SEO Definition: What Is SEO In Non-Technical Terms?

defintion of SEO

SEO Definition needs to be simple. therefore, this post has been created to help you understand what SEO is in simple words.

The term SEO can be confusing for the people who have never heard of it. Those who have their website know a little about it but not sure of what it is and how this process goes on. 

The acronym SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. But, given the trends in Google Search Systems, it is better to call it Search Experience Optimization. 

The user enters a query / a search term and the results which match the query come on top of the page. The search term must satisfy the user’s query.

SEO Definition In Simple Words

Simple SEO Definition.

What do you exactly do when you say you are optimizing a website?

Optimization is a big word. So, for time being, let’s keep it aside. Let me tell you in simple words. A website that is new can be seen on the internet. You open a browser and you type the website URL: in the search bar to get to the website. If you try to search for the site in Google or other search engines then you may not find it. Even if you type the complete URL like 

A website that is recently developed may take some time to get into the database of Google Search. The site may take about one week or two weeks to get crawled by  Google. But, if you submit the website right after it goes LIVE then it can be crawled easily and well within a few days (generally lesser than 3-4 days). 

Anyone who wants to visit the site needs to type the website name (or in most of the cases, the complete website URL). 

Search Terms 

Internet searchers enter their queries to search on Google.

Suppose, your site deals with “IELTS Training.” And if you wish to rank higher on search terms such as “IELTS Training Online” or “Online IELTS Training” or other related keywords then you will have to optimize the site for these particular keywords. And if you do not then the site will be seen on these keywords on top of the page. 

Strong and Weak Competetive Search Terms 

There are some search terms (keywords) that are highly competitive and there are some which are not. If you are trying to rank higher on competitive keywords then it will be very difficult as there are already many businesses that are trying to get ranked on those keywords. But, if you are trying to rank on a less competitive keyword then there are chances that you will gain ranking for those keywords without much hard work (as there will be less number of competitors). 

Just take a look at the given keywords which are all-time expensive for marketing in Google through PPC.  

Loans, Mortgage Lawyer, Donate, Degree, Attorney, Insurance, Credit, Claim, Hosting, Software, Recovery, Transfer, Cord Blood, Treatment, etc.  

So, is it all about keywords? 

To be honest, keywords are important but not all the time can you can rank higher on google if you use only keywords. The use of search terms shall be in an intelligent way as you can’t just stuff the web page content with a lot of keywords that are relevant to your business.

Creating SEO-friendly web content is crucial to making web pages more optimized. Learn more about how you can create SEO-friendly website content.

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