A Complete List Of FREE, Small SEO Tools

List of the completely useful and FREE SEO Tools that are there on the site: SmallSEOTools. Make site optimization an easy task.

small seo tools

Make Search Engine Optimization simple by using basic to advanced FREE SEO Tools.

There are various best-performing Search Engine Optimization Tools that can make the optimization process simple for you.

To be honest, there are plenty of websites that provide SEO tools but most of them are paid. Of course, for a beginner in SEO, understanding how some tools work can be an added advantage. By making use of the FREE SEO Tools, almost all of the major tasks can be performed.

For instance, best SEO tools make it possible to carry out keywords research, identify domain age, generate reports on backlinks, check content for plagiarism, etc. There are plenty of SEO Resources already available but they are not free. They are paid SEO tools.

These FREE SEO analyzing tools are useful for website administrators, SEO professionals, website owners, bloggers, freelancers, content creators, marketing professionals, web designers, developers, webmasters, etc.

SEO Tools Present On Small SEO Tools Website

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Free SEO Tools On Small SEO Tools Website

I have grouped together some of the SEO tools which are 100% FREE for you to use.

Let us begin. For your proper understanding, I have clubbed together tools in different categories. Those which are helpful in carrying out content related tasks are grouped under content-based tools and those which are only related to keyword suggestions are grouped under SEO Keyword Tools.

small seo tools

Text Content Tools

These text content tools will make it easy for the SEOs to carry out almost all content-related tasks well. With the help of these, it can be easy to generate text, check the possible level of plagiarism in the content, check grammar and much more.

Plagiarism Checker

Plagiarized content never ranks in Google. For SEO to be stronger, creating content that is unique is essential. But, how would you determine the quality of the content? This plagiarism checker or plagiarism checking tool can help you.

As the title would suggest, this will help analyze the plagiarism in the content. It will make it easy to detect if the piece of content is copied or not. It provides even those resources of the content where it has been taken from.

Get a complete list of plagiarism detection tools.

Content Auditing Tools

Learn what is content audit, how to do content audit, what are the best tools that are used for content auditing.

Article Rewriter

If you would like to rewrite any article, then it may provide great support. Of course, the article created through this tool will not be perfect but it will be good enough and meaningful. With small manual edits, the article that is rewritten using this tool can be made perfect.

Grammar Check

Check if the content has got some grammatical errors or not. Perfect grammar is very important. Content that is replete in errors will make a bad impression on users.

Word Counter

Check out how many words are there in an SEO article, a blog post, a press release, or any piece of text-based content. Well, this task is made simple for you by WORD itself.

Spell Checker

Check out if the words are spelled correctly or not. Again, this task also is made simple by WORD. You write down your article and words that are wrongly spelled get underlined in RED.

MD5 Generator

Using this tool, it will be easy for you to generate the MD5 hash of a string. Not useful for the SEOs.

Uppercase To Lowercase

If you have got the text that is written in uppercase then using this tool, it can get converted into lowercase.

Word Combiner

Check out if words you are using in combination are perfect or not. When you write three different words such as SEO, Tools, Generator then possible combinations it may provide include the following:

  • SEO
  • Tools
  • Generators
  • SEO Tools
  • SEO Generators
  • Tools Generators
  • SEOToolsGenerators

Image To Text Tool

An image with some text on it can get converted into complete text. Not that useful but still, it is great. But, if you try to convert infographics then you might get a bad result.

Convert English To English

Using this, it can be easy to convert UK English to US English.

Text To Image

Text can get converted into an Image. Just basic image creation tool.

Image Editing Tools

You can edit the image but it may not be more professional. Other image editing software such as Photoshop will be the best for image editing.

Reverse Image Search Tool

Upload an image and check if the same image is already present anywhere on site.

Image Compression

It will compress the image which is important for SEO. compressed images will take less time to load. The loading speed of the site will be enhanced.

Favicon Generator

This will generate the favicon for the site. Just add the text and download the results.

Video To GIF Converter

Upload your video and convert it into GIF.

Image Resizer

It will be helpful in resizing the SEO image. You can also use “paint tool”. This is very basic in functionality.

Crop Image

You can crop the image as needed.

Convert To JPG

Convert image instantly to JPG format.


This will make it easy for you to convert RGB to Hex.

Search Engine Optimization Tools For Domain Analysis

Domains Tools

Get to know everything about domains. Check the domain’s age, value, popularity, and other important SEO features.

Domain Age Checker

It makes it simple for you to check how old the domain is, how many days, months or years old.

Domain Authority Checker

Domain authority is an important SEO factor. The higher the domain authority, the better the website ranking would be. Check the authority of the given domain by making use of this tool.

