Link Building Techniques: Using Your Videos Smartly

youtube video content marketing strategies

I am going to share with you how you can make use of a video to build new links. The link building techniques using your videos can come in handy for you to improve the site’s position and increase traffic to the site.

Video is almost everywhere. We watch YouTube, Vivo, Daily Motion, Vimeo and Twitch. Of course, YouTube is the king of the kings. 

Marketers know how important a video is to promote any product or service. It is embedded in on sites, in blogs or newsletters, shared on social channels such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. 

Webinars are possible because of the videos, we play, replay, record, and store.

Certainly, we are addicted to creating and sharing videos. 

Statistics from Cisco reveal some interesting facts about videos. 

By 2022, Live Internet video will grab almost 17% of Internet video traffic. It is expected to grow 15-fold from 2019 to 2022. 

It is clear that it is going to stay for long. 

Link Building Techniques: Using YouTube Smartly

How To Build Links By Videos?

It is a smart move to create links by making use of videos. But, before you begin doing that, it is important to focus on some research. 

Before creating the video, do some homework. Learn more about what type of videos are already trending. Conduct intensive research, analyze what is already holding or running in the market.  

What types of videos are out there?

Which one of those videos has got the most likes, views or shares?

What makes them unique?

There are various ways you can analyze this. For instance, you can use content explorer by Ahrefs. BuzzSumo is also one of the best tools which can help you get a clear idea of it. 

It shall be kept in mind that measuring the success of any video based on the number of links is not right.  

It is possible that a video may have only 3 links but it may get shared 500 times on Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter, watched 5,000-10,000 times and some 10 people contact you for the product or the services you offer.  

It will be called “success” for sure.  

Creating Something Unique

Give something new so that it gets spread far and wide. Originality plays a key role in attracting people.  

Make a video that stands out from hundreds and thousands of videos that are already there in the market.  

If you are marketing a video on “Home Loan Services” then be aware of this fact that there are already a large number of similar videos on YouTube. In order to beat those videos, create something more wonderful and for a large group of audience. 

Pay attention to good sound, lighting. Poor quality video may not attract people.  

Those who may watch your video can’t see or hear you well will not like it and may not forward it to anyone.  

Link Building Through YouTube 

Do you know YouTube is logged in by as many as 1.9 billion users across the globe in a month? It is recorded to have over billions of hours of watch time. It is available for users across the globe (in almost 100 countries) in eighty different languages. After Google, it is the second most popular site in the world.  

So, make use of YouTube in the right way by making use of the right link building techniques. Optimize the YouTube videos perfectly well to get a good ranking on YouTube.

How To Optimize YouTube Videos?

Optimizing YouTube videos is very important. Keywords play a significant role. Of course, Google Search Result and YouTube Search Result vary by a very high degree. 

You get the results even for exact match keywords. 

Example 1 

Keyword: Gardening Services London

link builiding techniques using youtube

The first video has got this title:

Landscaping and Gardening Services in London | Gardeners …

And in the description, we find the exact match keyword as well. 

The second video has also got the same, complete keyword

But, its description doesn’t have complete. The city name “London” is missing. 

If we go on to analyze the third and fourth results we will come to know that the third and fourth have the same problem. If the title is optimized by making use of the same exact match keyword then it will be tough competition. 

The takehome is this:

Make use of short and long-tail keywords for the titles of the YouTube videos.

Provide a description that is user-friendly but at the same time do not miss out on any important keyword. 

Example 2

Keyword: SEO Agency Sydney 

how to optimize youtube videos for higher ranking

The first video on YouTube has got the same keyword and that is why it is on top but the second and third videos carry the same keyword but in broken pieces. 

Second Video has got the keyword in a broken form such as “SEO Agency” at the beginning and “TOP SEO Sydney” at the end of the title.


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