Keywords Everywhere, Browser Add-on For Chrome & Firefox Is Now A Premium Tool

Keywords Everywhere SEO Tool, A Firefox Add-on, Chrome Browser Extension, Used for Keywords Research, CPC, Google Ad, Search Volume Analysis is Premium now.

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Keywords Everywhere is one of my favorite Google SEO Add-Ons for Chrome and Firefox to search for suitable keywords. Keywords Everywhere Tool has helped me with strategizing my SEO and guided me in the right direction with the right Keyword Suggestions.

When you ask me which SEO Keywords Research Tool you trust for Keywords Research or Analysis, the first name that I will take is Keywords Everywhere.

Because it is simple. You can add it to your google or firefox browser as an Extension.

The best part about Keywords Everywhere SEO Keyword Research Tool for Marketers is that it was FREE. but, now, it is a PREMIUM SEO Keywords Checker.

From October 1, 2019, KeywordsEverywhere has stopped showing values for keywords. We do not see any data on Search Volume, Cost Per Click, Competition Level. Now, we see only blank space in place of values and with a link below that says, Upgrade. Or another better way of promoting the customers to use its Premium Version. “Get Credit Usage.”

Launch Of Keywords Everywhere Tool Premium Package

On September 25, 2019, the team at Keywords Everywhere shared the news on their official blog.

If you reach the blog on the site, you will come to know more about the news. This SEO Chrome Extension, Firefox Add-On will be premium from 1st Oct 2019.

For four complete years, this SEO tool was fREE for the users.

In 2015, this amazing tool stepped into the market of SEO. Those were the times when the bigger giants were already ruling the world of SEO. Ahrefs, Alexa and others and of course, Google Keywords Planner were the biggest players.

A complete list of the small SEO Tools that can be helpful for all SEOs.

The idea behind the development and launch of this keyword research tool was to make keyword research simpler and more intuitive for the users.

This amazing SEO keyword tools (it may not be wrong to call it a keyword planner), provides valuable information for the users.

This keyword software is used by more than a million users.

Why Keywords Everywhere Is Paid Tool Now?

keywords everywhere browser extension

Change is inevitable. Over the past year, Keywords Everywhere had been struggling to keep up with the changes taking place in their API. Automated Scripts were querying with the API of Keywords Everywhere.

Keywords Everywhere Tool – A Difficult Period

Now, the number of calls by the BOTS has increased to a limitless extent. Over the past year, the team at the Keywords Everywhere had been struggling to constantly upgrade the hardware so that it could provide much better results.

But, to keep the software functional for users across the globe is certainly a big challenge for the team now.

KeywordsEverywhere Functionalities Disabled

Certain functionalities that comprise “Analyze This Web Page” and “Import The Keywords List” were also disabled. The team tried all possible means to mitigate bot activity (including account blocking, blocking IP addresses).

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Tool Recaptcha Tested and Implemented

For relatively small users of the keywords software, the team also tested and implemented Google Recaptcha and various other Recaptcha Solutions but, alas, these solutions didn’t provide favorable results.

KeywordsEveryWhere Tool Server Management Issues

The team at KeywordsEverywhere also had a very bad time managing the servers, tracking, monitoring and resolving the issues that were occurring due to bot activity. These BOTS were always ahead and made it all the more difficult for the team to compete.

Launching Premium Version

The only solution that we find is to make the software PREMIUM for the users. By making this keyword analysis tool a paid tool, it will be easy for the team to overcome all the problems and make it more functional for the users.

Avoid Shutting Down The Tool

Otherwise, it had no option but to shut it down! The team at Keywords Everywhere said that they are doing this because they do not want to shut down this SEO browser extension completely.

During this transition time, it is now the responsibility of the users to support.

Keywords Everywhere Pricing Plans

The price point is kept as low as possible. There are no monthly recurring plans. You can use it and pay for the use. Pay-As-You-Go Model. For 10,000 keywords data, users will have to pay only $1. That is it. This means users may not be paying more than $2 or $3 per month.

With these funds, it will become easy for Keywords Everywhere to continue their journey and provide much better functionalities too.
Got questions?

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Keywords Research Tools In The Past

Keywords Everywhere is not just my favorite SEO Chrome Extension for Keywords Research but it is liked and preferred by a growing community of SEO agencies and professionals across the globe.

Before Oct 1, 2019, It was a free keyword research tool. You add this to the extension of your chrome or Firefox browser. You type in the search bar the keywords and it flashes itself on the right with some useful suggestions on the keywords for you.

It used to provide complete details on the popular, trending and non-trending keywords that can be ideal for the business owners. With values on cost per click, competition and other keywords metrics, it was a lot simpler for the SEO agencies and SEO freelancers to carry out the keywords research.

Those were the times when the small SEO companies and SEO Freelancers had the freedom to use it for FREE.

But, today, it is PREMIUM Keywords Research Tool.

This unique, browser add-on was once the savior for all small SEO agencies and Freelance SEO experts. They must not have thought that it would take such a step.
But, that is the rule. It is hard to understand why, though.

Keywords Everywhere Premium Features

Let us take a look at the Keywords Everywhere Premium Features. Let me be very clear, all these features of this browser add-on were FREE before Oct 1, 2019. Now, users have to pay to check the values for the Cost Per Click, Competition, Monthly Search Volume.

  • Search for 10,000 keywords at just $1.
  • There are no fixed monthly plans.
  • There is an option of pay-as-you-use.
  • Get advanced data on keywords
  • CPC (Cost Per Click) Details
  • Search volume data
  • Adwords competition data (Now, Google Ads Data)
  • Data with respect to “People Also Search For.” (this is a newly added feature for the premium version)
  • Download keywords lists in CSV, Excel, PDF formats.

Monthly Search Volume

How many times a particular keyword is searched in Google Search Engine? A higher keyword volume is the indicator that it is the most popular one. It shows monthly searches for keywords.

If monthly search volume for the Keyword 1 is 25 K and for the Keyword 2 is 3 K, it means, Keyword 2 is searched by many searchers.

Cost Per Click

CPC is called Cost Per Click. Advertising in Google is not everywhere. I am sorry, I do not have to mention this. CPC is the amount of money that the advertisers will pay to Google for every single click their Google Ad will receive. We see Google Ads on top of the SEO Results. That’s the power of marketing. Beat SEO Results and take first place in Google by taking Google Ad Services.

Learn more about PPC Basics, Pay Per Click Advertising Strategies. How to create impressive landing pages for Google Ads? How PPC Ad Campaign works? Ways to optimize PPC Ad Campaigns.

Adwords Competition

Today, we do not say Google Adwords. We call it Google Ads. Advertising in Google seems simple but it is more complicated for first-time users. With no proper guidance and knowledge, it can turn into a costly proposition. And later, it can become an almost impossible business strategy to promote the business.

Success in Google PPC (Pay Per Click) campaigning lies in understanding the PPC cost per keywords and Ad Competition. This Ad Competition Analysis feature in Keywords Everywhere helps overcome the problems of successful Google Ad Campaigning.

Keywords Everywhere Saves Time

Keywords Research takes a lot of time. And as it is one of the preliminary processes that lay the foundation for Search Engine Optimization, so, it is important to spend time and find the right business phrases and terms that are ideal for site optimization.

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