Domain Ip Lookup

Check the IP address of any domain with all ease.

Domain Hosting Checker

It is easy to check the domain details with this domain checking tool. Who is the domain provider? Godaddy, HostGator, Bluehost, etc?

Find DNS records

Get DNS records of any domain using this tool.

Domain Name Search

Search a perfect domain name for your brand. Enter any keyword to see suggestions, recommendations.

Check Blacklist IP

Check blacklisted IP addresses.

Find Expired Domains

Find details on expired domains.

FREE SEO Keyword Tools

There are so many keywords tools that are available online. But, most of the SEO tools are premium tools.

Paid or premium keywords tools will provide authentic data and can be more advantageous but those who do not want to spend money on SEO can make use of the FREE keywords tools which are available on Small SEO Tools website.

Keyword Position Checker

Get to know more about the position of the keyword. Just enter the keyword, search terms to check out on which positions it falls in Google and other search engines.

Keyword Density Tool

Check out what the density of the keywords is in an article or a blog post. You can copy-paste the content in the box to check keyword density in the contentYou need to specify the keyword which you want to check the density of.

Keywords Suggestions Tools

Get more suggestions on keywords. Enter related phrases and get plenty of suggestions or recommendations as to which can be more beneficial for website optimization.

Keywords Research Tools

Carry out research on all types of keywords. Enter the business term to see results on various types of similar keywords, competition level, etc.

Keyword Competition Tools

Get to know more about how competitive the keywords are.

Related Keyword Finder

Get more suggestions on keywords that can be much more similar to the type of keywords you are using.

Long Tail Keywords Suggestion Tools

Adding long-tail keywords can make the content more SEO-friendly. If you can include right short and long-tail keywords in the content then it will be easy to boost up SEO presence. Just enter the business term to get long-tail variations.

Useful Resources: Best Local Site Directory Listings. Top websites to follow for the latest SEO news. Learn how you can do SEO for your site. How to generate traffic to the site? Creating SEO-friendly URLs. Top keywords research techniques used by SEO experts.

Keywords Rich Domain Suggestion Tool

If you would like to pick a keywords-based domain then make use of this domain suggestion tool which will provide various suggestions on domains that are SEO-friendly or keywords rich.

SEO Keywords Competition Analysis

This will be as same as that of the SEO competition tool. Here, you will be able to see some randomly generated SEO reports as well. Not comprehensive or detailed but enough for basic analysis.

Live Keyword Analyzer

Analyze keywords that are alive.

Keyword Overview Tool

This is similar to that of the keyword finder or keyword tool. It will provide an overview of the particular keyword you search.

Keyword Difficulty Checker

How difficult it would be rank on a particular keyword. This may not be accurate but work like magic sometimes.

Enter the website URL to check on which keywords the website was ranking. It will give you an idea of the Paid Keywords, for which keywords the site was ranking using PPC (Pay Per Click).

SEO Backlink Checkers

This is the complete list of the backlink tools which are free.

Backlink Checker

Enter the website URL and check how many backlinks the site has got. It provides an idea of the total number of dofollow and nofollow links.

Backlink Maker Tool

Backlinks play a crucial role in the ranking of the website. If your site has got no backlinks then try creating backlinks using this tool. This will create somewhere around 30+ links for you.

Website Link Count Checker

This gives you an idea of the total number of links which the site has got. Of course, the count may not always be accurate but it is reliable.

Website Broken Link Checker

A website with too many broken links can create a big impact on the site’s position in google search engine. Therefore, it is requisite to fix this. The tool will generate the report on all broken links which the site has got.

Link Price Calculator

This provides the price for the website link you will enter to check. It gives you an idea of the approximate number of page views, how many visitors visit the site on a daily basis, a monthly basis and what can be the approximate ad revenue the site may be generating.

Reciprocal Link Checker

How many links directly to your site. You need to enter your address and URLs of five different sites to see if you are receiving any reciprocal from them or not.

Off Page SEO Strategies, Best on page SEO tricks. Avoid these mistakes to improve SEO for your site. WordPress plugins used by search engine journal. SEO web design tips. SEO tips to optimize small business on Google.

Website Link Analyzer Tool

It can be easy to analyze how good or bad the link is. Three are can be sites which link to you which will be appropriate. A link from a site that is more relevant to your site matters a lot.

Broken Backlink Checker

How many broken links are there for the site?. Get the data in simple list form and take necessary action to acquire god ranking.

Valuable Backlink Checker

Evaluate quality backlinks for a given site. To be able to get first-page ranking, backlinks that are of high value are very important. Analyze the competitors’ sites to see which sites provide them valuable links.

