Off-Page SEO Plan

off-page seo plan

Are you looking forward to optimizing your website but not sure of how your Off-Page SEO plan should be? A good off-page SEO plan will work like magic.

Here, I have tried to explain what your Off-Page SEO Plan shall comprise and what you shall do in order to optimize the site in the right way. Of course, there are some SEO Tips and Tricks which are no longer valid in today’s SEO world but still old SEO works well. Provided you put to use white-hat SEO strategies and avoid black-hat SEO tactics.

With the changes constantly taking place, it has become very difficult to come up with result-oriented strategies. Tactics that used to work in 2014-2015 show no effect in the year 2019. Therefore, with changing times, adopting the right SEO Work Plan is very important.

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Off-Page SEO Plan

There are many things which one may have to focus on. I have added only a few of them which work well. Following these tactics, it would be easy to take any website to the top ten results by Google.

Google Map Listings

First things first. You will get on Google Map. It is very important. And not just this, you will have to optimize our listing from time-to-time to keep our business website on top for Google Map Results. Let Google know your business well by increasing the number of reviews. Encourage customers to add reviews. Interact with them in the right way. This will eventually help in improving your social presence or reputation.

Article Submissions

There is a need to come up with some 6-8 Interesting Articles / Month and submit those articles in popular, high PR article directories. Well, this is an old-times strategy. There is some controversy related to this article submission strategy.

Many of the SEOs believe that this will not work. But, it still has great value. Do not just submit your article in any directory you may find. Look for the trusted ones.

For instance, you can focus on article directories such as EzineArticles and ArticlesBase. These two can be of great value. A link from these two sites will help your site rank higher and that too safely without creating any bad effect on your site’s performance in search engines.

LinkedIn for Content Marketing

Make use of LinkedIn too as your article directory. Write two or three interesting articles per month and post on LinkedIn. Share them across your network or groups you have joined and the groups you are running. Take suggestions or recommendations to improve the interactive ratio.

HubPages / Free Blogging Platforms / Press Releases 

Focus on creating HubPages too. Remember, creating a good Hubpage will not yield good results until or unless you take the right methods of marketing the page. Share the link across your network. Use social networking sites to spread your link.

Creating free blogs will also help a lot. Free blogging platforms such as,, can certainly bring good links provided they too are marketed in the right way.

Creating two-three interesting press releases every month will also work a lot but select only the right press release sites. Do not just dump all your press releases into just one press release site or directory.

Using Images / Infographics

Use of images and infographics have become very common. You can attract people in social circles through interactive posts. Create interesting images/infographics related to business and share on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn or other interesting image sharing sites like Pinterest.

Video Marketing

You need to come up with at least two-three videos per month. Share them on YouTube, DailyMotion, and other video sharing sites for promotion of the website if only if required (One can get quality links from video sites). Or you can proceed to make use of only YouTube (in the beginning). If you can’t create corporate videos then at least focus on creating some interesting videos using slides and post on video sharing sites.

Slides Sharing / PPTs

Lay more emphasis on creating and sharing PowerPoint presentations and pdfs through different PPT Sharing and Slides Sharing Websites like,,, and others.

Well, nine times out of ten it is good to come up with new content for slides and ppts but still if you do not have much time then you can bring some necessary changes in already submitted articles and turn into slides or ppts, of course, with all necessary changes so that they do not come close to plagiarism.

Market the links you get from these sites to improve the search presence of the social content using your social networking sites.

Local Business Directories

Include business details with a link back to your website in all popular local business directories as per your respective area. For instance, if you are in Miami, Florida then look for the business directories in Miami, Florida (need to search out and get details added only in reputed directories or yellow pages and other relevant business sources).

Guest Blogging

Find interesting blogs more relevant to the type of business you are running or promoting and request blog owners to post your article on their blog. This is again something not so new but has great significance.

Website Directory Submissions

Submitting website data into directory submissions may go either good or bad for the site / so not to take the chances in the beginning. Experts in SEO frown at this strategy. It is no longer working.

But still, if someone is submitting the site details in the right directories with the right categorization then this may work. Chances are less but chances of something good to happen to exist.

If you want to take the risk then you can go ahead. I recommend you do not do this. Wait, for the right time. Who knows Google may issue new updates and say YES, this can work for you.

Off-Page SEO Plan Templates

This SEO-Plan is needed to be followed for the first three-four months. This is going to bring a great increase in the visibility of the website. The increase in traffic is assured. After 3-4 months, new things have to be added. We can move onto the second stage of optimization later. (email me to get the second stage SEO Plan or FREE Off-Page SEO Plan Templates.

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Thanks a lot.

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