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SEO in 2019 – What have I learned from the masters of SEO?

Let me share with you what I have learned from SEO Masters – SEO in 2019, website optimization techniques in 2019, SEO strategies in 2019. The following information is for everyone who wishes to experiment on web optimization to see a great increase in web ranking.

TRICKS For Search Engine Optimization Beginners

Do you want some useful SEO Tips? If you are a beginner in Search Engine Optimization and you wonder how you can optimize the business website smartly, you are right on being here.

We share with you some important SEO Tips and Tricks which you can use to optimize the site more effectively. (hey, but, if SEO is completely new to you then you need to check out this site by Neil Patel where you can get good info on SEO Basics.

SEO In 2019 – SEO Trick -1

Do not over-optimize

The first thing that you shall know is how to optimize the website in a proper way. Some SEOs feel that adding as many keywords or different types of keywords as possible can help the site rank higher. But, that is not true. You can’t add more than 3 different variations of the primary keyword.

Suppose, your primary keyword is “Home Loan services.”

Different variations of the given keywords may include Home loan service, home loans service, home loan services, homes loans services or other similar keywords such as house loan service, house loan services, house loan services.

The best SEO Trick is to include the primary keyword in the title of the web page or article page. The secondary keywords or different variations of the keywords can be used in the META Description.

Title: Home Loan Services

Meta Description: Are you looking for home loan services? You can count on us for the best house loan. Get connected to us today. Talk to the home loan service expert now.

As you can see in the given example. Different variations of the primary keyword have been used.

Success Score:

This trick works like magic for sure. By adding primary or focus keyword in the title and secondary keywords, tertiary keywords in the Meta Description, you optimize the page perfectly well.

SEO Trick 2 (2019)

How shall be your web content?

SEO Tips
SEO Tips and Tricks for the SEO Beginners

Need to develop content that is unique. Give more attention to how it can help the users, how to keep their attention and persuade them to wait for a bit longer on your site and eventually convince them.

Write for real beings. That is important.

When you write for people to educate, to attract, to convince, you ultimately get the attention of Google as well. You can ask you it is possible. Let me tell you.
Suppose, you have got the post that is not 100% optimized but because of the implementation of the FIRST SEO TRICK given above, your page ranks higher in Google.

And if it is visited by searchers and they glue to your page for a long period of time, reading the interesting stuff you have put on your site, this makes Google like your page too. So, when content is created based on what users might like the work gets done more easily.

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