Rank #1 In Google – Tips To Create SEO-Friendly Content

how to create seo-friendly content

Wondering how to create SEO-friendly content?

Search Engine Optimization, in general, involves the use of the right keywords, a bit of shifting around blog post tags. A content developer will have to create highways with all care for crawlers to easily find web pages. But, wait, the task doesn’t end here. There is a need to create links from authoritative websites to finally climb up the ladder of ranking in Google.    

No matter how strong the SEO for a web page is, it can’t bring the page to #1 ranking in Google if the page itself is of low quality in terms of content. 

On the contrary, an article even with poor SEO can reach the top page of Google if it has content that is perfect for the search queries.   makes the content rank #1 on Google?

How To Create SEO-Friendly Content That Gains #1 Rank In Google?

For a few minutes, keep your research on keywords, optimization guides a little far and focuses on what follows here.  Let me tell you the nuts and bolts of the SEO and how content can be made SEO-friendly so that it gets the deserving position in Google.  

Adding variety to the web content 

A variety of content will satisfy the searchers.

Different internet searchers have different intent for search queries. Some people would love to read small chunks of text while others prefer to read long-form of articles or blog posts with plenty of data and supported links and still there are some who wants to get information through visuals, an image, an infographic, a video, a powerpoint presentation, etc.  

creating seo friendly content for number one ranking in google

Some may want the web page to be more presentable while other people get pretty much distracted with plenty of colorful web pages.  

Depending on the target audience, it is important to develop content that appeals to them. It is appropriate to include images, a video to make the content more interesting for the audience.  

But, you do not have to slow down the page with unwanted heavy files.

Polish SEO Content

Do you know the research on content, user interaction with the content reveals that only 20% of the words are read by almost 80% of the web users when they stumble upon any site and the remaining 20% of the internet users do not focus on reading even 10% of the web page content?

 Naturally, you will also not want to read a lengthy web page until or unless it makes the reading more interesting and more rewarding for you. 

So, here ist he needs to polish the content before it goes live so that it can grab the attention of the web visitors.   

It makes sense to add intelligence, sarcasm, confidence, or charisma or even humor to content to make it look more attractive for the web visitors.   

Shorten the paragraphs

Use bullet points 

Make use of colorful prose 

Use images in between two pieces of texts 

Use a video in the middle of the article/blog post 

The Word-Count For A Web Page / Article / Blog Post 

There have always been debates on what shall be the appropriate length of the article or blog post to rank higher in Google. I have already provided some useful information on what shall be the ideal word-length of the article or blog to outrank in Google for the most competitive keywords. 

In short, word-length is one of the most factors that play a crucial role. The lengthier the article, the better it is and the easier it is to rank higher with no trouble at all.   


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