Backlinks Competitors

Analyze the site or your business site to see how many backlinks are there. This will work just like other backlink checkers present on the site.

Anchor Text Distribution

Let you know more about how artfully anchor text is distributed. Check the website to see how the text is interlinked.

Website Management Tools

Generate traffic to the site, manage the site’s presence in Google, monitor site’s health using these free website management tools.

Website SEO Score Checker

What is your website’s SEO score? What is the SEO score of your competitors? Check using this amazing tool. Provide a website address and see the magic.

Google Pagerank Checker

Pagerank is one of the important SEO factors which affect ranking directly or indirectly. It can be in the range of 0-10. Check your business site’s page rank or your competitor’s site with no difficulty.

Online Ping Website Tool

Do you post articles or blog posts on your site? You can ping to increase the rate of caching or indexing.

Page Speed Test

Page loading speed is one of the SEO factors. Sites that have got higher loading speed performed well. This is correlated with enhanced user experience as well. Check if the site is loading slowly or fast.

Website Page Size Checker

The site of the web page is now one of the ranking signals too. If you have got long pages then it can be easy for the site to reach the first page of Google but for short pages, it can be difficult. But, not all the time, this will be the case.

Website Page Snooper

Check the source code of any site you want to. Just enter a web address to get complete details on its coding structure.

Website Hit Counter

Generate hit for the given site.

XML Sitemap Generator

XML sitemap submission is very important. It can be easy to generate this sitemap using this tool. What all you have to add is enter the website address and get the sitemap.

URL Rewriting Tool

If you wish to rewrite any URL, make use of this tool. Dynamic website URLs can be well converted into short and static URLs.

SEO glossary for SEO learners. SEO keywords tips.

Screen Resolution Checker

It gives you an idea of the resolution of the screen.

URL Encoder-Decoder

Encode or decode the given website.

Adsense Calculator

How well the site’s AdSense is performing. Get to know about earning reports too.

Open Graph Checker

It provides enough information on graph tags, gives you an overview of the valid or non-valid implemented tags.

Open Graph Generator

It lets you generate-graph tags for the site.

QR Code Generator

Generate QR code to add to your site.

Htaccess Redirect Generator

It would be easy to generate a redirect link using this tool.

Get HTTP Headers

Want to get HTTP Headers? Create headers using this wonderful HTTP generator.

Twitter Card Generator

Generate Twitter cards for you.

Internet Speed Test

It provides enough information on internet speed, how strong or weak net connection is.

SEO training online at Udemy. SEO Certification training Online AT ITwingz.com. Top tested ways to bring traffic to any site. SEO factors that create an impact on the site ranking.

WordPress Theme Detector

It lets you analyze which WordPress themes the site is using.

Mobile-Friendly Test

Check if the site is mobile-friendly or not.

Minify CSS

It makes it simple for you to minimize the CSS code of any given site. Minimizing the CSS, the site’s speed can be enhanced.

Minify HTML

HTML can easily be minified.

Minify JS

JS can easily be minified.

Robots.txt Generator

Generate Robots. Text files.

URL Shortener

If you have got long website URLs then you can make them short for the purpose of sharing on social sites and email marketing etc.

Website Checker

Analyze a complete website using this tool.

Website Tracking Now Made Simple

A complete list of the free SEO tools that can be helpful in tracking the site’s ranking in Google (almost all important aspects of the site’s performance such as analyzing traffic, checking page rank, etc).

Check Server Status

You can check the status of any web server by using this tool.

Alexa Rank Comparison

Get a comparison of your site and your competitor’s site on the basis of Alexa ranking.

Page Comparison

It makes it easy for you to compare two different web pages.

Google Cache Checker

Check if the google is caching the site properly or not.

Whois Lookup

It provides complete information on the domain. When the domain is purchased? Who is the buyer? What is the expiry date for the domain?

Mozrank Checker

Check Mozrank using this tool.

Google Index Checker

Discover if the site has got properly indexed by Google or not.

Alexa Rank Checker

It will let you analyze the Alexa ranking of the given site.

Redirect Checker

See if any domain is redirecting to the given site or not.

Similar Site Checker

Check out if there are any websites that are much more similar to the given site.

Other Small SEO Tools On Site

Other tools are also present on the site such as Instant Search Suggestions Tool, Online Virus Scan, Website Screenshot Generator, Secure Email, Video Downloader, Facebook Video Downloader, Soundcloud Downloader, Vimeo Video Downloader, Instagram Video Downloader, Dailymotion Video Downloader, etc.

Get access to these Free SEO Tools on Small SEO Tools Website.


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