WebSites To Follow For Latest SEO Updates, Trends, News, Advice, Recommendations

Complete List Of Sites To Follow For Search Engine Optimization Updates, Trends, Knowledge, Advice, Recommendations

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Get to know more about the latest SEO updates, Search Engine Optimization Trends, Website or Blog Optimization News, Advice and Recommendations from the experts who have authority in the realm of Quality On and Off-Page SEO.

Do you do SEO – Search Engine Optimization? As an SEO professional, it is always important to get SEO Skills updated. Today, the world of Website Optimization is rapidly metamorphosing. SEO Tricks that were relevant and successful a few years back are not working these days.

Do not think that learning SEO is a one-time process. SEO is a living, growing thing. It is growing and it is changing day after day. You can’t stick to what you know and stop yourself from learning the latest SEO updates, SEO Tricks, Trends, Advice, Suggestions or Recommendations.

SEO Updates, Trends, News, Advice, Suggestions, Recommendations

I am going to share with you a list of the very important websites that provide amazing stuff on Search Engine Optimization. Listed down are globally-renowned websites that have authority in the market.

SEO is convoluted. It is not simple. For example Some years back, web optimization experts used to spend hours and hours just in order to submit their website data in website directories. But, Google gave a thunderbolt and everything crashed.

Directory submissions went out of fashion. Now, hardly anyone focuses on it. (It is true there are still some directories that have got high ranking and high authority and submission of the website data in such directories can bring in some improvement in site’s ranking).

Reciprocal linking was once a big successful SEO tactic but these days, it is deemed as Black Hat SEO. Not completely a Black Hat SEO technique but it has the potential to harm the site’s ranking.

Flat URL Structure, Exact Match Domain, Keyword Stuffing, Article Directories – Everything worked well in the past but now all these SEO tactics do not seem to work.

How To Update My SEO Knowledge?

If you wish to update your SEO then it is requisite to be a part of the sites that can bring in amazing content for you to frame your SEO strategy from. You must be knowing about how to update the SEO of the site as per the knowledge you have. You must be adding fresh content to the site to make search engines rank it higher. Updating the meta descriptions from time-to-time. Endeavoring to build authoritative backlinks to your site. All these things you do because you know these works. But, what are the other things that work and do not work at all?

Importance Of SEO Updates, SEO Trends

Every profession needs to be updated. As a doctor, one needs to know what is working in the present world. Only paying attention to old methodologies will not yield better results. SEO is no different. It needs to be done in a way that is governed by the mighty search engine, Google.

If Google says you need to make the site mobile-friendly because people are obsessed with mobile and use mobile phones to access websites then you will have to follow this.

If on-page SEO needs to be simple and keyword density shall not be more than 3% to 5% for a 400-500 words content, this needs to be followed.

Outdated SEO Strategy

If your SEO campaign is not working, you need to seriously look at the SEO Strategy you are following for website or blog optimization. How would you find out if it is outdated or not in line with the latest SEO rules, trends or recommendations?

List Of Websites To Follow For Latest SEO Updates

Following these websites, an SEO expert will always remain as an SEO expert. He or she will have current knowledge of SEO. The SEO professional will have an understanding of all the latest SEO happenings, SEO trends, updates and will be in a position to apply all workable SEO solutions, SEO tactics, and recommendations to optimize any site more effortlessly.

Search Engine Journal

Search Engine Journal comes first on our Complete List of Websites To Follow For Latest SEO Updates, Trends, News, Advice And Recommendations.” This reputed website doesn’t need any introduction. It has been there for a long time and has been the best go-to resource for all SEO learners and masters.

Jenise Uehara Henrikson is the CEO and Owner at Search Engine Journal. Loren Baker is the Founder and Owner. Danny Goodwin is your smart Executive Editor (do you know you can email to for an article to be posted on the site. The request will get accepted if the content is really amazing and informative)Brent Csutoras is the Advisor and Owner. Jessica Cromwell is the Director, Sales & Events. Well, the list of the people goes on.

