How To Earn Money Online? What Are The Ways To Make Money Online?

Earning money online is not difficult. Looking beyond traditional ways of earning money and using online means to earn money.

earn money online

Internet is LIFE today. It plays a major role in everyone’s life. People look for ways to earn money online to overcome their financial problems.

If you ask me a question like how to earn money online without any investment, I would say, you will have to have some special skills. Because, when you do not want to spend money, you will have to have some skills to earn money online.

But, one will have to be more attentive and careful in selecting one of the best online money earning platforms. There are plenty of ways that can help one earn money online. But, remember, many of them can end up being bogus or scams. It is important to be careful. And, one shall not expect to earn a big amount of money more quickly and easily by making use of the online avenues to make money online.

Here are some useful platforms, resources, websites that can help anyone earn money online.

How To Earn Money Online?

listed down are the simple but the most effective ways in which making money online can be very much possible. But, remember, this is not going to be simple. It will certainly need good amount of work from you. It requires dedication, commitment to what you are doing or willing to do online in order to earn money online.

Earning Money By Freelancing Online

You must have already heard about freelancing. It is the most popular trend. Even though there are bigger companies that prefer to hire a freelancer. There are so many websites where one can find some freelance projects to work from the comfort of home or from anywhere or on the go. There are plenty of freelance tasks for deserving people with varying skills. What all one has to do is create an account and get started. Browse the directory or the listings and pick the right skills that you have the expertise at.

For example, websites like / Odesk (now, it is called, Fiverr, CloudPeep, Guru, Blogging Pro, Freelance Writing, etc offer freelancers an opportunity to sign up and find work from the employers across the globe. A simple search through Google will take you on a journey to discover plenty of information on such freelance websites that can be used to make easy money online from the comfort of home.

Most of these freelance websites may need the people to create an account and provide all necessary details about the work and experience. One can expect to earn money online anywhere between $5 to $500 through these sites (of course, by working on multiple projects.

But, keep in mind the payment will be transferred to your account only when the projects are completed by you and those tasks shall be approved by your employer, that is the client on one of such freelancing websites. One may even have to spend time in revising and reworking on the task so as to meet the requirements of the clients.

You may have to set up your PayPal Account in order to get the money transferred to your account through these freelancing sites. There can be other payment gateways you will have to sign up for as per the terms of the sites.

Earn Money Online From Business Website

Do not think that you will have to hire a website designer and developer to get the site for your business. Website design and development has been made simple now. There are so many Website Builders that can be used to create the site more easily and effortlessly. Just pick the right domain and hosting plan (for the startups, the basic hosting package is more than enough). Get WordPress theme installed and design the site using the site builder. There are so many WordPress plugins that can make the task of web development simple.

Buying WordPress Theme Online

There is an option to buy the theme too. Just basic knowledge on how to upload the theme and connect the site to the site is needed. This can be gained even through YouTube videos. There are plenty of videos that talk about how to design the site using WordPress and WordPress Plugins.

However, if you are still confused, how to design the site, you can approach a website development company and entrust your website development task to them. Your site will go LIVE well within a week’s time.

Blogger FREE Blogging Platform For Domain Mapping

And you know if you use BLOGGER Platform, you can pick the option of DOMAIN MAPPING and get your website on Google server for free. Yes, this way, you can save money that may be spent on Hosting (Because hosting charges for the first year will be less but for the second year, it will be more and year by year it may increase).

Selling Services Through Site

You can sell services you are expert at. For example, if you are good at calligraphy, you sell calligraphy services to people. If you are a beautician, you can provide door-to-door bridal make up services, bridal makeovers, hair care services, etc. If you are a wedding decorator, you can get connected to customers online and become financially sound.

Marking Site

When your site is LIVE, you can market your services by putting a little amount of money on advertising the site online using the platforms like Google Ads, Facebook Ads, and other Social Media and Search Engine Ad Platforms.

And if you know about Search Engine Optimization, you do not have to market it through Pay Per Click (Google Ads) or Facebook Ads, you can optimize the site to bring it on the first page and generate some leads online for your business.

Make Money Online From Blogging

Earn money online from blogging by running Google Adsense on the blog. Setting up a blog is simple. You need to have a good domain and hosting package, to begin with. You can pick one of the best blogging niches and start working on developing some unique, attractive and more interactive content. When your website is ready with as many as 50+ blogs, apply for the Adsense account. I am certain, the account will get approved (if only the site has got unique content). No need to worry over traffic to the website as this is not the criteria for the AdSense account to be approved.

Monetizing The Blog With Adsense

Want to know how you can earn money online by blogging? Check out my article on how to blog and monetize the blog to make money online blogging.

Once, the Adsense account is approved, it is important to continue working on more interesting and engaging posts. A little bit of knowledge of how to blog, how to optimize blog posts is very important. Learn a little about keyword research and how to drive traffic to the site to get more income from Google Adsense.

