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LiVE, FREE SEO Training Certification Online for aspiring SEOs. Learn everything about basic to advanced Search Engine Optimization Techniques. Email to alan@itwingz@gmail.com to enroll into the course.

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Introducing FREE, LIVE SEO Training Online, Basic To Advanced Search Engine Optimization Certification Course for aspiring marketers.

IT Wingz is happy to announce the launch of the FREE SEO Training Course. No matter which part of the world you belong to, you can enroll for the FREE Technical SEO Training Online and become a certified Search Engine Optimization Specialist. This FREE, LIVE SEO Course Training OFFER is valid only for 5 MONTHS (from 1 Oct 2019-1 March 2020). And this Free SEO Training Program will be extended on-demand as needed.

During this time, we will hold 2-3 hours of training sessions. We will hold LIVE SEO classes in batches. It is only 30 DAYS course and all skills will be covered.

We will hold two batches in a month. Each batch will have not more than 45 students A total of 90 students will be trained. Over a period of 5 months, we aim at reaching 450 Students.

We provide Basic to Advanced SEO Training Courses that can help learners learn more about SEO and become more proficient at optimizing the sites.

Google SEO Training Online

Learn SEO online for FREE. Our Google SEO Training Course Online will cover almost 350+ SEO Strategies, SEO Tips, and Tricks that can be employed to optimize websites, blogs or social profiles. Master SEO Trainers will take you on a journey of exciting SEO and help you explore SEO in a more innovative way like never before.

Google is more complicated than anyone can think. The way it works is not easy for anyone to understand. But, some experts have got to know of the secrets it employs to its search algorithm and rank the sites.

At IT Wingz, we understand how Google works and it expects the SEO guys when it comes to website optimization. Beginners in SEO will learn everything about how Google sees new and old sites, index and rate the site as per their quality. What actually quality means to Google?

FREE SEO Training Online Course Syllabus

free seo training

Our FREE SEO Training Online Course Syllabus will comprise the following units. We will cover all aspects of on-page and off-page optimizations tactics, tools SEO experts use to analyze the site, track and monitor performance, improve search rankings, etc.

SEO Introduction

This will take 2-3 hours max. A certified SEO Trainer will help you understand everything about what is SEO, opportunities it can bring and how to optimize the sites in a nutshell. You will also learn how Google and other search engines such as Bing, Yahoo work.

On Page SEO In Detail

We will cover everything that is related to On Page SEO. It may include but not limited to Website Structures, Website Optimization Techniques, How to optimize the content, How to optimize the images, Best Title, Meta Creation and Keyword Usage Strategies, Sitemap Generation, Google Search Engine Console Setup and Google Analytics Setup, Third-party Website Tracking and Monitoring Tools, How to optimize Robots.txt, RSS Feed Generation etc.

OFF PAGE SEO (Basic To Advanced)

Our Off Page SEO Optimization will cover all the basics to advanced Off Page SEO Strategies that are currently used by the experts in Search Engine Optimization Agencies, Enterprises, and Experts across the globe.

We have crafted the off page SEO course training content by researching and analyzing the best SEO practices that are used by the leaders and authoritative sites in SEO such as Search Engine Journal, Search Engine Watch, Moz and others.

Our SEO Master Trainers will share with you almost 100-200+ Off page optimization techniques that one can use to optimize the site or blogs.

These SEO techniques will cover everything from Google My Business Optimization to SEO content writing, quality link building, guest blogging, press release creation, forum posting, SEO reputation building, domain authority building, page rank improvement, traffic generation, and traffic improvement strategies, conversion optimization, etc.

Other content marketing strategies such as content development, useful content marketing platforms, slide submission, video marketing, image marketing, infographic creation and submissions, authority building, trust-building, citations, profile building, profile optimization, tagging, etc.

Conversion strategies such as conversion building, CTR Improvements tactics, conversion analysis, conversion tracking, ROI conversion optimization techniques

SEO Analysis

You will learn how to analyze sites based on tested and proven SEO principles. You will learn to analyze websites, blogs or certain other online platforms. SEO Competition Analysis, Keywords Research Techniques will also be covered in this unit.

Search Engine Optimization Strategy

How to build SEO Strategy for the businesses? Expert SEO Trainers will teach you the best methods and procedures to create a winning SEO strategy for businesses. Here, you will get to know about how to develop SEO Plans, both On-page and Off-page SEO plans

SEO Tools – How To Use?

We will help understand everything about popular SEO Tools that one can use to improve the SEO of any site. There are FREE and premium SEO tools that SEO industry experts use.

SEO Tools include Webmasters tools, SEO Analytics tools, plagiarism tools, site analysis tools, domain authority checking tools, content auditing and Keyword tools, website tracking and monitoring tools, social media marketing tools, etc.

