How To Earn Money Online -Eight Simple Steps to Earn Money Online

This is the guide for how to make money online for beginners. Listed down are the best ways to making money online.

how to earn money online

Wondering how to earn money online? Here are Simple Ways to Earn 6 Figure Income Online

Income Online – Simple Steps of Earning Online

Earning Money Online Isn’t it exciting to earn a six-figure income online? Yes, it, really, is. Earning good income online or earning money online can be easy provided the right approach is taken. Today, the internet is replete in sites that promise of providing good money online.

There are various programs that one can find on sites that promise of huge income. There are sites which show statements such as “No investment is required” to earn money online and many other similar statements. I can say these are false promises.

They actually trick and you get you registered on their site and they may make use of the details for other purposes. This happens and it is very common. So, do not become a bait for such sites.

How to earn money online? How to make a six-figure income online?

I am going to explain here everything which might help you earn money online. It is true that it is hard to find the right way to earn money online but there is one reputed business model which can help. Earning through affiliate marketing or eCommerce might seem to be a good option but may take a lot of time.

Eventually, interest will be lost in continuing with those programs. But, there is one good opportunity that we call it website flipping. This earning program is free of any kind of scam. It is a good way to earn money. It really has great potential to make you rich. Yes, you have read aright. And this doesn’t even require any good amount of time. This may require investment but just a little.

Continue reading to know more of how you can make a true six-figure income or I can say safely more than it.

Earning Money Online – 8 Simple Steps to Earn 6 Figure Income Online

1 What are you interested in?

What is it that you are more drawn to? Try to pick a topic that you have got great knowledge of. Picking a topic that is not much aware will not take you anywhere. This can make the task difficult for you.

If you pick a topic that you are familiar with then you can write some cool things about it. For example, if you have got knowledge of medicine then you can choose it and write medical related articles on cardiology, anesthesia, infectious diseases, prevention, and cure, etc.

Or you also have the option to search online to find what is so popular. You can pick it and create some cool stuff revolving around it.

2 Domain registration and hosting

Register Your Domain

Select your domain that is much more pertaining to your topic. Here, I am not suggesting that you select a keyword-based domain but still if you would like to pick such a domain then go ahead (years back, keyword-based domains used to rank higher in search result pages but now this doesn’t happen). You can book your domain and take any suitable hosting plan.

The basic hosting plan will be enough. There is really no need to take Delux or Ultimate plan that is offered by many of the hosting companies such as You can select the start-up plan to get the hosted (Economy Plan).

 Selecting the right hosting plan

For domain and hosting, can be the best.

There other hosting providers too who offer custom hosting packages. RackSpace, 1and1 Hosting,, HostGator, BigRock, etc.

3 Website designing and development

Get the site designed and developed by one of the experienced web designing and development companies in your local area. Always, hire a local company for website designing and development because this will make communication easy. A responsive website is needed. So, do not just settle for lesser than that. It should be responsive, mobile-friendly and SEO-friendly.

Don’t want to spend money on web designing and development?

Download Free WordPress Theme

Well, if your budget is limited and you really do not want to spend money on getting the site designed and developed then think of getting installed a WordPress theme.

This is the best option. You can find so many WordPress themes that are freely available for download. Pick the one that is good and get it installed. Optimizing the WordPress site is simple too because there are available plenty of SEO plugins. Choose any suitable plug (recommended plugins are Yoast SEO, All in One SEP Pack, etc).

4 Write interesting articles

Now, it is time to write. Create interesting stuff for the people which they may like. Always stick to the topic that you are going to explain. Give as much information as you can. Keep content free from grammatical errors or typos.

Make it more appealing with catchy images or infographics if possible. Remember, articles with plenty of good and relevant images keep visitors engaged for a long time. If you can’t write then you can look for the freelance content writer too how can help you. An experienced content writer might cost per word or per article. So, if you can afford then go ahead.

5 Monetize your website

Now, it is time to apply for Google Adsense. It is free. You do not pay anything to Google to start earning through it. The only thing that google may want is quality content.

So, make sure the site should have quality content with no copy-paste word-groups, phrases or paragraphs (Verifying the site content by making use of is the best thing if the content is not written by you. It is always wise to double-check and be sure that the content you have received from the freelance writer is unique and is free from any kind of plagiarism).

6 Promoting website

Promoting the site is critical to success in earning money online. Use all means possible to promote. Share posts on social media sites – Twitter, Google+, Facebook, LinkedIn, and other popular sites. IF you are looking for how to promote a website or how to bring traffic to the website then we suggest you read our article here.

7 Website analytics

Pay attention to how the site is performing in google by signing up for Google Analytics. You can also sign up for Yahoo and Bing Analytics. The analysis will help take better decisions about how to market.

8 Calculate earnings / Selling Site Online

Do not think, money is going to come flying in just a month’s time of blogging. No, this may take time. May have to wait for 3-4 months or in some cases even 6 months.

But, here, earning online money online through Google Adsense is all about how much traffic you receive or how popular is the site. Increased traffic is directly proportional to the increase in earnings through google. So, focus only on increasing targeted traffic.

In 3-4 months’ time or 6 months, In 3-4 months’ time or 6 months, a considerable rise in earning can be noticed. Once, the money starts getting transferred to you, you can continue with a lot more ideas.

Or you have the option to sell the site online as well.

Suppose, if the site has brought you $ 20,000 for you in six months then the expected revenue it is going to generate for you yearly would be $40,000 or can be more than that if the frequency of posts is increased from 1-2 or 2-3 per day. A site that has the potential to bring $40-60,000 yearly be sold out for $120-180,000 or can even fetch the owner of the site more if the right tactics of selling are used.

For instance, a site can be sold out at Flippa, EmpireFlippers, etc. There are various buy-sell sites only that you can find. But be careful to select only the best one.

So, what are you waiting for? Start today to make genuine, extra income online.


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