Whether or Not RSS FEED Submission Sites Help Website Or Blog SEO In 2019

What are the best RSS Submission Sites that SEOs can use in 2019? List of FREE RSS websites good for Optimization.

how rss feed help seo

Let me tell you how RSS Feed Sites help SEO (Search Engine Optimization) in 2019. Please, do not get it wrong when I say SEO. Because SEO is not just about optimizing or link building. It is more about traffic generation too.

RSS Feed and SEO are two interrelated hot topics for webmasters, website owners, and bloggers. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is not like how it was some years ago. It was very simple, yay!

Add some very useful comments to some popular sites with higher domain authority and page rank, create some backlinks from article submission sites, use SEO friendly RSS Directories, (RSS Submission Sites), and of course, submit the site details in local business directories and website directories. That is it.

Anyone doing all of these off page SEO tasks or even a few of them would also see great results. In a few days or in two months’ time, the site started crawling to the top page of Google. Amazing, yeh! Alas, all these have changed.

NEW SEO demands SEOs to be smart to build quality backlinks.

So, where do RSS (Really Simple Syndication) FEED Websites stand in the world of SMART SEO in 2019?

Here, I have added in this post (How RSS Feed Help SEO?) one of the best answers to whether are not RSS submission sites or RSS directories help search engine ranking.

How RSS Feed Submission Sites Help SEO Ranking Directly or Indirectly?

It was in 2015 when the question, “Are RSS FEED Submission Sites Good For SEO?” started crowding the online sphere. We can see so many bloggers talking about it, providing their suggestions, recommendations.

Some SEO Masters even went on explaining why shall you not have an RSS FEED and how it may negatively affect Search Engine Ranking. That was shocking. Because RSS Submission has something UNIQUE to it that needs attention.

Let me first share with you the best answer given by John Mueller, Google Webmaster whether or not SEO ranking is affected by RSS Feed.

John Mueller’s Answer On RSS Feed

Watch his video on YouTube here.

Let me paraphrase what he has indicated.

“RSS FEED Sites or RSS FEED is not considered an SEO Ranking Factor. Do not assume that your website or blog will get some SEO boost if you add your site or blog to RSS Sites. This is not going to work.”

“But, It has SOME USEFULNESS. RSS Feed can make it easy for your site or blog to get indexed more quickly.” Moreover, a good RSS Submission Site or RSS Resource Site can be helpful in generating some traffic for you. Because, if you people reach your site and stay for a longer time, that is counted. It is good for the SEO of your site.”

Whether or not RSS Sites Help SEO Ranking

Simple. We can have an RSS FEED. This may not be helpful with ranking the site on the TOP page of Google, but it will have some value. It can help with indexing the site more effortlessly. It can drive traffic to your site. Huge traffic to site is also a ranking signal of how popular a site is.

RSS FEED can make it for the site to have some prominence in Google. Because, when your NEW Content gets indexed quickly, it is possible that it reaches the first page of Google too (of course, with previously built Quality SEO Backlinks).


Now, let us jump back from 2015 RSS FEED to 2019 RSS FEED Discussion. Because, if I go on explaining what other SEOs felt about it when google transformed its ranking algorithms in 2015, it will confuse you. Maybe you will not like it. And you would like this post to talk only about whether or not RSS is good for SEO in 2019.

There is an interesting article, written by Mathew Woodward on possible but effective ways of using RSS Aggregator for Search Engine Optimization And Traffic Generation.

You knew that already. Google Reader was shut down in 2013 and with its shutting down, how Feedly, Popular RSS Reader, became a hub for the million users.

These days, no one will want to grow their RSS subscriber base.

It is a catchy post that helps webmasters understand what they can do to amplify their content reach. It is a resource for the RSS feeds, how RSS aggregator can be used to combine any site’s feeds, how traffic is generated.

RSS And SEO Ranking

Let me take you through the secret world of RSS SEO.

Nobody cares to click on page 2 or 3 of Google Search Results. I heard SEO experts saying that in plenty of SEO Videos or SEO Tutorials that we find on YouTube.

