How To Improve Traffic To Blog? 101 Tips To Drive Traffic To Blog

Improve blog traffic with these useful blog traffic generation tips, tricks, and strategies that are tried and tested by the experts.

improve traffic to blog

Most simple methods or ways to increase traffic, improve traffic to blog or promote the blog. Implement these blog traffic increasing or improving techniques to reach the targets you set for yourself.

“My blog is not getting enough traffic,” is what you may hear from many of the bloggers who have been trying to get the traffic which can help them increase their Adsense earnings. I too have come across problems of driving the decent, targeted chunks of traffic to my blog. To be precise, some difficulties or problems still surfaces themselves when I go idle in blogging for some time. But, I manage them too.

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How To Improve Blog Traffic?

Today, I am going to tell my readers, blog visitors, my friends and the friends of my friends everything related to how to drive traffic to blog or how to promote the blog and get a steady increase in Adsense earnings. And I am at outset itself would like to beg your pardon because this is going to be a bit lengthy explanation. You may have to bear with me with my article on how to improve blog traffic?

You see, the topic “how to drive targeted traffic to blog” really has got great potential. It can’t just be explained in a few words. I must say it may really take volumes if anyone goes on explaining it in detail. But, here, I value time and without wasting more of it would go on to the topic now. I would try to be more precise in my explanation.

And I promise of no digression as well. So, are you ready to know what are those 101 ways of increasing targeted traffic to blog? Let us plunge into action. Let us talk about what we have to do to increase traffic to blog.

Improve Traffic To Blog: 101 Tips

Listed down are 101 tips on how to improve traffic to the blog, how to promote the blog or how to increase traffic to blog.

The Traffic Increasing Formula for Bloggers.

Driving Traffic To Blog With Quality Content

Quality Content occupies the first position in the list of the 101 ways of driving decent and targeted traffic to blog. Any experienced blogger would just say the same. The content here means everything – text, images, videos, infographics, etc.

When it comes to blogging, many bloggers refer content to articles.

It is important to increase the quality of the articles so as to drive great traffic to the blog. Post interesting articles which the readers, web visitors would love to read. The selection of topic matters a lot.

Come up with the right trending topics which other people may look for.

One of the questions which most of the new bloggers ask is as follows: How many blog posts should I write per month? Well, the answers go here: You can post as many as 3-5 articles/day or can post 15-20 posts per month. Research shows that blogs that publish 15-20 posts/month see a tremendous increase in their blog traffic.


How to monetize my blog?

Neil Patel, the marketing expert, also talked about it. He once revealed how his monthly traffic superbly went up and up from 46,000+ visitors to almost 60,000 visitors. He attributed the success of the increase in traffic to increased content frequency (from publishing one article to publishing two articles on a weekly basis). 

Increasing Blog Traffic Tips And Tricks

It doesn’t matter which topics you cover. Research confirms that blogs that continuously get updated see a great increase in their traffic. So, the bottom line is this: Posting 2 articles can bring more visitors. If it can be possible to post more than 2 then go ahead. The more, the better. That is the strategy.

Consider a news site, here, the frequency of articles might range even from 60-100 per day or perhaps more than that. Yes, articles of all sizes. These news sites manage to get more traffic just because of the addition of plenty of content on a day-to-day basis.

Those who say that posting more than 3-5 articles of varied length is good but doing more than that might harm doesn’t hold much truth as we can see news sites posting articles of different word-counts ranging from 200-500 or even lesser or more than that.

Publishing Content With Increasing Word-length

Google likes longer articles. Yes, it is true. Articles with higher word-count tend to show up more in search result pages. So, write comprehensive articles, covering all aspects of the topic at hand. Article with words around 2000-5000 win over other articles of low word-count. 

Let us say, an existing article on a particular topic related to “how to earn money through a blog?” comprises about 2000 words than it is possible to grab the position of that particular blog-post by writing an article on the same or related topic of about 2500-4000 words. This works. Give it a try. You will not be disappointed. The result is going to be amazing. This is one strategy that has started the beginning of the lengthier articles on bloggers’ sites.

Back in 2011-12 or even before that word-count for many of the popular or trending topics used to be under 1000 or so or not more than 1500 (keeping aside some exceptional cases) but now we see the majority of the blogs compete in terms of word-count.

The proof of it can be obtained easily by traffic analysis using any tool such as Alexa.

Or Just type in google any tech-related keywords or the topic you want and see the results. The topmost positions will be occupied by blogs with higher word-count.

how to improve traffic

Write Interesting Comments On Articles By Other Bloggers

Commenting will help in multiple ways. This brings free backlink and also create ways of becoming more and more popular. Just try to be very different while commenting. Do not just say, “Yes, it is really a good article” or “I agree with your views” etc. These types of comments will not work.  Try elaborate more. Always think of adding valuable comments which can let other viewers know more of your knowledge on the topic being covered.

Write For Niche Bloggers – Guest Blogging Works

As per recent trends, submitting an article directory is not of that much value. This has really gone down. The option now remains for the bloggers is Guest Posting. Request other bloggers to post your post. Come up with an interesting title which the blog owner may show readiness to post. With the right posts on other popular blogs, generating HQ links can be very simple.

