Plagiarism Checkers: List Of Free, Premium Content Duplication Detectors

Complete List Of The Plagiarism Checkers, Content Duplication Detection Tools, AI-Powered and Machine Learning Powered

plagiarism checkers list

What are the best plagiarism checkers available online for web content quality content? How the quality of the blog posts or website content can be analyzed? How would I know if the content I have received from a content developer or a writer is copied from other sites?

How to know if the site has got copy-paste content? How can I check plagiarism in the content? How to verify the quality of the web content or blog posts for FREE? Are there only premium plagiarism checkers or FREE content duplication checkers also available online?

If you are a blogger or a business site owner, you would look for the writers to get the content written. Time is money and when there is no time, we have no option but to outsource the content tasks to people who can write. But, remember not all people can write.

I met my friend the other day and he was sharing with me a bad experience he went through.

Here it goes, his story:

I had a very bad experience when I first hired an amateur content writer. I would say he was a learner in content writing or copywriting. I agree everybody is a learner but there are two different kinds of learners. Some are quick on the draw and know how to complete the task as per the requirements, whereas there are some who lack this quality and prefer to take the easy way out – that is copying. He certainly knew how to write the content for the websites and blogs but he was not aware of how plagiarism could affect the quality of the site?

I blindly took the content writing services from a freelance content developer and have got almost 40 articles. All looked perfect to me. But, upon verification after a month through one of the reliable plagiarism checkers such as I came to know that the content had various long and short sentences that are similar and taken from various sites. I was upset.

His story is a long one. It will make you bore. The crux of the matter is this: Copied content is never good. It is never valued by search engines. It is detrimental to the health of the site. It can decrease the ranking of the site too.

What Is Plagiarism?

Plagiarism is simple words is copying or creating a copy of someone else’s content. When there is nothing to be developed, or if anyone faces any difficulty in developing something unique, a simple way is adopted that is copying.

Complete List Of Plagiarism Checkers

This is the complete list of plagiarism checkers. It comprises content duplication tools such as, Siteliner, and other plagiarism detection tools that are used in the academic field.

Copyscape Plagiarism Checker

When it comes to detecting plagiarism in web content, Copyscape is the best plagiarism checker. It is trusted by big enterprises. The process of checking the web pages is simple. The content shall be added to the site and the LIVE WEB PAGE URLs shall be checked using its search engine. Just enter the URLs of the site (LIVE with the content) and check if the web page has got any copied material from other sites.

copyscape plagiarism software

The result will be displayed for your web page address plus other site addresses that carry some bits or pieces of content from your site. Rather, your site carries content pieces taken from those sites.

There is an option to protect the site from others copying your site’s content. This you can do by adding Copyscape Banner.

Bonus Services From To Fight Plagiarism

Copysentry automatically monitors the web for copies of your website or blog content. It is very quick in letting you know of the same (yes, you get the reports as soon as they appear).

Copysentry offers website owners or bloggers the continuous protection they need for their online content. The service can be taken by businesses to protect their online content. Copysentry will periodically scan the entire WWW daily and weekly for possible copies of your business site or site pages. Alerts will be sent to the registered email ID. Results will showcase a complete list of sites that may have copied your content. It is certainly the most powerful plagiarism detection and plagiarism prevention tool that can track down stolen content in a jiffy.

DupliChecker Plagiarism Checking Software

duplichecker content duplication detection software

This is one of the best, free online plagiarism checkers. Now, do not think that FREE would mean Unreliable. It is 100% trustworthy. Generates proper results for sure. It is easy to use and more convenient. It provides results more quickly (generally, within a few seconds). But, if your internet connection is low, do not blame it on slow loading (lol).

Duplicheker users can copy-paste the content in the content box given or they also have the option to upload the content file in Word Format. If you are registered, you are allowed to check for possible plagiarism daily (maximum 50 searches a day) but unregistered users are allowed to carry out plagiarism check only once.

Siteliner Content Duplication Detection Tool

website content plagiarism checker

Siteliner is another exciting web content duplication detection tool that functions more or less like that of the Users need to enter the Website Address in the search box to get a more sophisticated report on all the web pages. T

his online website content plagiarism checker will scan the complete website pages, comparison with the other sites, average web page time load, number of words per each website page, plagiarism percentage per web page, common and uncommon content percentage, etc.

Search Engine Reports Plagiarism Tool

Search Engine Reports may seem like the plagiarism detection tool that we find on Small SEO Tools Website. Search Engine Reports has got so many tools that are useful for SEO marketers and search engine marketers. But the plagiarism software that is present on this has got unique features.

Users can upload the documents from their computers or from other storage platforms like Dropbox. Users can also check the content by using the URL of the website. It shows the total percentage of plagiarised content versus unplagiarized content. It delivers sentence-wise, phrase-wise results. There is also an option to rewrite the copied, highlighted content. Users can also download the plagiarism report for the documents they upload or the URLs they check.

Plagiarism Checkers For Students

This article is certainly incomplete if plagiarism checkers for students, plagiarism checkers for teachers are not included in this post. A large number of universities want their students to submit the assignment, articles, research papers, case studies, survey reports. Not all the students have the time to write and they prefer to take the writing services.

Students receive instructions from the university that are clear and precise. There shall be no plagiarism in the content and plagiarism of any kind will not be tolerated. Students who get duped by bogus content creators have to face the wrath of the university. The content as it is copied and shows plagiarism that is more than 60-70% leads to low score or grade. The result is a failure or low marks.