Search Engine Journal has been featured on CNN, PCWorld, Entrepreneur, TechCrunch, Mashable, Alltop, Adweek, Drudge Report, Forbes and other popular networks.

Reach the website to download the “Beginner’s Guide To SEO” if you are new to Search Engine Optimization. If you would like to learn more about how to build links as per the current SEO rules download their FREE Link Building Guide.

“SEO Tools Guide” at Search Engine Journal provides a complete list of the basic to advanced SEO tools that can be used in order to optimize the site, do keyword research, improve site’s performance in search engines, get analytics, analyze competitor’s site, etc. There is a special “On Page SEO Guide and “Local SEO Guide” too that can be used to improve on page SEO or local SEO presence of any business site with tips and tricks from real, SEO Pros.

Search Engine Journal came into being in the year 2003, headquartered at Greater Miami Area, East Coast, Southern United States.

Does Search Engine Journal Provide Information Only On SEO?

No. One can get information on other marketing processes, strategies related to Pay Per Click, Content, Content Curation and Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Social Media Optimization, Latest News On Google Products, Search Engine Updates, etc.

Why Is Search Engine Journal Popular?

It always ranks higher on Google. 65.1% of the traffic it receives is through search engines. Whatever you type with respect to SEO and other marketing trends, you will find this website on top for sure. It ranks 13,520 in global internet engagement.

The site is popular and visited by millions of visitors because of the trustworthy content, great tips and tricks on everything SEO.

The information that one can get on this site is always crafted by people in authority. Experts in their domain with years of experience. If you find an article on Search Engine Journal that says SEO is DEAD then believe it. It will be 100% TRUE. That is the countability of this site and followers are obsessed with it.

Search Engine Land

Search Engine Land, founded by the search industry expert, Danny Sullivan, and Chris Sherman. It has got other sister publications that include Marketing Land and MarTech. But, it is the parent site, Search Engine Land that is very popular and the most reliable resource for all things Search Engine Optimization.

If you want to master the science of SEO you can count on it. There are plenty of resources on all aspects of SEO. Download How To Guides on SEO, Google Penalty Guide, Google SEO.

Get Google Algorithm Updates and Bing SEO Updates and other major news on search engines.

Apart from SEO, there are other categories on the website such as SEM, Mobile, Local, Retail, Google (Google SEO, Algorithms, Search Console, Adwords, Google Adwords: PLAS, Google Map and Local Search, Google Mobile Search etc), Bing (get to know everything about Bing, Bing SEO, Webmaster Tools, Bing Ads, Maps and Local Search, Mobile etc), Social, More And Events.

Here are some simple tips on Keywords Research and Keywords Usage. Avoid these common mistakes to improve the SEO of your site.

Three are plenty of resources for learners and advanced SEO professionals. Download Whitepapers, Attend Live Webinars, Search Marketing Expos, Tech Conferences, etc.

Search Engine Land conducts events from time-to-time for marketers and tech professionals. Some of the popular events are as follows: SMX West, SMX East, MarTech West, MarTech East, SMX London, SMX Advanced.

Search Engine Watch

Search Engine Watch is also one of the best websites without which this “Complete List Of The Websites To Follow For SEO Updates, Trends, News, Advice And Recommendations” will be incomplete.

Search Engine Watch provides all the latest information on SEO, PPC, Mobile, Search Algorithms, Content Development, Marketing, etc.
Danny Sullivan started the website in the year 1996 but he later sold it to MecklerMedia.

In words of the SEO master, Matt Cutts, the Google engineer, This website is a must-read. Yahoo’s Tim Mayer regards this site as the most authoritative source on search.

You can sign up for the SEW Daily to get the latest SEO updates and updates on marketing tactics such as PPC, Content Marketing, Mobile Marketing, Algorithms, Analytics, Google News, Search Engine News, etc.

Importance of SEO Updates Websites

I am certain, you will never ask for more if you follow these sites. To be updated on new things is of great importance. Skills shall be improved and enhanced. Doing the same things for years and years and not showing an attitude to learn more about whether those things are working or not is bad.

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