SEO Keywords Tips And Tricks

seo tips and tricks for selecting the right keywords

Do you want to optimize the website in a proper way? Learn how you can do this by implementing these important, no-nonsense SEO Tips and Tricks. 

It is true that a lot has been changed in Google. In the past SEOs used to keep more focus on keywords with the intention to establish or create some good online presence but now focusing only on keyword make the site difficult to rank higher in Google. 

I have tried to group together all-important keyword research related SEO Tactics, SEO Techniques or SEO Strategies which can help you optimize any site with no difficulty. 

Keyword research is the first step to building a great online presence for any site. Spending a considerable amount of time in carrying out some research on relevant business terms or keywords is important.

Keyword Research SEO Tips And Tricks 

Are you optimizing for the right keywords?

Make sure you are targetting the right type of keywords that are relevant to your business. 

Generally, SEO marketers make three big mistakes. 

  • They select improper keywords 
  • They try to optimize the site for any number of keywords 
  • They select keywords that have got high competition 

The first thing can easily be tackled by spending more time on keyword research. A close look at how competitors are doing and what type of keywords they are using will be helpful. 

Analyze 5-10 websites which are on the first page of Google. Check out which keywords they have used and how they have used the keywords in combination. A close analysis will help reveal their secrets and you can also similar techniques to optimize the site. 

Never ever think that you can optimize the site for any number of the keyword. Select only a few important keywords and try to optimize the site for those keywords. 

To be honest, beginning with low-competition keywords is suggested. To rank the site on top for high-volume or popular keywords, it is important to learn how to make use of them in another long-tail form of keywords. 

SEO Tips and Tricks To Select Proper, High-Volume Keywords 

Do you know the term “Google Analytics” has got a very high search volume? Almost 1 million searchers are carried out for this particular keyword. 

As a blogger, you may think it is a good keyword and may dream of ranking for this keyword. But, it may not be useful for you. Why? People who must be using this search term are often to log into google analytics. They do not even look at the site that is in the second position.

So, what do we learn from this? 

It is not wise to select any keyword with search volume if we do not analyze the intent behind such a search term. 

Similarly the keyword “Wordpress” is searched for millions of times and if you try to target it then it is possible that the site reaches on the first page of Google (of course, after a lot of hard work), but it may not bring much traffic to the site (as the searchers use the term with the intention to reach or 

How To Rank Low Authority Websites?

A website that is new will have no authority in search engines.  Even sites which are two or three years old do not get strong authority if they are not backed by proper links. 

To be very honest, taking a new website to topmost position for high-volume keywords is not simple. Or in true words, it will be almost impossible. But, there is a way round to rank higher even for such high-volume keywords. 

Select a few small or long-tail keywords which have got very low competition. Try to get ranked for those keywords first.

This is the surest way to grow some traffic. 

To rank for a keyword such as “Pay Per Click Services” is difficult but to rank for a keyword such as “Take Custom Pay Per Click Services”  or “Tailored Pay Per Click Services” can be easy. 

Of course, this sound somewhat awkward but ultimately this trick works like magic and makes it easy to rank even for the main keyword such as “Pay Per Click Services.”

Learn More About Which Keywords Are Bringing More Traffic 

Analyze the site’s traffic and focus on those keywords which are currently bringing more traffic to the site. By tweaking the same keywords again and again it will be easy to increase traffic. 

Also, focus on which keywords competitors are ranking and how much search traffic those keywords are bringing for them? This can be analyzed pretty well by using one of the advanced SEO tools such as Ahrefs Site Explorer. 


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