nerds have one thing in common. They talk about site ranking, marketing as a living growing thing. It is true. It grows each day. You wonder why certain tricks are not working now that were working like anything a few months back. Maybe, you have not given attention to the latest trends.

Check out this wonderful On-Page SEO Checklist.

Check out SEO glossary to understand Search Optimization perfectly well.

Optimization Tips and Tricks.

What Is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization is not a complicated process as web development. It is very simple. Yes, I repeat that for you, it is very easy. We also called it web optimization or site optimization.

Read This Google Guide on The Process.

Some years back, technology was limited in its own way. Only those who have mastery over it could create awesome sites. Coding was a big thing. But, these days, startups or entrepreneurs do not even need help from web development agencies.

Designing and developing a site today is simple with so many website builders. You book your domain and get hosting. You buy a WordPress theme. Upload your WordPress theme to go online. Little modification will not be a big deal. Anyone with basic knowledge can do it.

Of course, for those who don’t have time, hiring a developer is the right option.

How site optimization is different from Pay Per Click (PPC)? Pay Per Click Marketing.

Types Of SEO

What are the types of web optimization techniques? Search Engine Optimization is divided into two halves. The first half of it is all connected to the site you have. How the website shall be in order to optimize it? We call it on-page optimization. This reminds of a proverb: To be able to run in the race, you need to learn to walk first.

To make the site compete in the world of Google ranking, it shall be made in the way Google demands. Otherwise, it can’t become a part of the race. Even if it joins the race, it will not win because it doesn’t have that essential quality.

Whatever that you do in order to promote the site in Google such as creating links of your site by adding your business details to local listings, guest blogging (blogging on other popular, higher domain authority blogs for a backlink to your site), building social presence etc constitute off-page marketing.

What is OnPage SEO?

There are 40+ factors that I feel affect On-PAGE optimization. for example, the domain name itself is one of the factors that create a direct impact on your website ranking.

For example: Back in 2012 or until 2014, keywords-based domains needed only simple optimization and they would reach the first page easily. But, these days, keywords-based domains have no importance.

Keywords Research Techniques for selecting the right keywords.

Even if you get one for your business, it will not be seen on the first page for that keyword. Moreover, it would be difficult to bring on the first page for the same keyword that your domain carries.

Use this on page SEO plan for your site.

Web Page Structure, URL Length of your web pages, Web Page Titles, Meta Description, Content of the Pages, Keywords in the Content, Use of Headings, Image Tags, Multimedia Tags, Internal Link Structure, Responsive Design and some other advanced tactics such as Structured Data, Rich Snippets, Knowledge Graph etc.

What Is Off Page SEO?

Off Page SEO is difficult to define. If you visit any good web marketing blog, you will find bloggers talking about how to do off-page optimization. You will find content majorly talking about how to create backlinks.

I do not say, backlinks are not important but if your aim is to have optimized presence, do not focus on backlinks and even without backlinks Google may give your site some preference and take it to top.

Off Page SEO Plan for your site. List of social media tools to promote the business to boost up site ranking. Link building techniques for startups.

SEO Factors that affect site optimization.

The Power Of Content

Just pay attention to creating beautiful content. Hire a good content writer if you can develop content. Consider the length of the content too. This is important if you are trying to outrank in Google.

Take content writing services from a reputed content writing agency. Content audit tools for your reference.

Quality Content is 90% Optimization

If your competitors’ sites have pages with content that vary from 300-500 words or 500-1000 words, create web pages tor blog posts that may have more content than your competitors.

Difference between content writing and copywriting. Plagiarism checkers list.

Now, lengthy seo-friendly content can make it easy for the site to reach the first page instantly. But, focus on quality. Do not just add crappy things. Do not add content that is off the topic. That is not recommended.

The use of LSI keywords can make your web pages unique.

Take content writing services from Top content development company. A perfect content marketing plan for your business.

Off Page Optimization Techniques

I would say to pay attention to only creating good backlinks for your site. Try to get backlinks from sites that are relevant to your domain. Quality link building as your Off Page strategy will work for sure.

The total number of inbound links, the quality of links, the speed at which you are building the links, social shares, citations, local marketing, domain age, business local listings, and business reviews etc, will matter a lot.

How to improve traffic to the site?

Can I Do SEO Myself?

My answer is YES, you can do it very easily. You certainly do not have to take help from an SEO agency. But, before that, I would recommend that you should get some basic understanding of it.

Here are some resources for you to learn more about it.

If it were an HTML site, it would have been for you to edit the site without the knowledge of HTML. But, today, a big number of business owners prefer to get a WordPress site. Simple and easy to run. No coding needed. It is easy to add new features to site like social icons, pop-ups, image effects, google XML map and others using plenty of WordPress Plugins.

Learn how you can improve the ranking for your WordPress site.

You do not need help from service providers these days to make the site more search engine friendly. Just within a few clicks, you can make it 100% optimized.

WordPress SEO By Yoast – The Best SEO Plugin

For example, A WordPress Plugin such as Yoast SEO is the best to make the site 100% desktop optimized and mobile-optimized.
There are plenty of other WordPress Plugins For SEO such as All In One SEO and others. But, I would suggest that for the beginners in web optimization and marketing.

SEO URLs for WordPress Site


Taking SEO Services can be beneficial but if you have time to optimize the site, I would suggest that you should start making use of the Yoast Plugin. This will provide guidance too. Yes, it will tell you what your next step should be in order to make your web page 100% search engine friendly.

  • Suppose, you have added content with no keywords, so, it advises you to add appropriate keywords. If the keywords density is higher, it tells you to limit the use of keywords in your article or blog post. (how do you develop website content?)
  • You will get a message to add Image Tags if you have missed adding them.
  • The best length for the SEO Title or Web Page Title. The length of the meta description and the use of the keywords in the meta description.
  • Yoast SEO, Do-It-Yourself-SEO WordPress Plugin offers all necessary suggestions and recommendations to create awesome web pages that will be easy to rank in Google.

How To Be Good At Web Optimization?

To be good at SEO, you need to pay attention to three basic things. First, you shall know how to analyze the sites. Second, you shall learn how to search for the right keywords. Three, you should know how to create strong network of quality backlinks. All these are tasks are time-consuming.

Blog post ranking factors. Hire bloggers for your blog posts.

Free And Paid Optimization Tools

To help simplify SEO, Google has so many SEO Tools such as Keywords Tool by Google that is Keywords Planner, Google Search Console (in the past, it was known by the name, Google Webmaster), Google Analytics Tool (to analyse traffic of the site and other important SEO metrics), Mobile Test Tool, Structured Data Testing Tool by Google etc.

For the start-ups, these FREE Google SEO tools will be helpful.

For advanced insights into keywords, analytics, competitors’ performance on Google, the use of the premium SEO tools is recommended. Premium SEO Tools such as MOZ, Alexa, Ubersuggest and various other SEO tools can be very much helpful.


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