I would say, these days, hardly anyone scrolls down the page to see what is there at the bottom of the First PAGE of Google. This is the trend. The website should show up itself in TOP 5 or at least Top 7. If not, it is nowhere for the google searchers.

If you are planning to optimize the site, exclude RSS Submission as an SEO Strategy. Because this may not help you optimize the site.

But, there is a benefit in it. Increasing search visibility is an important SEO factor and this RSS FEED can help you with it. So, in one way or the other, RSS Feed Sites help you with doing a little bit of SEO (as it facilitates easy promotion of your content, content syndication).RSS sites bring search visibility to indirectly boost up SEO.

Google Ranks Fresh Content

Now, how the search engines will know what you have released a new post on the site? A sitemap is one way. That works. Listing the site URL immediately after it goes LIVE makes sense.

For example, many of the bloggers still use Google Search Console to list their NEW URLs for quick indexing in Google (Login to your Google Search Console Account, Go to Performance and In the top box, enter your NEW URL. If it is NEW, you will get a message like “This URL is not indexed. Request Indexing. You need to click on Request Indexing to index your NEW URL in google.

Improve SEO Ranking with these Best, FREE Local Business Directories

That is time-consuming. What if you add 10-20 posts per day?

How about new sites where we see 50-100 new posts are added or 100s of old posts updated on a daily basis?

That is plenty of work. Who will do that? Manually doing it will be tiresome too.

So, what is the solution? The simple solution is the RSS Feed. If you pick the right, popular RSS FEED Submission Sites, you get the chance to get NEW Content easily indexed (as these RSS Sites can indirectly help Google discover your NEW URLs very easily).

When Google discovers your NEW SITE URLs that carry FRESH Content and it matches the queries of the Searchers, there is a possibility that Google will show it up on the first page of its Search Engine Result Page (SERP).

A site on the first page means great traffic. Great amount of traffic means a further increase in the site’s popularity and higher google ranking ultimately.

RSS FEED Is Not Accessible To Google Crawlers, Is It True?

Content Is Syndicated, Is It A Problem? This is a question that stops many of the webmasters from adding RSS Feed. I would say, do not view it that way. Syndicated content is not going to affect your site ranking.

But, do you know the content of the RSS Feed is not generally accessible to Google crawlers?

Notably, RSS links that you a site may get from an RSS Feed Submission Site are with strictly NoFollow Instructions. That is by default. For example, WordPress attribute RSS links as NoFollow Links (this can be disabled in the WordPress Dashboard). Many of the popular FEE Sites give you NoFollow Links. So, that is safe for the site.

Top FIVE FREE RSS Submission Sites Good For SEO 2019

Let me talk about the TOP Five RSS Submission Sites. They really need good mention.

FeedSpot RSS Directory

First, that comes to our list is FeedSpot because it is unique in its own way. FREE RSS Submission Site with a page rank 58 and the domain authority 60. Its MOZ rank is 5.8 and Alexa Rank is 8228. So, list your website or blog on FeedSpot now.


Add your blog feed to your RSS Network for good exposure. It is a home of plenty of bloggers and sites across the globe.

Blubrry RSS Submission Site

Domain Authority is 69. Its Page Authority is 59. Moz Rank is 5.9 and Alexa Rank is 39818. A good RSS directory that is good for your SEO.

Blogarama RSS Site

Blograma RSS Submission Site’s domain authority is 64 and its page authority 69. Moz Rank is 6.9 and its Alexa Rank is 81735.


You must have used Pingomatic already. Am I right? This is the tool for RSS Feed and URL submission that is used by many of the bloggers who use WordPress As their blogging platform.

Complete List Of RSS FEED Submission Sites For SEO 2019

Now, I am certain, you want to know where you can find the best RSS Feed Submission Sits Lists that are good for Website or Blog SEO in the year 2019? You see, I have read your mind. I have already compiled the list for you. I will be adding the list of the RSS sites helpful for SEO on 4th Oct 2019.

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