Search for them online. Search for those who are related to your niche. You can write a post explaining about them, their blogging and can ask them to post something about you on their blog. This will work for sure when your approach is.

Guest Blogging On IT Wingz

Guest blogging is a technique that has now got very popular. Do you want to contribute interesting posts to IT Wingz Blog? Get connected to us. Email your blog topic to

Blog On Controversial Topics

It would also be good to write on something that is controversial as this might drive more people to the blog. “Whatever that is there in controversy goes viral,” this has been the state of things on the net. But, it is needed to be very careful in writing such posts as this might lead to trouble.

Use Right Blog Optimization Plan

Optimizing the blog in the right way is critical to getting the right and targeted traffic. Without proper onsite SEO, blog may not show up in search engine results. Learn more about On-Page SEO and Off-Page SEO and try to implement what you have learned into your blogging tactics and reap all benefits the smart way. Spend as much time as you can to learn SEO.

Follow Matt Cutt and other experts. Sign up for Google Updates on popular sites like Search Engine Watch and Search Engine Land and Moz etc.

Forums Are Still In Use

Taking part in forums that are more related to what you are blogging can help generate good traffic. Include the link in the signature to drive visitors or the members to your blog.    

Building Email Lists

This is important. Email marketing works well only when you have got the right email data. So, try to get people to subscribe to posts on your blog. There can be many ways to do so. You can place freebies to attract them to subscribe to posts. When you get a good list, just start sending emails to bring them to the blog. This type of marketing may not even cost more but can deliver great results if only if the right marketing strategies are adopted.

Media Coverage

Try to get media coverage. This may not be easy if you have good connections then make use of them. Get featured in one of the newspapers to gain popularity within your area, city, country or region. You can use this coverage for other future media coverage techniques.

Include Links in Your Posts

Let the visitors stay longer on your blog by directing them to more of the related articles which can be of interest to them. Link baiting works but does not just do it more than necessary as this might harm on-page SEO. If you are including links that are going to other sites then this might take your visitors away from you.

Avoid these common mistakes to improve and increase traffic to your blog

About Keywords Research

Be a part of the popular blogging Communities

Join popular blogging communities, share your views, take suggestions and recommendations. Interact to bring traffic to the blog. Blog Engage can be the best, to begin with. You can search out for others too.

Share blogs posts

Share blog posts as soon as you publish them on your blog. Do not just wait. Make use of all popular social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, etc. You can promote images present in your articles by making use of image sharing sites like Pinterest.


Everybody likes videos more than reading just plain text. Some bloggers now are making use of videos to drive people to their blogs. If you have got some ingesting videos to share then use YouTube and other interesting Free Video Sharing Sites like My Space, Meta Café, Daily Motion, Veoh, Vimeo, etc.

Submitting In Blog Directories

Well, this might sound something out of date for many but this still has some value provided the selection is right. Search for the right blog directories.

Here, I am not saying that you should focus on buying the paid links or try to get included by keeping a free link of the site on your blog. No, I am not saying you do anything about this. But, try to include data in some of the popular directories like DMOZ and others. If this doesn’t seem to work then who knows if it again comes into fashion.

Be Ready For The Unexpected

Google might bring up unexpected changes anytime. So, be prepared for that. Here, preparation implies becoming ready to adopt the change and implement the change so as to go on with the current trends. This unexpected can be related to mobile-friendliness, on and off-page SEO, etc.

Participate In Online Events

Whenever there is an event participate in it. This will help you expose your blog to other like-minded people and who knows some of them may subscribe too.

Pinging Blog

Ping your blog so sooner you publish anything new using pingomatic. This can increase traffic.

Run Contests

Run contests from time-to-time and award winners too. When you award winners then you probably may get paid in terms of huge traffic. Rewards will help others to take part in future contests. This way you get more readers to your blog.

Press Releases

Press Releases may work. If you can go for paid one then it would be really good.

Advertising in search engine

Google Advertising Solution “Adwords” can be the best. Other search engine advertising solutions such as Yahoo or Bing Advertising can be helpful too.

Blog URL in Email Signature

Your official email should contain the URL of the blog in the signature area.

Feed Directories

Submit blog to feed directories. This way, the blog posts get distributed to various sites and help generate some traffic.

Facebook Adverts

Facebook can help market blogs in a more customized way. This has come to be known as more effective too. Start with a small budget to see whether the traffic you are receiving is as you as expected or not (If you have no experience in running Facebook adverts campaign then it is necessary that you learn about it first).

LinkedIn Ads can certainly bring targeted traffic as LinkedIn is entirely a social platform of professionals. This form of advertising offers plenty of advantages.

Advertising on TV Channels

Well, this can be an expensive proposition but if it can be afforded then it should be done as this can provide great popularity.

 Social Sharing Widgets

Add the right social sharing widgets to place social sharing buttons. Readers or visitors can share the posts on their networks and bring new more visitors.

Website directories

This seems to have gone out of fashion but still try to submit your blog data in a few of the best directories more related to your niche.

