How To Make Money Blogging – Blog Monetization (2019)

How Earning From Blog Is Possible?

make money blogging

Can it be possible to make money blogging? Can I earn through Blog? How much can I make from my blog? How to earn from a blog? Is blogging really profitable?

There can be 100 such questions. If you are someone who is planning to build a blog or have plans to start earning from a blog, you will first look for the answers to such questions. There are plenty of websites or blogs that speak of how successful blogging can be, how this blogging has made some people earn thousands of dollars.

It would certainly be a good thing if you get to know of something that can make it possible for you to earn money online without having to look for work outside (I really wanted to say, to look for a job).

If you can earn online, you will become boss and you will have the freedom you desire of. There will be free time for you to enjoy. But, of course, you will have to give 100% time to what you will be doing that is blogging.

Make Money Blogging – A Myth Or A Reality

Let us learn a few basic things blogging, what it is and what it is not.

Blogging is one big thing today. A decade back, nobody knew about it. Today, everyone talks about it. Amit Agarwal is one person who is credited with popularizing blogging culture in India. Perhaps, he is the first to have started blogging and has tirelessly made it to the big.

I personally feel that other bloggers who are making money from the blog these days are those who have taken inspiration from him and yes, they too have worked hard to take their blogs to the level of success they enjoy today.

What Is Blogging?

Blogging is basically sharing what you know. That is the simple definition of blogging. You have got some unique skills and you are making use of a medium that is the blog to talk about it. A blog that teaches others some valuable things turns out to be a favorite of one and all.

What Can I Blog About To Make Money Online?

Can I blog about my personal life to earn money online? I am good at web development, can I talk about web development technologies like PHP, Java, HTML? I am adept at WordPress, can I talk about how to develop websites in WordPress, how to tweak WordPress, how to modify WordPress themes?

Let me explain to you. You have the freedom to write about anything you want. You are free to talk about anything, share anything with your audience. As long as it is good and appreciated by the website users, your blog will continue helping with making money online.

Pick what interests you more.

What do you think can be more helpful for other people? How other people can be attracted, what they can be interested in?

How To Find Blogging Niche?

So, once you have set the mind that blogging is one thing you have to stick to then it is time to decide what shall be the blogging niche.

Listed down are a few of the popular blogging niches

Entertainment, Gaming, Sports, Technology, Movie Reviews, Health, Mom And Baby (Parenting), Fitness, Hobby, Photography, Lifestyle, Beauty, Fashion, Parenting, Pet, Religion, Food

Other popular blogging niches include Travel, News, Money, Business, Careers, Marketing, Celebrity, Product Reviews, Cooking, Car Reviews, etc.

How To Select A Blogging Niche?

Selecting a popular blogging niche is very important. But, this doesn’t mean that you need to create a blog on something that you do not have an interest in or do not know more about. For a person who is a professional photographer, a blog on photography can be easy to work on. If blogging is related to something that is one is interested in, it will be easy to blog about and will create no trouble at all.

But, if you are selecting a blogging niche only because it is popular, it brings no good advantage.

For example:

“Video Gaming or Video Games” show almost 182,000 monthly search volume. That is really huge.

“Movie Reviews” is searched for almost 73,000 / month.

“Fitness” is around 101,000 when it comes to search volume.

“Health” is searched for almost 146,000 on a monthly basis.

It is good to select a blogging niche that is popular but make sure you know about that particular niche as well.

Which Blogging Niches Are Not Profitable?

If you are good at web development, it makes sense to talk about it on the blog. Certainly, it is not important and not worthy enough to pick a theme that is completely alien to you. Even if one picks a blogging niche that is unrelated to one’s interests, the ultimate result will be nil. The person may end up doing nothing because of no proper understanding of the niche plus no ideas to generate.

Buying A Good Domain, Good Hosting

It is time to buy a domain for the blog. Pick the one that correctly explains your niche. Here are some useful ideas to select a domain name for the blog.

If you are blogging on technology, here are some suggestions:,, etc.

Or it is also good to have a name for your blog like Many popular bloggers have got the name on their blog. The best example is That is branding too.

Where To Buy A Domain And Hosting From?

There are plenty of domain and hosting service providers. HostGator, Bigrock, Godaddy, and others. Browse their sites. Understand more about what they offer. For a beginner, the basic hosting package is enough. And as the blog grows, the hosting package can be upgraded.

How Many Blog Posts Shall I Write Per Day?

Writing One-Two Blog Posts Per Day

To be honest, it is good to begin posting two or three blog posts per day. Let us say, if you can write 2 blog posts per day, in a month, it would be almost 50-60 blog posts. Consistently working on the blog, you will make almost 300-400 blog posts in a period of 6-8 months.