Earning Money Online From Affiliate Marketing

If you would like to earn make money online as an Affiliate, it is a good thing. You can find some of the most popular websites that run affiliate marketing programs for the site owners and marketers. For example, you can sign up for the affiliate program to make money online from affiliate marketing on Amazon Website, Flipkart, and other big e-commerce giants. There are so many IT companies, product development companies too that run this program.

By becoming an affiliate for companies, you will insert web links to your website or blog (or add advertisements of their products or services to your site). Visitors who will visit your site to learn more about them and reach their site. When they buy anything from them or take the services, you get paid for that. That is simple.

Make Money Online From Surveys, Reviews, Searches

There are so many sites that pay money for the people who help with online surveys, write reviews on some products, or carry out some online searches. There are some sites that may want you to deposit or pay some fee to get started. It is always better not to select such a site and look for the sites that may offer you free membership and assurance of the payment too. Don’t fall for a bait. Most of the sites may show images of paid cheques to their customers to lure new users to work on their projects. It is always better to rely on a site that has got some physical presence as well.

By Virtual Assistantship

Virtual Assistants are employees who work from home. Office operations such as handling business calls, managing the emails, responding to clients are taken care of by the virtual assistants. There are many people who work as virtual assistants and earn a handsome amount of money online.

One can pick the option to work as an employee and provide virtual services through one’s own business site. VAs are experts who provide services for enterprises. Virtual assistantship may include services such as bookkeeping, email correspondence, managing phone calls, data entry, scheduling appointments, writing, blog management, video editing, graphic designing, customer service, tech support, event management, social media management, etc.

Becoming a VA may require some basic training. Qualified people can easily get one or two projects to make money online. People can sign up as a virtual assistant on some sites such as Virtual Staff Finder, Assistant Match, Uassist. Me, Upwork, Ziptask, Zirtual,, 24/7 Virtual Assistant, FlexJobs, People Per Hour, eaHelp, Freelancer, VaVa Virtual Assistants, Worldwide 101, etc.

An expert in Virtual Assistance can require somewhere in between 5$ to 50$ per hour or more as per the capabilities, skills, qualification, and experience.

Making Money From YouTube Online

Who doesn’t know about YouTube? If you are living on the planet earth, you must not be knowing about this amazing Google Invention but must be even obsessed with it. Today, there are big professionals who left what they were doing and ended up becoming a YouTuber. Three are engineers, trainers, and other experts who have seen the great potential of earning online from YouTube. Make videos, bring people to watch your video by marketing, or optimizing it, promote it, get viewers like, subscribe and there goes, boom! You become a YouTube star. Your channel grows and starts making money online from YouTube.

Making Money From Kindle eBooks Online

If you were a writer born in the 19th or 20th century, you would have found your book difficult to be published. No funds, no resources. No publishers ready to publish the book. But, now these days, it is very simple to get a book published and get good royalty on the book too. Kindle EBooks is the best option to upload your book and see the magic doing the work for you.

With this wonderful platform, created by Amazon for the writers, publishing the book certainly has got transformed. Publishing the book will take only not less than 5 minutes and it goes live on Kindle Stores worldwide within 24 hours or max 48 hours. Royalty can be up to 70% on sales to book lovers or readers from various countries such as Germany, US, Brazil, Australia, Mexico, Canada, Italy, UK, France, Spain, Japan, India, etc.

There is an option to publish a book online through Kindle Ebooks or there is also an option to go for paperbacks with Kindle Direct Publishing.

By Tutoring Online

If you are a good teacher, you can make money online by tutoring online. There are websites that provide online tuitions. There are platforms that connect students with teachers. You can find one of such sites and register yourself as a teacher. Pick the subject that you can teach. Sites like Varsity Tutors,,,,,, etc provide opportunities for people who can tutor in some special subjects like Match, Science, Arts.

There are some sites suitable for the people living in Asian countries such as India such as,,, that follow the same strategy. One can expect to get 5$ per hour and up to 20-30$ per hour as per the experience and expertise in the subject.

Making Money From Social Media

Today, social media has become a common platform for everyone to get connected and make some money online too. One can sell products on social sites or networking sites. There are so many people who are already earning good amount of online by running successful online marketing campaigns for FREE on social sites like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

Facebook is one good platform that can be used to popularize the products. Just upload your products, tag friends, promote your posts, get connected to people who may have an interest in your products to start making money online from social media.

Earning By Translating

If you know multiple languages and you are capable enough to translate from one language to the other, go for providing translation services. There are so many sites where one can sign up as a translator and get some projects. Some international languages such as Russian, Japanese, Arabic, Spanish, French, German are always in demand. This may be time-consuming but if you have an interest in it it can become a good source for you to make money online from home without investment.


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