Affiliate Marketing – The Basics

affiliate marketing

What is affiliate marketing? Does this affiliate marketing work? Can it be possible to earn being an affiliate? How much can I expect to receive through affiliate marketing? These are the few questions that I am going to answer in this post today. So, let us begin without wasting any more time.

What is affiliate marketing?

Affiliate is a type of marketing in which the affiliate receives an amount of money through publishers (Affiliate Marketing On Wikipedia).

Let me explain with an example. Just think Mr. A has got a great blog with over 1 million subscribers. Now, on his blog, Mr. A placed links of some products or services provided by some other business owners (or business sites such as GoDaddy, Amazon, eBay, etc).

Visitors visiting the blog of Mr. A see the ad of this particular service or product and click on it to reach the advertiser’s site. And if they make a purchase then Mr. A receives some amount of money. Here, the advertiser shares some part of the revenue with Mr. A.

Mr. A is an affiliate, the publisher. Advertisers are the entrepreneurs who pay him for sending targeted traffic to the site. They place the ads on an affiliate site. Pay affiliate on the basis of the total number of people who come through the affiliate site and make a purchase. That’s simple.

Affiliate Marketing In The Past

The story of its beginning is very interesting. The credit of it goes to Amazon’s Founder, Jeff Bezos. The story goes like this: The founder of Amazon was talking to a lady at the party who was a writer. She wanted to sell her book through her site but was not interested in becoming a merchant. The founder of Amazon came up with the idea of linking her site to Amazon and earning commission on every book sold.  And as early as 1999 the birth of affiliate marketing created a buzz in the market.

Does this affiliate marketing work?

It really works. If you running a site and have a good amount of traffic then it is time you delve into this marketing to earn extra income through the blog. There are big e-commerce players, financial service providers, IT companies that run affiliate programs. You can find one of the best sites and enroll for the affiliate program. They can certainly pay more.

Many of the business sites, especially eCommerce sites run affiliate programs because this type of marketing helps them reach out to more number of customers easily.

This even simplifies their marketing efforts as they do not have to worry more about driving traffic to the site. They offer high-traffic sites to become an affiliate and promote their products or services.

Many of the companies which run affiliate programs tend to share 10-20% of the revenue with their affiliates. Some companies share even bigger than that when they see a constant increase in decent traffic to their sites and an increase in their bottom-line.

“Earning through affiliate programs is simple,” is it really true?

Well, if anyone says that earning online through your site or blog by being an affiliate is simple then, I am sorry to say but they are not telling you the truth. There can be an ounce of truth in it but 7 out of ten affiliates face problems in earning a decent income through it.

I must say there are many sites which run these types of programs but they are those which have been in business over 2-5 years or so. For a beginner, it can be patience-testing. But, if there is more traffic to the site and the program selected is as per the relevance of your web or blog content then it can bring numerous opportunities of earning more through it.


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