You can ask me why these many blog posts? Is it necessary to develop this much content?

The answer is YES. it is important.

Let me explain why you will have to keep posting good blog posts on a daily basis. For a beginner in blogging, there is no space online. No matter what the blogging niche is, there are possibilities that the first position is already sought by the giants. To beat the giants who have been blogging for a long time on your particular blogging niche will be almost impossible. That is the truth. One shall face it and take it boldly and but one shall not be disheartened by it.

Does This Mean My Blog Posts Will Not Get Organic Traffic?

It is plain to understand. There is no science in it. If your website or blog is new it takes time to get some good organic traffic. I am not saying that it is not possible for your blog post to rank higher among giants on the first page of Google and other search engines but often, the case is the opposite.

You write something wonderful but it doesn’t get ranked. Because there are already other blogs or sites that have produced plenty of content on keywords you are perhaps targeting now or have just started targeting.

How Can I Earn From My Blog?

The most obvious answer to this question is Adsense. Anyone who runs a blog prefers to make money online by signing up for an Adsense Account. If you do not know Adsense then let me explain to you a little bit about it.

Is It Simple To Earn Through Google Adsense?

What is Adsense?

It is the platform for the advertisers, created by Google. If you have a blog or a website and you want to earn through it then sign up for the Adsense account. Signing up for the Adsense account is simple. But, do you know, new bloggers apply for Adsense account but do not get Adsense approval? The common reason is that their website or blog is not made as per the terms of the Adsense.

In order to get AdSense approval, it is important to have enough number of blog posts. I would recommend at least 50 blog posts if it is a new blog. But, do not blog about just anything. Add something more useful for your blog users.

How Do I Apply For Adsense?

If you asked me this question some years back I would have said please, make use of your Domain-Based Email ID ( / but today, it is certainly not needed that you shall use a domain-based email ID. The primary purpose was to verify domain ownership. Today, even if you apply using Gmail Account, the Adsense account will get approved.

Of course, those who are blogging by using a BLOGGER Platform need not worry as Adsense can be activated very easily (It is true there are some challenges but those challenges can be overcome very easily).

How Many Days Will It Take To Earn 100$ From Google Adsense?

If your primary goal is to make money blogging you need to speed up your blogging process. I am not saying that it will be easy to make 100$ in a month but it will be all depending on the type of quality content you are generating, the blogging niche, the traffic the blog is receiving per day, week or month.

Most of the bloggers make $100-$10,000 in a month. That is right. You can check out income reports of some of the famous bloggers like Harsh Agarwal and others.

How To Make Money From Blogging?

Want to earn 100$ writing an article? This blog post on how to make $100 from an article will help you.

And for you, here is the list of the websites that pay for the writing. By writing an article for one of these sites, writers or bloggers can earn $100-$500 for an article.

Can I Make Adsense A Permanent Source Of Income Online?

You can make Adsense a permanent source of income online. All you have to focus on is generating awesome blog posts, content that can be useful for the readers, content that the visitors can enjoy, rely on and would love to share with others.

Make Money Blogging – Successful Blogging Experience

Adsense is one good platform that makes earning money online very simple for bloggers. I would suggest making use of this platform in order to monetize the blog. But, before blog monetization or monetizing the blog, I would suggest that you focus more on building the audience base. That is very important. Learn more about how to optimize the blog posts, how to generate traffic to the website. These two skills – SEO And Traffic Generation Skills will be paid off heavily.

if Search Engine Optimization (SEO) sounds something unfamiliar to you, check out my post on SEO Basics. Get to know a little more about common SEO Terms and Phrases to understand SEO much better.

If you know how to optimize blog posts then you will be able to create posts that are SEO-friendly that will rank higher in google and thereby the blog will receive huge amount of organic traffic.

Apart from this, tactics of generating traffic to the blog will make blog monetization worthier.

Learn how you can do SEO for your blog. What are the best ways to create SEO-friendly blog URLs or Permalinks? Learn more about keywords research techniques and improve the optimization rate of your blog with on-page SEO plan and off-page SEO plan. And if you need help with designing your blog as per SEO Rules, check out this blog post on SEO-friendly website design.

What Are Adsense Alternatives?

If you would like to make use of other earning platforms, do not wait. Go ahead. There are various other Adsense Alternatives that can be used. You can monetize the website by registering your account at sites such as, Adsterra, OIO Publisher, Viglink, Infolink, Yllix Media, RevContent, Skimlinks,,,, Evadav, PopCash, PropellerAds Media, PopAds, Amazon Associates, etc.

And trust me, there are plenty of earning money online opportunities for bloggers who focus more on earning online from Affiliate Marketing. I will be talking about Affiliate Marketing and How To Earn From Affiliate Marketing in my next post.


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