Turnitin Plagiarism Software

Turnitin is perfect at identifying unoriginal content. It is considered the world’s most reliable, effective, simple and intuitive plagiarism detection solution. It is the best solution for easy management of academic misconduct. It highlights similarities in the content by comparison the largest collection of online content, student papers, academic content.


Plagiarisma Plagiarism Detection Tool is another one of the famous plagiarism checkers that is used by a big community of students, scholars, teachers, researchers. The intuitive Plagiarism Check BOX supports almost 190+ languages.

Yes, this is not just to check possible copy-paste content in English but in other languages such as French, Japanese, Mandarin, Russian, Arabic, and others. It effectively detects copyright infringement in research work, articles, essays, whitepapers, coursework, proposals, dissertations. Within a few minutes, it provides a comprehensive report.

Apart from helping the students detecting plagiarism, it also acts as a paraphrasing tool. It is also regarded as one of the best article spinners present online for the academicians and writers to make use of. It also checks grammar.


Plagium, as an innovative content duplication checker, goes a little further in detecting duplicate content by scanning even social sites for possible copies of the content. Users of the Plagium can analyze text, analyze URL and analyze the documents. This ensures 100% originality of the text by correctly identifying and highlighting the copied text. It is good to make use of the premium version of it for much better and advanced results.


This content originality detector is known to be a more accurate, real-time plagiarism checker that gives more detailed-oriented reports on content duplication. The free check is allowed for documents with only up to 500 words. There are certainly no obligations of any kind on the users who go for this Unicheck FREE Plagiarism Check.


CopyLeaks is regarded as truly effective, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning Powered Content Duplication Checking Tool. It is the free plagiarism checker available for the users that support a large number of file formats and of course, documents in various languages too. But it scans only online content.

This content duplication tool also has got an Android mobile application that making plagiarism checking simple. Users can check as many as 10 pages in a month. The word limit for each page is around 250 words and not more than that. But for the premium users, there are plenty of exciting features.


Plagscan as the online plagiarism checking tool is unique in many ways to fight copyright infringements. The tool searches for possible copies across the web. Its trial version has limited features.


PlagTracker is better known for delivering more accurate plagiarism reports. This certainly makes duplicate content checking simple. This software allows the users to check for unlimited word count. The detailed reports can also be received via email. This software may take time to deliver the reports as the documents will be in the queue.

Frequently Asked Questions On Plagiarism

Listed down are a few of the frequently asked questions (FAQs) about plagiarism. In the comment section of this article, you can leave your question. I would be happy to provide an answer to your question on plagiarism.

How Plagiarism Is Detected?

It is detected easily by making use of any FREE or Premium plagiarism software Often, the premium version provides the best results.

How Plagiarism Software Works?

Plagiarism software scans the text across the web and detects copies of the given content of the users. Generally, a majority of the content checkers look for similar words or word combinations for a given file across the web. There are some other content duplication tools too that look for content duplication in other resources such as google books, google scholar, and other resources.


Let me give one simple example. Consider the following sentence.

Given Sentence:

Mr. A is a famous cardiologist who has performed almost 3000+ surgeries in his medical career.

Matched Sentences

1 Mr. B is a renowned cardiologist who has operated on 3000+ patients in his career. (this will show the negligible percentage of plagiarism).

2 Mr. C a world-famous heart surgeon who has seen as many as 3000+ complicated in his career as a cardiologist. (this will show zero percent of plagiarism).

Is rewriting also plagiarism?

Rewriting in a broad sense of the word is called Plagiarism. But, experts believe that rewriting is of two types.

What Is Partial Rewriting?

The first type of rewriting is Partial Rewriting. A writer takes a piece of article and rewrites the content of that article in a way that almost 70-80% looks just the same. If the original article and rewritten article are compared one may even find 50% word similarity. Thoughts also match to a great extent.

Consider these two sentences.

Original Sentence:

Mr. Mark is trying to create a replica of the first human-robot at his laboratory.

Partial Rewritten Sentence:

Mr. Mark is trying to develop a copy of the 1st human-robot at his lab.

If you observe, you will understand that the sequence of the thought is just the same. Only a few words are replaced with proper or closely matching synonyms. This type of writing is called partial rewriting and article or blog post developed following this strategy will anyhow show 70-80% (or perhaps more than this) plagiarism.

What Is Complete Rewriting?

Complete Rewriting is referred to as the change of complete sentences, phrases, and even thoughts. The given sentence will be framed in such a way that it will be difficult to understand if it is really a written sentence. Here, the sequence of words, type of words, and even though structured are modified.

What Is Plagiarising?

You are known to be plagiarising if you are stealing content crafted or authored by others. If you are copying the content without giving any proper credits to the original resource (the places where you have taken the pieces of content from). You are plagiarizing if you are borrowing an idea and not even providing enough acknowledgment for the same.

How Plagiarism Is Growing?

The internet is fast evolving. There is no stopping to it. There are already millions of websites and blogs. Every business site, a blogger may need help from a content developer or a writer. Social media needs smart copywriting.

Email marketing needs content that is precise and target-audience. Whitepapers shall be research-based.

All of these content tasks will consume a lot of time. The easy way to outsource but not all are proficient in churning out the content. There are some who copies too. So, if unluckily you get someone who copies the content for you and gives you, there are plagiarism checkers for businesses that can be used to analyze the content.

Are Free, Online Plagiarism Checkers Really FREE?

To be honest, most of the content plagiarism software offers FREE Trial Version but they are not completely FREE. there can be a few but 9 out of 10 will be premium.


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