How Pay Per Click Ad Campaign works?

How Pay Per Click Ad Campaign Works

Learn more about how Pay Per Click Ad Campaign Works in this article.

Pay Per Click is an easy way to advertise for the business owners when they really do not want to wait for a long time to see SEO Results.

You must be knowing that Search Engine Optimization takes almost 3 months or sometimes 4 months to show the site on top. If you have got a new website and you want to generate business through it instantly then do not wait for the SEO. 

SEOs will optimize the site and may take almost 3-4 months to push the site on top of the first page of Google. In most of the cases, when the keyword competition is higher then add one month or two months to this time period (Want to learn how you can build links? Well, this article on how to build links can be helpful for you).

But, PPC is a different story. 

Pay Per Click is amazing in multiple ways. Business owners who want to advertise need to pay to a little amount and get the website advertised. 

How Pay Per Click Ad Campaign works?

PPC is Pay Per Click. The advertising platform has been developed with the purpose to help advertisers reach the target audience in a much simple way. 

Suppose, you are running a PTE website and you are providing PTE Training Online. 

Naturally, you would want the site to rank higher in Google for the keywords such as PTE Training Online, PTE Preparation Online, Online PTE Test Training and various other similar but high-ranking keywords. 

For the purpose of ranking higher in Google, optimizing the site for the major keywords is not just simple but it is also time-consuming. 

So, the easy way is to pay a little and get the site displayed on the search results page of google. 

How Pay Per Click (PPC) Ad Campaign Will Work?

First, you need to create a PPC Account. So, sign up for the PPC account here (It was Google Adwords a few years back but now it is Google Ads. You certainly get more customers by advertising online) If you have got the Gmail ID then you can log in to get redirected to your PPC account. 

PPC Keywords Search And Selection 

Analyze which business terms are more relevant to your business. PPC Keyword Tool such as Keyword Planner can help you get a clear idea of the keywords. 

Carry out a little keyword research to understand more about which keywords can be more relevant to your business. 

Select high-volume keywords that are searched by a large number of people. 

Targetting Right PPC Keywords 

Targetting the right keywords is essential to success in PPC. Of course, you would want Google to gobble down your money for a keyword that may not bring any good business for you, right?

So, be very intelligent. 

The best way to understand what can work for you is checking what competitors are using. See, for which PPC keywords they are ranking higher in Google. 

Show Ads To Relevant Audience 

Of course, if you are operating from Perth and intend to reach out to only a local audience then naturally you would not want to show you ad in Melbourne. This will lead to a loss of advertising money fo you. 

So, select the right targetting options.

Optimizing PPC Campaigns 

PPC campaigns shall be optimized properly. Focus on adding the right keywords in the Ad Copy and the description of the ad. A smartly keywords-based ad copy and description will make the PPC ad to rank in the first position (even if you are spending less for that keyword). 

Select, Device, Day and Time, Location,  Demographics to show your ad in a proper way.  

Of course, advertisers can target prospective customers on mobile in the evening who are aged 20-25 and within a certain radius of a particular area or location.  

By making use of these targeting options in Pay Per Click Campaign advertisers can generate incredibly great value from their PPC ads.  

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