All About PPC Basics – Learning To Understand How Paid Search Marketing Works

what is PPC

This small post on PPC – Pay Per Click Basics – will introduce you to basics in PPC and it works or to be more honest, how you can make it for your business. 

So, let us enter this exciting world of paid search engine marketing. 

Let us kick things off with some basics in PPC. 

Fundamentals Of Pay Per Click

Pay Per Click Basics – Getting Started With PPC

What is PPC? 

Pay Per Click is simply an amazing type of marketing which yields results sooner than you can expect. It is very simple to define. A business owner will pay to the giant search engine Google for the clicks the advertisement gets. 

Let us say you are running a business online. Your website is XYZ. Of course, if you have not optimized it correctly then it will not be there on the first page of google. But, you can pay to Google to rank your website higher for keywords you want which are relevant to your business. 

Case Scenario 

Keyword: Dental Services In London 

Please, take a look at the images given.

PPC Basics for learners

For the given keyword, you will find there are ADS on the top and bottom of the first search engine result page. 

Important PPC Terminology 

Some important terms which PPC marketers come across include the following: Keywords (high-ranking, low-ranking, high-volume, low-volume keywords, short and long-tail keywords, etc). Ads, Ad Units, Ad Budget, Bids, Ad Ranking, Ad Rank, Target Audience, Ad Conversion, Demographics, etc.


Common PPC Terms

How PPC Ranking Is Given?

The position of the ad may vary as per the amount advertisers are willing to spend. If the first advertiser is ready to pay like $12 for the keyword and the second advertiser is ready to pay more than $12 (say $12 Dollars, 50 Cents or $13) for the same keyword then obviously google will keep the second advertiser on top. 

The ranking is always based on the amount you are going to spend for the particular keyword. 

The position of the ad may also vary depending on how well it is being optimized. The copy of your ad shall be SEO-friendly. 

Pay Per Click Basics – Goals

The goal is to make it simple for the advertisers to generate leads by displaying their ad. The viewers can take direct action by clicking on the ad and reach the site to learn more about the business, service or product.  

Does only Google provide PPC?

No, other search engines like Yahoo, Bing also provide PPC solutions for the advertisers.  

Unique Features 

Real-time bidding (RTB) – You can learn more about how much other competitors or advertisers are paying for a particular keyword and can increase or decrease the bid for the keywords you want to rank higher on Google. 

Higher Conversion Rate – There is more possibility of attracting target customers and increase conversion rate.

Time-Saving – Unlike SEO which may take about 3-4 weeks to bring the site on top of the search result page, PPC can make this work for you in a jiffy. You start your campaign and you see your site on top. It is that simple.

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