How To Find Freelance SEO Projects?

freelance seo projects

Are you an SEO? Are you looking for Freelance SEO Projects that can bring you some additional income? 

I am going to tell you how you can make more amount of money by doing what you are good at that is SEO- Search Engine Optimization. 

Search Engine Optimization is tricky and therefore, companies look for experts who can help them with optimizing their websites or business presence in Google. 

A good SEO expert will know the ins and outs of SEO, how to use white hat SEO and avoid black-hat SEO strategies to finally bring the website on the TOP page of Google. 

Freelance SEO Projects Through Your Business Site

Generating Leads Through Own Business Site

The first ultimate resource would be your own website. Hey, do not think that it is going to cost more for you. It can be well within your budget. 

Today, it is very simple to get the website designed and developed (all by yourself), even if you are new to website design and, you can make the site yourself by making use of the DIY features. There are options for you to the WordPress theme and customized it a little yourself using drag and drop features. 

Just select the right domain and hosting for the site. You can register the domain and take hosting for as low as $10-$40. 

Godaddy offers the best domain and hosting prices. You can book the domain and take the hosting package to start your suite. You can download the WordPress theme and make small changes to establish your own web business presence. Or you can have the option to download one of the premium WordPress themes from sites such as ThemeForest and others. 

Freelance Projects For Experts In SEO 

The second resource that you will have to make use of is a job portal. Yes, you must not be knowing but there are many digital marketing companies that post requirements on job portals for Freelancers. Even big companies prefer to hire SEO Freelancers. A small search on job portals like Indeed and others will bring to you plenty of results. The smartness lies in creating the buzzers. You can opt for the notification from the job portals so that if any job related to Freelance SEO Projects is posted then you will get notified and you can immediately apply for the job. 

Freelance Websites For SEOs

Websites such as Freelancer, Upwork can make it easy for the SEO guys and galls to earn a handsome amount of money by bagging one of the best freelance SEO projects. A large number of startups, small to mid-level companies prefer to post their SEO requirements on these sites to hire freelancers in search engine optimization. So, do not wait. Get your profile on one of these sites or you can create a profile on all of these sites so that you can grab the deal from anywhere you can. 

Contacting SEO Companies 

Find out companies that provide SEO services. You can present a proposal to them and start working for them. Of course, there can be challenges in finding and partnering with such SEO   from your own local city (as they fear increasing competition) but it can be comparatively easy to partner with a company from your non-local city. Or you try both the options to see what can work for you. You just need to be intelligence enough to put your SEO proposals in the right manner. 


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