How To Optimize PPC Ads For More Profit?

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How To Make Google Ads Profitable? How to optimize PPC Ads for better results, better exposure, and ranking.  

Here are some smart recommendations on how to make Google Advertising more profitable and more result-oriented for you. 

It is necessary that you shall be an expert who continuously assesses, analyzes, monitor a large number of google ads or accounts to understand different patterns. There is no need to focus on performance trends or spend plenty of time tracking accounts. 

And yes, you do not have to make use of any third-party PPC ad management tools. Of course, these tools can be helpful in automating the ads or help create and optimize the ads in a perfect way but still, if you have a low budget then it makes sense not to use those tools.

before, we start, if you are the one who is new to PPC then I would recommend that you get some information is what is PPC?

Just follow these simple tips to optimize your Google ads and get higher ROI through.  

Here are some top, tried and tested ways to win at local Pay Per Click (PPC).

How to optimize PPC Ads?

Making ads more profitable is simple. First, let us get the business on google map as your business presence on the Google map will give you an added advantage.

Get Your Business On Google Map

It is important to claim the local business listing. Google My Business has certainly evolved from just being a local business finder to the advanced business listing platform. A business that is not on the MAP doesn’t seem to exist. Your business brand listing can act as a powerful PPC marketing asset for you. Of course, this boosts up SEO too. 

Google My Business will make it easy for you to put your business on MAP, monitor and respond to reviews which your customers might post about your business. Share content through POSTS. Share promotions offer etc. Unlocking good placements on the SEO result page would be simple.   

Set Locations

Of course, you would want the ad to display in a particular location. So, pinpoint that. Select the appropriate areas for the services. 

Localizing Landing Pages

Let the locals understand that the business belongs to the local city. This will create more trust. Create landing pages that provide real info for them which can attract the users. Provide a number, email id for direct contact. Keep contact form for people who may want to contact you through your landing page or website. Keep content in small pieces so that prospective customers do not feel bored 

How To Optimize PPC Ad, Ad Copy?

Keeping content that is attractive or appealing is very important. Nine times out of ten, people click on the ad by getting understood what you have displayed through the ad. Make sure the one-liners or two liners are crisp and give an idea of the local business. 

Try to add benefits if you can by making use of simple words. 

Does this PPC ad content need to be optimized?

Results show that the ad content that is SEO-friendly brings in a good position for the ad. Of course, the higher you pay, the more engaging the position you get. 

But, it may happen that sometimes, the bidding for the keyword is $15 but businesses that pay only $12 or $13 also manage to get the top position. This is because of the properly optimized content. 

Now, optimizing doesn’t mean that all business keywords shall be infused, keywords that you are trying to target through PPC. this will lead to over-optimization and may lead to a bad effect on the ad. Therefore, keep away from such a thing.

It makes sense to break down the keyword and add that to the content of the ad. 

And at the same time, it is very important that the users shall be given importance. Ad copy shall be for the users not for the PPC ranking.

Try to create a balance and make sure that the ad targets primarily the customers and the ad ranking position. 

Consider these two examples 

For the keyword email marketing, Google has displayed the following ads on its search result page. 

how to optimize PPC ad, ppc ad copy
Ad by Mail Chimp is On Top

If we analyze the first three ads we understand the top one has got keywords stuffed in the right manner. And this makes sense for the users too. 

Look at the results for the keyword: Email marketing software 

how to improve PPC ad copy

For this particular keyword, you can see, the PPC ad for the advertiser, Mailchimp has gone down a little because the ad copy doesn’t reflect the additional word that is SOFTWARE. 

The first ad copy goes like this: Bulk Email Marketing Software | Try Sendinblue for Free‎

Whereas the second ad copy goes like this: Mailchimp® Marketing Platform | Free Marketing Automation‎

The third and fourth go as follows:

Top 5 Email Marketing Software | Boost Your Business Engagement‎

Email Marketing Software | Try it For 100% Free |‎

The “ad title” for the second and third matches the keyword used that is “Email Marketing  Software” but still they have displayed two results down. The reason for it could be because of the low bidding or it could be because of the “EXACT MATCH KEYWORD” that is not considered good. 

Bulk Email Marketing Software is a different and more enhanced version of the primary keyword that is used for the search that is Email Marketing Software.

So, the conclusion is simple. If you to optimize your Ad focus more on Ad Copy. Make use of the keywords in an intelligent way. Try to make use of long-tail keywords so that the ad gets the proper position. Even without spending more this can be possible through your Ad Copy to get a better position.

I hope you have understood how to optimize PPC ads.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comment section.

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