Common SEO Mistakes to Avoid to bring and enhance traffic to your blog

increase blog traffic

Do you want to increase blog traffic? Do you want to drive a large number of visitors to your blog? Increase blog traffic by implementing these simple blog traffic generating tips and tricks.

Organic traffic is the best traffic for any website or blog. It really doesn’t matter how many subscribers are there – whether one or 100. Traffic getting through search engines is of great importance.

Is getting traffic through search engines a difficult task for bloggers?

My answer is no, it is not a difficult task. On the contrary, it is an easy task provided the right methodologies are taken. There are a few basic things which one may have to learn in order to bring traffic to one desire.

It often comes down to how great blog content is and how brilliantly it is optimized to do the job of getting the required traffic. And of course, social media has its role in improving search engine visibility of the posts or videos too, thus driving visitors to the blog.

On-Page SEO Plan For Your Blog

Increase Blog Traffic – Tips And Tricks

For the blogs that are not receiving enough of traffic, I would suggest owners of such blogs to start making some necessary changes in all articles or posts they have written all these days, months (or perhaps years). Improve them from readers’ perspective and from the search engine’s web ranking perspectives.  

Update posts, do some keyword research, add keywords that currently share a high volume of search (one can use SEMRush or Google Analytics or any one of the best keyword tools to know more about the trending keywords), optimize content with right and targeted keywords.

This is going to be an ongoing process. If you would like your posts to rank higher in the search engine then do not just leave them. Make improvements from time-to-time to be with the trends. Remember, making the most out of content that is already there on the blog will really help a lot in enhancing traffic.

Let me explain my readers a few of the common SEO mistakes which many of the new bloggers, without being aware of the current trends in SEO, make and thus they themselves hamper traffic to their blog. They really write great content but do not fully get the right search engine visibility.

Increase Blog Traffic Using SEO-Friendly Titles

Do keywords research and come up with the titles that are SEO-friendly. But, do not have to just make use of all keywords in the title of the article. Be smart enough to use them in the right way.


Each article should have headings – h1, h2, h3, and h4. Well, I have seen some bloggers making use of too many headings or to be more precise, repetitive headings in their articles.

This is something which search engines detest. So, avoid stuffing keywords into headings. But at the same, it is needed that you should use them intelligently without being repetitive.

Using Images

Well, many bloggers make use of images in their articles. They know images play a pivotal role in attracting visitors or keeping them engaged for a long time. They know the value of awesome images.

But, what most of them do not focus on is that they can use these images to improve the SEO score of their article too?

Yes, images certainly can do that provided they are optimized in the right way. For this purpose, I would suggest making use of plugins which can help in optimizing the images perfectly well (One such plugin is SEO-Friendly Images).

Increase Traffic To Your Blog

With a good plugin, one can add ALT Tags automatically into images. I must also say here that images which are not optimized with proper ALT tags or which are poorly optimized with ALT tags adversely affect the performance of the article in search engine.

Try to give images the name that is more relevant to the title of the article you are going to use the image for. Doing this can bring good results. Let me give an example here. If the title of the article is “Monetizing the blog to make money online” then the image you are going to use for this article should have a title like “Monetizing the blog,” Making money online by monetizing the blog” etc. You need to save image as Monetizing-the-blog.jpeg.

If there are plenty of images on your blog with no proper ALT tags as suggested then it is necessary that you take some time and give them proper ALT tags.


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