Team @ IT Wingz

We are a SMALL TEAM. YES, we want to be very fair. But, each one of our team members is capable enough to work like anything. At other firms, where 50+ employees manage 25+ projects for the clients, we, at IT Wingz, a team of only 10 MEMBERS manage 30+ clients exceedingly well with no trouble at all.

Wondering HOW?

That is geniusness. That is what we are made up of. Our simple philosophy is this: SMART WORK. Take very LESS TIME and delivers AWESOME Results.

While other website designers, website developers take about 15-20 days to design and develop a full-fledged, multi-featured 15 pages site, we do the same well within 4-5 working days and that too design and develop websites from scratch.

100% responsive, 100% mobile-friendly. 100% SEO-friendly and LSI-Friendly. Provides website designing and website development services which are on par with excellence.

Other SEO companies may take about 3 months to optimize the site. We take only 40-45 days (yes of course, White Hat SEO. No Black Hat Techniques).

There are other big things we do.