SEO Tips You Shall Avoid

bad seo tips tricks

Do you want Google to display your site on its first search result page? If YES then you are not the one who thinks this way, The easy way is to advertise in Google. Business owners can opt for Pay Per Click. Pay to google some dollars for a particular, business-related keyword and get the site displayed on its first result page.

But, PPC can be a costly proposition. It may consume all your budget in a jiffy. Yes, it is true that it can be more result-oriented as well but it is a good option only for those businesses which do not mind spending more on marketing.

Search Engine Optimization shall be done in the right way; otherwise, the site may not get onto the first page of Google. Here, I am going to tell you what you shall not do so that Google doesn’t punish you and make it almost impossible for you to gain good ranking. Do not make use of these SEO tips f you really want to optimize your site.

Techniques which are never recommended and which are against the rules of Google Search Ranking System are grouped under Blackhat SEO.

Make sure you do not use these blackhat SEO techniques and get your site in trouble.

Search Engine Optimization: SEO Tip, Tricks Which You Shall Not Make Use To Optimize The Site.

Using Keywords Smartly

In an article of 400-500 words, the primary keyword can be used for just two or three times. Using more than 3 times may make the article over-optimized.

Stuffing The Keywords In The Web Page Title

Your “Heading” or the “Title of the Web Page” can be optimized with the right keyword (A long-tail keyword is more preferable for the titles). Do not repeat the keyword as this may invite the wrath of Google.

Keywords In Headings (H1, H2, H3, and H4)

A good article will have different subheadings. And it is not necessary that each subheading shall have the keyword stuffed into it. That is not at all recommended. But, there is an option to make use of alternative keywords that are close to primary keywords.

If your primary keyword is “Website Designers In London,” then it is good to make use of some different versions of it such as “Website Designing In London,” Website Designing Services In London” and others. Right keyword research will help you understand what alternative keywords can be used in the headings to make the web page smartly optimized.

Say No To Hidden Content or Links

Why do you want to keep the content or the links hidden? Do you know you can’t do this? You can’t fool Google. It is the smartest engine.

There are many websites which place links and keywords on the web pages which they earnestly hide from the website visitors. They hide this content or the links because they know the users might not like them.

Just think of it, if there is anything that Google users do not like then will Google like it? Absolutely, no. So, do not place any keywords-based links or content and keep it hidden using CSS. This black-hat SEO may affect your site tremendously.

SEO Content Tips And Tricks To Avoid

Poor Quality Content

Make content work for you. Make it more attractive. It shall be written keeping in mind the end-users. It shall convey the message in an impressive way. Adding content just to make the web page completely filled bring no good results.

Have You Put Duplicate Content On The Site

Duplicate content is one of the major problems why google does not rank the sites. If your site has got the content clubbed together from various resources then your site stands no chance to reach the first page of Google.

Spinning The Content

There are some content spinning products that can make the work of spinning the content simple but such software may not bring the right output. There can be grammatical errors, broken-thoughts, broken-concepts. Moreover, spinning is more harmful.

Rewriting / Revamping The Content

If you are rewriting an article and the rewritten article looks completely different from the resource article then it is good but if you are rewritten article matches almost 50% of the resource article then it comes under plagiarism.


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