Local Radio Channels

Advertise through local radio channels too, if possible.

Get listed in yellow pages

Get your blog details included in yellow pages too.


Submit all latest posts to StumbleUpon and other related sites like delicious, Digg, etc. (do not just submit your blog posts all the time, try to add other posts from other sites too. This will prevent your account from getting banned for spamming.

Make use of tags in articles/posts

33 Take part in question-answer sessions (for instance, yahoo answers).

Improve Blog Traffic – Tips

34 Write news-related posts. Always cover the latest news. You can follow blogs like Search Engine Watch, TechCrunch and others to get the latest news or simply you can use Google News Center to get all the updates related to technology, business, search engine updates, etc.

35 Get listed in Google News (if your blog features news posts. Google News will not accept your blog if it not in accordance with its policy. So, make sure, it is as per the policies of Google News before you submit it. Or else, there is no harm in trying it).

36 Use plenty of images and resources to back up what you are talking about in the article so that readers can rely on you and come for some new information again.

37 Video posts are simply great to attract and retain the reader and visitors. In fact, this is going viral too. So, be the one to be part of this going trend.

38 Talk of celebrities too to get connected to your niche audience.

39 Give interesting headlines and be very consistent in presentation. Do not just digress as this might take the interests of the readers away and they may eventually quit reading, and probably they may not even come back. So, be very consistent, precise and up-to-the-mark.

How To Increase Traffic To Blog? Tips Continued

Do something that is unique, that has not been attempted by any blogger. Anything that is now becoming a big hit instantly. So, think about it.

Try to find blogs more relevant to yours and get in conversation with them. Agree, disagree, support or oppose their views, etc.

Use Craiglist for promotion.

Try and review products as per your relevancy of the topics on your blog. But do not forget to link your blog from there.

Use Alexa too in a smart way. Place your reviews and try to get a link back to your site.

Get connected to more number of people using our twitter account and Facebook account.

Use your LinkedIn network to drive traffic to your blog.

Use Google+ to reach out to the new audiences, give them suitable reasons to visit the blog or try to encourage them to reach your blog in any way you can (but be smarter, do not be stupid or tricky).

Create a Facebook Fan Page.

How To Drive Traffic To Blog? Tips Continued

Create LinkedIn Company Page for your blog (make use of the domain email id for this, for instance,

Keep the option of “translate this blog” so that visitors who may want to read it in another language can read it. Use a good widget for this purpose.

Update posts that are old so that your content does not go out of fashion. Change them as per the latest trends.

Read, Proofread to make posts free from errors. Make them more professional so that nobody points out any flaw.

Invest in charity programs and ask them to help you by placing your blog link on their site.

Get an app designed and developed to get connected to more number of readers/visitors.

How To Bring Traffic To Blog? Tips Continued

Adding a forum to your blog can work as well.

Promote blog by spreading print material such as pamphlets.

Organize events. Invite as many as you can and talk about something very valuable. You can talk about “Make Money Online” as this something which everyone will show interest in.

Get designed custom T-shirts, make use of printed mugs to promote the blog.

Conduct some free programs, invite big college/university students and hold a knowledge-sharing session.

Get connected to all top bloggers who are related to your niche. They may talk to you in their posts thereby you get traffic.

Hold online seminars (try to get the data from any email database service provider and get connected to people).

Create online surveys (you can make use of google survey sheets or you can create personal surveys using other domains).

Spread infographics as often as you can. Use all popular image sharing sites if you can.

Want to improve Blog Traffic?

Offer free e-books to readers/visitors to attract them more.

Change the design of the blog from time to time to keep visitors attracted.

Offer visitors a chance to earn from you if they can send traffic to your site by helping you get connected to more number of readers/visitors.

Use Digg, delicious for promotion of the blog.

Keep checking links on sites, remove broken links if there are any.

Get a mobile-friendly blog to reach out to smartphone users.

Create Squidoo lenses to bring traffic to your blog.

Create HubPages as they can really have a great potential to bring a tremendous increase in traffic.

How To Improve Traffic To Blog? Tips Continued

Take part in Google Forum Discussions / Google Groups. Try to be smarter here. Do not just try to advertise your blog. The strategy should be different from that of direct marketing.

Let guest bloggers promote your site. Promote their content and ask them to get spread the link (this is going to be benefited both the parties, the guest blogger and you).

Take part in the WordPress Forum Discussions / WordPress Help Center. A link from forums can be of great value. Do not just pose meaningless questions. Do not just start funny-like discussions. Ask about something serious (like how to add a title to my WordPress home page or anything about CSS etc).

Using Stumbleupon can help too. There are bloggers who receive a lot of decent and targeted visitors from this social platform. If done right, you too can get an increase in visits per day or month.

Use business cards. Let people who you meet know that you are a blogger. They might check your site.

Want to know more about how to increase traffic to your blog

Want to learn more about blog promotion tips? Well, get in touch with me.

There are many other tips which I can share with my readers/visitors. But, here I have not shared here as they are too exclusive. They have been the result of my personal experiments in driving traffic to blog. If you would like to know then please, email me. Email me to

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