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seo glossary

You will not fall short for SEO Terms if you master this simple SEO Glossary. 

SEO is technical. For a beginner, this can be very confusing. But, if you know some of the commonly used SEO terms and phrases then it will be easy for you to understand it. The following terms can be helpful in discussing SEO with your peers too. 

What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization is a process which is implemented with the clear purpose to optimize the site, to take the site to the first page of Google, to improve its ranking, to enhance its position in search engine. 

SEO Glossary

This is the complete list of the SEO Terms, SEO words, SEO phrases, SEO Terminology that is used by the Search Engine Optimization Experts and other marketers.

Above The Fold 

It will be the content that is mostly appeared on sites before it is scrolled. Page Layout Algorithm by Google issued in 2012 aimed at targetting the sites which showcase too many advertisements in this space.  


it is a program (to be honest, very complex and highly advanced) by the search engines that help with retrieving data and showing the results for all the search terms or the queries. Search engine like Google makes use of a large number of algorithms in combinations to deliver the best results for the search queries by the users.  

Alt Attribute

It is mostly used to define the image. Search engines may not detect the images if you do not provide the Image, Alt Tag. This Alt Attribute gives the information to the search engines what the image is.  


It is defined as the science of obtaining, collecting or analyzing the data to frame the right approach with the intention to improve the site’s overall performance in search engines.  

Anchor Text

A single word or a group of words that is clickable. Let us assume you want website visitors to learn more about the features of the product. So, in the content of the web page, you take the word FEATURES and link it to the respective web page where users can find more information on the features. Here, the word FEATURES will be referred to as Anchor  Text.  

Artificial Intelligence

Let us say, your computer is performing the tasks that require human intelligence. Three will be no set rules. It will not be programmed to respond to only a few things. Rather, the machine will work with its brain, will show human-like intelligence in analyzing or interpreting the data. And yes, there will be no human intervention. The machine will perform the task on its own. 


There is a set of ranking signals which search engines make use in order to judge the site’s ranking.


A backlink is defined as a link that is from another website to your site. Let us say you have site A and you are getting a link from site B. Then the link from the site B will be known as a backlink. A site that manages to get a higher number of backlinks relevant to one’s own business site will be in a state to perform much better.  

Black Hat SEO

SEO tips, tricks, and techniques which some of the amateur or inexperienced SEO professionals use in order to improve the site’s optimization. In reality, it is the use of the unethical SEO practices which are against the rules of the website optimization (as set by the google) to rank the site higher on google. 

A Blog 

It may not be wrong to say that blogging is ruling the world today. We find people who talk about it. It is like a site but not exactly a site. Instead of website pages, there will be plenty of blog pages or blog posts.  

Bounce Rate 

This is referred to as the percentage of the web visitors who have visited or stumbled upon your site but have not reached other pages of the site. Of course, a site with a higher bounce rate indicates that the site has got some issues. 

A few attractive images, a video, an infographic can impress the web visitors and may provide them a reason to stay a bit longer. 


It is referred to as the set of program that performs automatic tasks, for instance, a search engine such as Google will use a number of robots, spiders, autonomously. 

Search engines make use of these bots to check if there are new sites, web pages, blogs, etc.  


It is a navigational element that provides necessary help for the users to easily l locate where they are on site.  

Broken Link  

A link that shows a 404 page (page not found) is known as a dead link. In simple words, a link becomes broken when the site or the site pages go offline when the site pages are removed without providing a redirect option.  It also happens when the destination URL is changed without creating a redirect option for the page. 


It is a technology that is used to store the content of the web page which includes text, images, videos, etc.  

Canonical URL

It is a URL that you create in order to redirect a particular web page URL or a group of URLs that have got almost the same content. This is actually done in order to eliminate or reduce the impact of the duplicate content.  

Click Bait 

It is the content that is created in such a way that the users who come across it get impressed by it and prefer to click on it to learn more about it. This is usually done by the site owners who run Adsense or other money-making strategies. Clickbait is often a piece of content (in the form of a catchy headline or an image) that is misleading with the intention to generate more revenue through advertising.  

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Click-Through Rate (CTR)

How many times the do users click on the site that appears in organic search results? A website that appears everywhere in search results and gets clicked by the users is said to have good CTR, There is a small calculation of it. 

The formula for the Click-Through Rate

Click-Through Rate = Organic Clicks The Site Receives / Total Number of Impressions ✕ 100

SEO Glossary: Common SEO Terminology

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