Neil Patel: How Neil Knowledge Benefited Me?

Neil Patel Blog

Do you know Neil Patel? Well, he is one of the influencers in the field of online marketing. I would say he is a guy who knows SEO (Search Engine Optimization) more than anyone else. This article is meant to tell you more about what I have learned from Neil Patel.

Neil Patel had once his Wikipedia Page but it was deleted due to unsuitable resources. You know, Wikipedia works on clear references. If you do not provide the right, reliable references the page gets rejected. 

His Website is here:

The title of the site is exciting. “Helping you succeed through online marketing.”

The guy really knows how to make things work for the entrepreneurs

He has got other websites too such as Kissmetrics, Crazy Eggs but he is known to the public through his brand name that is Neil Patel. 

To be honest, he has got the tagline changed under the brand name of his website. Now, the tagline goes like this: “SEO Made Simple.”

Neil Patel and Online Marketing

To be honest, I knew nothing about Search Engine Optimization. I knew that TERM but not what it really conveys. I had no knowledge of it. 

It was out of curiosity that I started searching for some information on Search Engine Optimization. I came across various websites which provided enough information. I must be thankful to those website owners too who have placed such great articles on SEO for the beginners in SEO like me to learn and improve SEO skills. 

The basics in On and Off Page SEO

It is always difficult to understand a subject that is new to you. SEO was something very different for me. I was a biology student and this tech stuff was not my cup of tea. But, the blog posts on his official blog helped me understand all the basics in SEO. 

Neil Patel Blog

His blog is the right platform for the beginners in online marketing. If you want to learn how to optimize the website then you really need to follow this guy. 

How much time did I take to learn SEO?

It took me only a couple of weeks to understand more about SEO and start optimizing my own site. The simple-to-grasp articles on various aspects of SEO helped me a lot with improving my knowledge in SEO. 

Neil Patel’s Blog – Imparting Neil Knowledge

There is a lot of interesting stuff on his blog which covers various categories such as SEO, PPC, Content Marketing, Ecommece, Email Marketing, Entrepreneurship, Social Media Marketing and Optimization and various other interesting categories which can make you learn complex things in a simple way. 

Building backlinks, improving the site’s performance in search engines, how to outrank with white-hat seo tactics, how to outrank sites which uses black-hat seo to push your site down, what google really prefers, how to increase website traffic, all about basic to advanced seo tools such as backlink tools, web analysis tools etc. 

Every article is backed with some references so you can be certain of getting the right information. 

The blog also directs you to the right resources which can further improve your knowledge on SEO and various other aspects of online marketing, or digital marketing. 

Increasing Website Traffic 

If your website or a blog is struggling to get web visitors then you can rely on this guy. He will not only bring traffic to your website but will also help you increase it to the limitless extent. His magical web traffic-increasing tips will eventually result in higher ROI (Return on Investment) for you. His website’s traffic.

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