Common SEO Factors That Affect Website Ranking

seo factors

What are the factors that affect SEO – Search Engine Optimization? There are so many things that create a big impact on Search Engine Optimization. Some of them are listed down

On-Page SEO Factors and Off-Page SEO Factors.

SEO Factors (On-Page)

The design of the website, the coding can make or break SEO. Not all the SEO Experts pay attention to this and as a result of this, the website doesn’t get optimized fully. The site with some design and functionality issues make Google do not favor the site. 

Suppose, you have got the WordPress theme downloaded and you have linked your domain to a WordPress theme that comes with Footer Credits (which you can’t remove). Of course, when you buy the theme, you can remove the footer credits but if you do not buy then you can’t. But, in such cases, most of the developers, use CSS tricks to hide the footer. The CSS Trick may help to hide the footer content or the complete footer but this brings the wrath of the google as it is against Google’s ranking rules to hide any text using CSS. Research reveals that sites with hidden text (text is made invisible using CSS) do not perform well in search engines. 

common seo factors affecting website ranking

Major On-Page SEO Factors

Mobile-Friendly Nature Of The Website – the site shall be 100% mobile-friendly as most of the users today use their mobile phones to search online. 

Loading Time – The site shall load perfectly well and that too within very less time. If it takes more than a few seconds then web visitor may shut it down and navigate to some other site. If you can use the right code then loading issues can be fixed. When the site is LIVE, check loading time using this tool

Web Page Optimization – Each and every page shall be properly optimized. There is certainly no need to make two similar pages to rank higher in Google for the same keywords. A blog can serve such purpose well. 

Adding The Right Titles / Description / Keywords – Each and every web page shall have a unique title. Use keywords in a more sensible way. Do not focus on just stuffing the title with the keywords. This may not bring any advantage to you.

Off-Page SEO FactorsFactors That Affect Website SEO

Off-Page SEO is all about link building. Whether you are using business listing websites or social sites to create links, you will have to be intelligent enough to create more relevant links so that you can get the site on top. 

Some of the factors that affect off-page SEO include but not just limited to Creating Good Content, Guest Blogging, Social Media Engagement, Article Submission Forum Submission, Video Promotion, PPTs Submissions, Infographic Submissions, Social Bookmarking, Directory Submissions (relevant), etc. 

Often, site ranking goes down because the SEOs do not pay attention to the type of links they are creating. Good or bad links matter a lot. Google gives importance to only those links which are relevant and if you have got links directing to your site from non-relevant sites, your site will lose ranking for sure.


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