Top 10 Ways To Increase Traffic To Website Without Spending A Single Dollar

tips to increease website traffic

Anyone who is running a business online would need traffic, a huge amount of traffic to site. I am going to share with you some of the most amazing ways to increase traffic to the website. 

Generally speaking, marketers believe in generating sales through investment. If you can invest in advertising then it would be simple to generate and increase sales. This is common to all advertisers. Nine times out of ten, when it comes to paid marketing, entrepreneurs rely on Pay Per Click as this makes it much simple for any business to get great exposure instantly. 

What all a business owner needs to do is create a PPC account, pay a few hundred dollars to google and set their ad campaign. That is it. The site gets displayed on top of the search result page which will truly attract the attention of the internet searchers or the potential customers. 

But, I am going to tell you the top ten ways of generating traffic to your website or blog without having to spend a single dollar. That is right. 

Ways To Increase Traffic To Website (Unpaid Traffic)

Let us begin. 

Getting Social For Traffic

Create your social accounts if you have not yet created them. Social media can have the power to empower your business, Business owners can create some compelling posts, place some good offers to attract people on social media. It can even be easy to generate followers on social media,


Get a blog installed too so that it can be easy for you to rank higher on your business terms or search queries. A blog will be very useful in generating a higher amount of traffic to the website. 

Catchy But SEO-Friendly Headlines 

Create compelling, catchy and SEO-friendly titles so that it can be easy for your blog to crawl up to the first page of google and also win the attention of the potential customers. 

Strengthen On-Page SEO

A website that is not properly optimized never gets displayed in search results. To be among the top 10 or 20 results, it is very important to optimize the site focusing on all aspects of white-hat SEO. Making use of black-hat SEO can break the site’s SEO. A black-hat SEAO technique such as hiding the content stuffed with keywords from the website users by making use of the CSS may seem to work for you well but in the long run, the site’s ranking gets decreased. 

Using Long and Short-Tail Keywords 

Carry out good keyword research and find the appropriate short and long-tail keywords which are relevant to your business. 

Tips and Tricks To Improve Site’s Traffic

Competitor’s website analysis 

One of the brilliant ways to increase traffic to the website is the competitor’s site analysis.

Analyze closely which keywords are used by your four or five direct competitors. Pay attention to keywords search volume or popularity. Try to make use of the same keywords with a twist so that the titles fo your web pages shall not look more or less similar to titles of the hats which are already indexed by Google. 

Blogging On Other Sites 

Guest blogging is common these days. Find out the top 10 bloggers or site owners who provide your type of content for the users. Send a request proposal for a guest blog post. You need to share with the website owners your details and the topic you would like to write about. You will also have to explain how your topic is going to be beneficial for blog users. 

Invite Others To Guest Blog 

There is nothing wrong in inviting others to blog on your site. This way, you will get quality content and you do not have to spend money on developing the content. This will save you time too.

Influencer Marketing 

Analyze closely who you can get in touch with to increase your website traffic. Find people who have got the authority. For instance, if you are blogging on technology and if anyone with the authority can post an article on your site or blog then you can expect to see a huge increase in traffic as followers of the people who are in authority will surely visit the site to read more about what their ideal has shared. 

Generate Awesome Content For Link Back To Your Site 

If you can create awesome content then surely other sites or blogs would be happy to link back to your site. Bloggers such as Neil Patel, Brian Dean of Backlinko, Rand Fishkin at MOZ develop awesome content that’s why a large number of other websites or blogs link back to their posts (which ultimately leads to an increase in traffic). 

Link Web Pages Perfectly Well

The internal linking shall be strong. Link one web page or article with the other web page or the article. And try to provide relevant linking. You do not have to link to different articles on two different topics which are poles apart. 

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