The List Of 100 Websites Which Pay $100-$500 Per Article For Freelance Content Writers

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Listed down in this article are Freelance Content Writing Jobs Opportunities for the Freelance Content Writers or Content Developers who are looking forward to earning as much as $100 to $500 per article or a blog post.

“Writers can earn more,” this is what I always say whenever any content writer approaches me to know more about how to earn through writing online.

Gone are the days when the resources for the writers or to be more precise true earning resources for the writers online were few but now we have got so many organizations which pay freelance content writers the amount they deserve per article that is around $100-$500 per article or in some extremely rare cases $1000 per article. Trust me, this is no joke.

Freelance Content Writing Jobs That Bring $100 to $500 Per Article

Here, I have got the list of some of the websites which pay content writers $100-$500. So, do not wait. If you have got the flair for writing then just reach one of these sites, try to know more of what they want, see sample articles on their sites and write an interesting article and submit to earn money through writing.

Bird Channel

This is one of the most popular sites, dedicated to all those who love ornithology. Sorry to confuse you.

In simple language, it is for bird lovers. The writers are requested to write eight hundred to two thousand word article. Writers who provide images, color slides, and other professional illustrations would get an added advantage.

Topics related to grooming, nutrition, health, caring, management, training, etc can be submitted. A little humor is what they may also accept but less frequently.  For smaller features (of about 1000 words or even less) writers can expect $100-$200 and for longer features (of about 1500-2500 words), $300-$400 (do not forget to attach relevant photographs).


Can you come up with interesting lists like Top Ten Weird Assumptions, Top Ten Amusing Things Which Monkeys Like, Top Ten Strange Characters in Shakespeare’s Plays, Top Ten Beautiful Birds in Ireland, etc.

These are the types of lists that the site accepts. If you can create an interesting list then do not wait. Submit the list and get paid $100. The write-up should consist of 1500 words.

Any article that is lower than the mentioned word count may not get submitted. Only in rare cases, that they may accept it if you represent the list in the most attractive and convincing way.



It is a publishing group, always on the lookout for experienced, skilled writers who can write stories with the correct combination of fun and facts, stories that reflect local life, communities.

As a freelance content writer, one can earn $150-$350 for an article of about 1000-2500 words (Another site that is more like it is

Currently, the site is not accepting the articles from the freelance content writers but three is nothing wrong in visiting the site time and again to know of the updates. They can ask for contributions anytime. So, focus on it too).

Earth Island Journal

This is for those writers who are drawn more towards the ecosystem, everything about the earth, life on earth, environmental issues, climate, energy, survival, wildlife.

The content writers are requested to write compelling, thought-provoking stories, present issues in articles that might increase general awareness about the most pressing issues.

Writers can get 25 Cents/word (for shorter and longer dispatches of about 1200 to 1500 words or 2500 to 3000 words). For an in-depth feature story, writers can earn around $750-$1000. For all those who want to submit an interesting report can expect to receive $50-$100.


For content writers who have got expertise in writing articles on anything related to eCommerce can certainly make a huge amount of money through this site.

Pick anything interested related to e-commerce, online shopping (e-cart, online shopping tips, eCommerce software, shipping or logistics solutions, etc) and write a compelling, more entertaining write-up to get paid from $75-$150 for an article.


It is for freelance content writers who can write interesting articles on Code, Content Strategy, Design, Industry, and Business, etc. Contributors will have to first submit a small draft.

Be more explanatory why the articles deserve to be on the site. If they like it then they may ask you to proceed further. Articles can have word count from 500-600, 600-1500, 1500-2500, etc. Submitters can expect to receive $50 to $200 per write-up.


Do you about WordPress? Can you write awesome articles on anything connected to WordPress Technology?

If the answer here is YES then this is certainly a great source to earn a decent income online. Submit original, quality articles which talk of the WordPress Technology and get paid $100 / article.


This is for travel writers. Before submitting an article, it is suggested that the interested writers should take a look at the type of content they require. It pays $50-$75 for website articles, $100-$150 for personal stories or interviews, etc.

It is all about Human Resources. Generally, this site accepts articles written by someone who has got years of experience in Human Resources.

The site clearly talks about it in its guidelines, how the profile of the submitters or the contributors should be. But, I feel that if you can write anything interesting then they might consider it. It pays $150-$175 for an article.


This website is all about women’s health, pregnancy, childbirth, kids, relationships, etc. Contributors can expect $100 per article.


This earning resource for the freelance content writers is all about work abroad, study, travel, intern living abroad. Just go through it and see if this matches your experience. If it really matches then it can fetch for you $50-$100 / original piece of writing.


This is all about technical writing. If you are a technical writer then this can become a great source of online income for you. The site accepts articles related to CSS, HTML. The pay is around $150.


As its name would suggest, it is a site that is more like a tutorial. It features free flash projects. It is a site for web designers. If you know more of how to write tutorials on flash, Animation, Flex, ActionScript, etc then you can expect to get paid around $100-$150.

The GraphicDesignSchool

This is again for those who know more about designing. If you can write about designing concepts, tutorials in Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign, etc then you can get $100-$200.

Email me to receive the list of sites that pay $100-$500 for an article.

Freelance Content Writing Jobs for the freelance content writers

I am sorry but I would like to stop here. I want to save your time. Reading a lengthy article can sometimes be boring. I know this. Even sometimes, when I reach any site for information and find the site to be explaining the thing I want in 2000-10,000 words then I quit.

Really, I quit reading or try to find some other site. So, I feel others do the same. So, I do not want to take much of your time.

Get the list of the earning resources for writers (sites which make it easier for the freelance content writers to get good, decent income online) today right in your inbox.   

I can share with you all the sites which pay $100-$500 or even $1000 for an article. Just send email me to  

I will respond to you within 6-12 hours (but sometimes, when I have to reply to a large number of my blog followers or readers then I may take 24 hours or so. But, trust me. You are going to get a reply from me. Your wait will be worth more than you can even think of.

Freelance Content Writing Jobs Opportunities

Well, you can find that offer content writing jobs for the freelance content writers but it is possible that you will come across sites which no longer pay you that money or sites that offer fake promises. If you want to take the chance then it is OK. But if you want to get a reliable list of the websites which really offer big bucks then email me today. Waiting for your email. Take care. Thanks a lot.

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