SEO Writing Course

As a part of the SEO Training Online, you will also be learning how to write effective SEO content. Our supplementary SEO Writing Course Online will help you understand the basics of Search Engine Optimization Writing. You will learn how SEO Content for websites, blogs or articles is developed? Our experts in SEO content writing will train you in all aspects of SEO Content Writing and make you more adept at it.


Advanced SEO Training classes will help you learn theory plus the practical implementation of advanced SEO tactics. You will learn about Canonical URLs, Schema MarkUp, Rich Snippets, AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages), Data Highlighter, etc.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Listed down are FAQs with respect to Our SEO Certification Course Online. If you think your question is not listed down, feel free to write to us at alan@itwingz.com. WE will reply to you soon.

There Are Many SEO Training Courses Online, Why should I Join Your Course?

To be honest, the SEO Courses on Udemy are there for learners across the globe. But, those courses are all recorded and they are not LIVE SEO Training Certification Courses. We agree Udemy FREE SEO Courses are good but still by enrolling at the IT Wingz for the online SEO Training Course, learners will get the opportunity to learn from the SEO Masters LIVE.

Is It A Full SEO Course?

Yes, it is a Full, Complete SEO course for the learners. As we are going to cover each and every topic that is trending in Seach Engine Optimization.

Is This The Best SEO Training Course For Me?

When you enroll for the course, you will understand that it has been structured to provide unique teaching experience for the SEO learners across the globe. This is the best SEO Course Online ever introduced in the marketing arena. And we take pride in being the first to present this unique SEO course online for the learners.

What is SEO Training Schedule?

To know more about our SEO Training Schedule, we would request you to send an email to Alan@itwingz.com. You will receive complete details on our Online SEO Training Schedule. You can pick the appropriate timings as per your convenience.

How SEO Online Training Is Conducted?

SEO Online Training will be conducted via Skype Video Call, Join.me, GoToMeeting, and other video sharing and LIVE interaction platforms. We generally prefer Skype as it is more convenient. Anyone can join this course.

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Why This SEO Course Training Is FREE at IT Wingz?

SEO Certification Course at IT Wingz is FREE because we want to help learners who can’t afford to take the training at their local places. Only after successful SEO Training, it can be possible to find lucrative career opportunities in the field of SEO and marketing online.

How Are Eligible For SEO Training?

Anyone can join. No matter where you are from.

Is This SEO Course FREE For Lifetime?

We are holding FREE SEO Classes only for the next 5 months. And after 5 months, this course may become PREMIUM. However, we may continue to make it FREE for the deserving students (for this, eligibility criteria will be framed and put on this site after 5 Months, by March 15, 2020).

How Can I Sign Up For A FREE SEO Training Course?

It is simple. We want you to contact us via email. You can send an email to alan@itwingz.com. No sooner do we receive the request to join our SEO Training Course, you will receive a reply from our team with the schedule for the training online. You can pick the timings that are convenient for you to start SEO Training Online.

How Many Hours In A Day Do I Have To Spend For Learning Online?

You will be spending 2-3 hours per day. Classes will during Morning and Evening Time. To know about the schedule, please, email to alan@itwingz.com. Please, take a note of it that the schedule changes every month.

Do I Receive SEO Learning Material?

Yes, of course, all learners will receive SEO learning material. The best thing is, our SEO Training Material is FREE. You will not have to pay anything for it. You will receive Online SEO Training ebooks, Online SEO Course Training PDFs, recorded video sessions and other SEO preparation material and resources that can help with learning SEO more easily.

Do You Conduct SEO Tests?

Yes, we do. We conduct SEO Tests from time-to-time in order to understand how well the students are learning. This is an essential part of the Online SEO learning process. Otherwise, it will be difficult to track whether the learners are capable enough to understand what we are teaching.

What Are The SEO Tests You Conduct?

We have divided our SEO Tests into different categories. As a beginner in SEO, right after completion one week SEO Training Online, you will take a small question and answer test. Your SEO Tutor will ask you questions about what SEO covered in the first week. We require SEO students to pass this test in order to move to the second week’s SEO Training Sessions.

What If I Do Not Pass SEO Test Conducted After The First Week Of SEO Training Online?

Passing the test will be very simple. However, if you are not able to get through the test, you will have the option to prepare for the test again. You can schedule the timings for the test you want to take again. We may request you to focus on SEO Training Material that we may provide. As this SEO Learning Material will have everything that the test carries.

My English Is Not Good, Can I Take The SEO Test In My Local Language?

We encourage that you take the test in SEO in English Language. Because our SEO Course Training Instructors will teach making use of English. That is preferred. However, there are other local languages such as Hindi and Urdu.

