Defining Social Media Optimization and Social Media Marketing Differences

social media optimization

Most Marketing professionals are familiar with SEO. Search engines are a good source to fuel the marketing campaigns. The use of search engines is a results-fetching option which makes it simple for the marketers to enhance business presence, generate leads and reach new clients.   But, today, social media is on the rise. It is growing by leaps and bounds and there seems to be no stopping to it. It has now turned into a platform which makes it easy for enterprises to reach consumers. This has given birth to new approaches to online or digital marketing. One of the top strategies that businesses make use of is social media optimization. 

Social Media Optimization or Social Media Marketing 

Who is not familiar with Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn? Who doesn’t use these social platforms to stay in touch with friends or colleagues, share what is happening in one’s life? 

For people, it is a platform to showcase new things happening in life and much more. 

what is social media optimization

Now, businesses are not oblivious to the fact that social media can really have the power to empower growth in business. “Hence, we see a large number of companies creating their social accounts and trying to get connected to their target audience on this platform. 

Some of the businesses get succeed in doing so whereas plenty of them do not. Why some of the companies do not manage to perform well on social media and generate leads through it? This question is hard to answer but there is an answer to it. 

The problem lies in making use of poor social media marketing or social media optimization strategies.

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and other popular social media sites give you the option to market products, social pages or services but still, this marketing approach is needed to be streamlined and perfected in order to achieve great results. 

Social Media Optimization or Social Media Marketing? What This Works?

To be honest, there is a slight difference between these two forms of marketing. In the past, not long back, some 4-5 years back, these two were considered two separate aspects of online marketing. But, in simple words, they are intertwined beyond imagination. 

You Pay For Marketing 

When it comes to social media marketing, business owners have the option to run their ads on social sites like Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, etc. You apply for Facebook adverts to promote the Facebook business page you have created or the Facebook you have created. 

You Do Not Pay for Optimization 

Do you know why some Facebook business pages show up themselves in search results? The proper use of the keywords to optimize social media posts or social content across all social channels will eventually help businesses. This requires social media optimization skills and of course, if you do not have such skills then hiring a social media optimization expert will be the best option.  

What is more beneficial – SMM or SMO?

To cut the long story short, SMO (Social Media Optimization) is considered to be effective and affordable as you will not be paying more for getting connected to your target audience on social platforms.

On the other hand, SMM (Social Media Marketing) can bring in instant results but it is money-consuming as you will be paying for the clicks your ad on the social platforms gets. The more the clicks, the higher the investment.


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