Top 7 Social Media Tools For Business Marketing

Social Media Marketing Management Tools For Small Businesses

sovcial media tools for businesses

This article talks about the top seven social media tools for business marketing. Social media marketing tools listed here in this article are ideal for all types of small to big businesses.

Imagine living without Facebook, Twitter or Instagram? Life is certainly difficult without these tools. In the business world, these social sites play a crucial role in propelling the business forward. For online entrepreneurs, marketing business through social media is necessary not just to be on these channels but to be able to present their business as the 21st-century business.

Since social media has flawlessly barged its way into the business world, there are hundreds and thousands of social media tools that are there for marketers. These social media tools can be used to perfection in order to generate great results.

As an entrepreneur, you must have already started making use of some of these social media tools or channels such as Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn. These channels are three common platforms that every business online shall have.

You must have already started using a social media marketing tool such as Hootsuite that can help with perfect management of the social channels.

Apart from Hootsuite, there are hundreds of other options. Here is our list of the 7 best social media marketing tools for the businesses that can be used in order to promote and manage social presence for any business.

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Social Media Tools For Businesses

Buffer, Hootsuite, Nuvi, MeetEdgar, PostPlanner, CoSchedule, Sprout Social are well-known social media marketing tools for the businesses.


This is obviously the first social media management tool that has got great significance. It has a clean interface and it is highly user-friendly. Buffer is preferred by a large number of social media marketers because of the detailed insights it provides.


Hootsuite, as one of the best social media management tools, is useful in plenty of ways. Social media marketers who are looking for easy management of social presence can rely on Hootsuite. Hootsuite can certainly help any marketer make the most of their social media marketing campaigns.

Hootsuite can make it easy for marketers to schedule social posts, track the reach of the posts, collaborate on social accounts across all popular social platforms. It is often preferred by large organizations that look for the management of multiple social media accounts or pages.


Third on the list of the best social media marketing tools is Nuvi that is used by some of the best and well-known brands such as Nissan, Chevron, Uber, etc. Nuvi is the most trusted social media marketing suite that comes with the property of data visualization.

It effectively makes it simple for anyone to report social media data and monitoring. With Nuvi, marketers will have plenty of time to focus on crafting out a perfect marketing strategy. It can be easy to create media data reporting and monitoring, so marketers can focus on shaping their social media strategy.


The fourth on the list of the best social media marketing tools is MeetEdgar. It is the leading social management tool that is more suitable for start-ups and small size businesses. It will be easy to create a content schedule and to automate the social media presence as per their piece.

Post Planner

You must have already heard of the post planner. But if you have not used it anytime, you must try it out now. Post Planner asserts more on the application of science to social media. Post Planner is helpful to identify the type of content that can be useful for the audience.

Post Planner also recommends feeds that can help users discover new content. It assesses the possible reach of all the social media posts posted on the sites. It also proposes future engagement and thus makes it simple for social media marketers to focus on shaping up their social strategy.


I am sorry to say but this is not justifiable. Coschedule is one of the best social media management tools and it deserves its place among the top five marketing tools. It is comparatively better than Hootsuite but still, it doesn’t have a dominating presence.

Sprout Social

Sprout Social is unique in its own way. It is the best social media management platform that comes with a smart inbox that makes it easy for marketers to streamline their social posts or social engagement. There will be other features too such as Support Services, Helpdesk, etc.

There are other social media tools such as Later, Tweetdeck that can be used with no trouble at all.


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