Do We Have To Pay For The Test?

No, you do not have to. It is 100% free.

How Many Questions does SEO test Will Carry?

Each SEO Test may carry not more than 20-40 Questions.

What Are The Types of SEO Tests You Conduct?

We conduct Two Types of SEO Tests. One is the Question-Answer Test and the other is Practical SEO Test.

What Is Practical SEO Test?

You will employ all SEO techniques and strategies that we have covered in our SEO Training Course Online by taking this Practical SEO Test. You will show how good you are at analyzing the sites, researching the keywords, optimizing the site, etc.

How Many SEO Practical Tests Are There?

When we say SEO Practical Test, we mean implementing SEO that you have learned. Students will work on a site.

Learners will analyze the test, prepare the SEO Report on the Test.

SEO Trainees will propose an on page optimization plan and off-page SEO Strategy for the site. They will also try to optimize the site for certain keywords to see if the skills you have learned are really working on it.

Is IT Wingz an SEO Training Center or SEO Training Institute?

IT Wingz is not one of the typical SEO Training Centers or SEO Training Institutes that are there in your local city. We are earnestly trying to make a BIG Difference by keeping this SEO Online Training Course FREE for learners across the globe.

What is Yoast SEO Certification?

We will help you become an expert at using Yoast SEO Plugin. How to get the best out of? Yoast SEO WordPress Plugin. Of course, there is a FREE Yoast SEO Certification Course offered by Yoast SEO Plugin but still, it may lack LIVE SEO Interaction with the trainer. We, at IT Wingz will help you learn everything about Yoast SEO. you will be able to optimize the WordPress site more easily by implementing our Yoast SEO Training Online.

What is Udemy SEO Course FREE For Learners?

“Udemy SEO Course FREE” is one of the plenty of SEO courses on Udemy that you can enroll for. Certainly, Udemy is one of the best Platforms to learn SEO.

This can be suitable for people who may already have some basic to intermediate knowledge of SEO. But, for absolute beginners in SEO, Udemy SEO Courses may not work. As there will be only Recorded Videos for you to learn about SEO. However, if you can find a few SEO Courses For Beginners On Udemy, you can try.

For example, SEO Training Course By MOZ is there on Udemy that may give you a clear idea about SEO Basics.

But, most of the UDEMY SEO Courses for Beginners may not be FREE.

What Are Coursera SEO Courses Online?

Coursera is one of the learning platforms, best or equivalent to Udemy. It offers numerous SEO courses for beginners. But, as we have said, it can be difficult for you to find a FREE Courses SEO Course. However, if you find a Coursera FREE SEO Course, you may not get complete SEO understanding and knowledge that we offer through our FREE online SEO Training Certification Course.

What is Lynda Technical SEO Course?

Lynda is LinkedIn Learning. Yes, if you have a LinkedIn account, you can connect to Lynda and start learning online. It is actually a library of numerous courses. Lynda Technical SEO by Danny Sullivan can provide a sea of information for people who want to understand Technical SEO. This SEO Genius has presented Technical Search Engine Optimization in a plain but very effective language. You will find this genius talking about everything with respect to advanced SEO as well.

The videos explain how to skill up for web optimization, search strategies, how to keep up on top of SEO trends, voice search effects on site optimization, predictive search bots, machine learning in SEO, how to avoid common pitfalls, backlink creation tips and so many other core SEO principles.

We recommend that to all beginners in SEO. but, for practical SEO course, rely on IT Wingz (because you can interact with the trainer and get answers for all your queries if you do not understand anything).

free online seo course training

How To Become An SEO Freelancer After SEO Training Online?

We will also help you find SEO Freelance Projects. We offer SEO Job Assistant for SEO trainees who complete their SEO Training online. However, we do not guarantee it. As we receive plenty of applications for the training. But, one just does not have to depend on doing an SEO Job. one can start providing SEO Services for the clients too. We encourage you to set up your own SEO business. We will guide how you can do this and become more successful in your SEO Career.

Are FREE SEO Tutorials Online Not Beneficial For Me?

Certainly, FREE SEO Tutorials Online can be advantageous for you. One can gain valuable information on SEO from these SEO Tutorials On Youtube and other SEO Teaching Sites. But, again, as we have said, these will help understand basics. If there is no LIVE interaction during the learning process, you will miss out on core understanding.

FREE SEO Training Online (NEW Batches)

We run LIVE, Online SEO Training certification courses in batches of 25-40 Students. These students connect to us through GoToMeeting. We provide individual or Small Group SEO Training via Skype Video Call. The trainers will be there to assist you with anything regarding SEO. Complete Online SEO Training Schedule, please, write to us.

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