What Are The FREE, Best Google SEO Tools For Webmasters?

Use these SEO Tools by Google That Are FREE. These FREE SEO tools will make keywords research, site's analysis, performance tracking, detecting issues and resolving issues on sites simple.

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Google FREE SEO Tools For Keywords Research, Analytics, And Management

If you are new to Search Engine Optimization, you must have heard how important it is to search for the right keywords, analyze one’s own websites, track website performance in the search engine, etc.

There are Google SEO Tools that can be used for keywords research, website analytics and other aspects of site tracking and management.

If you learn how to make use of these FREE SEO Tools by Google, you will not have to spend money on Premium SEO Tools. These are 100% free tools from Google as Google genuinely wants to make it simple for webmasters to make the sites more search-friendly, analyze the site’s positions and apply needful suggestions to make it worthier for the searchers.

Why Use Free Google SEO Tools?

Free SEO Tools by Google save money for startups and small businesses. As a small business owner, you may have a limited budget. But, SEO today is a big need. Owning a website doesn’t guarantee sales online. It is important to optimize it and drive traffic to the site so that it can generate some sales.

But, How Is This Possible?

There are well-established business owners who are making use of the premium SEO tools that help them do plenty of things. They know what type of keywords they need to target their audience.

Well-to-do businesses are ready to spend money on paid Search Engine Optimizations tools MOZ Tool, Ahrefs, or Site Analysis Tools such as Alexa and Others. They have a good budget. They have no restrictions on investment. And these premium SEO tools work wonderfully as they provide insights into everything with respect to online presence.

And not just this, these SEO tools also provide necessary suggestions and recommendations to improve the site’s ranking and position, to compete more successfully and become a winner in this online business competition.

Free SEO Tools By Google Is The Answer

But, what if I say you will get the same advantage too without spending money on the Premium SEO tools? The answer is Google SEO Tools.

If Google has made Search Engine Optimization difficult for the users then it also provided useful tools to optimize the site too.

You can ask me why then business owners are not using these FREE Google SEO Tools and why they are using only premium SEO tools like Moz, Ubersuggest, Ahrefs, Alexa and others.

The simple answer is, they use FREE SEO Tools by Google as they are the best. Because anyone even with basic SEO knowledge will acknowledge that there can be no better tools than SEO Tools offered by Google. And they also make use of other premium tools too in order to get more advanced insights

Top Seven Google SEO Tools

What are the top seven Google SEO tools that you should make use of to improve the site’s optimization and ranking on google? I have listed down for you the top seven Google FREE SEO Tools for you. Please, check and start making use of them today.

Keywords Planner

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) begins with the keywords research. This is the first step. If you ask me are there are any FREE Keywords Tools i will say, yes, there are many Keywords Research Tools that you can use. But, most of these FREE Keywords Research Tools do not provide advanced insights needed to perform full keywords research.

Until October 1st, 2019, Keywords Everywhere was a FREE Keywords Tool that was comparatively much better than others as it would provide enough data on Keywords. But, now, it is also a premium. Check out my article on this Firefox and Chrome Browser SEO Extension.

But, Keywords Planner, as one of the best, free Google SEO Tools is to rescue business owners from this situation.

Where do you find keywords planner by Google?

Keywords Planner, in reality, is not an SEO Tool. It is actually a PPC Tool. What is PPC? It is Pay Per Click advertising. An advertising model for the business owners.

To use Keywords Planner by Google you will have to first create a Google Adwords Account (I am sorry, it is now Google Ads). Create your Google Ads account here.

Use your Gmail account to sign up or sign in.

When you sign into the account, it may prompt you to create your first ad campaign. But, you can skip that and move to Tools. Under this Tools Section, you will find Keywords Planner.

Click on it to check for the keywords you want. It is simple. The best thing is you can check keywords volume, competition, and cost per click and other keywords metrics. The data is unique and you won’t get such informative keywords data anywhere.

To search for the business keywords, enter a related keyword in the search box and it will give you hundreds of suggestions. You can check Cost Per Click for the keywords business owners pay for particular keywords. Check whether competition is low or high.
Which Keywords Will Be Good For You?

Select keywords that have higher search volume. The higher the search volume, the more popular is the keyword. That is the rule. You need to understand this. To rank on competitive keywords can be difficult, so you can pick low competitive keywords to start your journey. But, if competitive keywords are the main keywords that can bring good sales for you, select them and spruce up your SEO ranking with the right methods.

Google Search Console

Want to make your website or blog shine in Google? You need to sign up for Google Search Console. This FREE Google SEO Tool is like Saviour For SEOs. I would say this is the best website tracking and performance analysis tools that webmasters can use for FREE. they can easily analyze website or blog search traffic. It is easy to track the site’s performance.

If there are any issues, this wonderful SEO tool will tell you about it. It will help you measure the site’s traffic more effectively than any other premium SEO tools.

google seo tools free

Optimizing The Content With Google Search Console

Improve search analytics by easily optimizing the content. If you know which keywords are bringing the visitors to your site, you will be in a position to focus on them more and bring more visitors to the site.

If there are keywords that have the potential to bring the visitors to the site, you can tweak them and improve ranking on those keywords.

Analyze how many impressions your site receives, how many people click on the site when it appears in the search results by Google and where your site stands in the search engines.

Submit Sitemap To Google Search Console

For easy indexing, you can submit the sitemap of your site to Google using Google Search Console. That is very simple. You can upload the XML sitemap and get all the site’s URLs indexed. The tool takes very little time to respond to this request. So, be assured of the best results.

You can check index coverage to see the results. This FREE Google SEO Tool will give you a clear idea about how many URLs have been added through the site. It will also discover how many URLs are not included in the sitemap and let you know of it if there are any issues.

Fix Site’s Issues

Every site may have some technical issues. These issues may hamper the growth of the site in search engines. Sites with technical errors never reach the top position.

Therefore, Google Search Console detects these issues for webmasters and let them know about the same.

Webmasters can also get suggestions and recommendations to fix these problems. They can check which website URLs have issues. They can fix them and inform Google about the same or submit a reindex request to Google.

Learn How Google Sees Your Web Pages

You can inspect URLs of your site. Enter the URL to check how Google Search sees it. It gives you information on crawling, indexing. If the page is not on Google you can submit an index request.

Optimizing Site Perfectly

Optimize the site using other Google Search Console features such as AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages), Mobile Usability and Reach Results.

Google Analytics – One Of The Best Google SEO Tools

Google Analytics is one of my favorite Site Analytics, Google SEO Tools. I use it for tracking my own site’s performance in Google. Yes, ITWingz.com is tracked using Google Analytics. It has plenty of features that make analysis very simple.

You will receive clear and concise data on the site’s performance. It works like any other premium Site Analysis SEO tools that are out there in the market.

How To Use Google Analytics Tool?

google analytics

It is very simple to use Google Analytics for your site. Create an account for it first to start collecting data on your site’s ranking and performance in Google.

Go to Analytics Account. Sign up or sign in if you have already connected to the account with your Gmail.

When you sign into the account, it will ask you to create a property. Creating a property is nothing but adding the site to Google Analytics. You need the URL of your site when it asks you to add the web property.

Remember, you will have to add the correct URL. There is a big difference between HTTPS and Only WWW.

Secured domains and unsecured domains are two separate properties as seen by Google Analytics.

If your domain has an SSL certificate, add your property as HTTPS://www.yourdomain.com. But, if three is no SSL Certificate, you need to add the web property as Your Site Name: ABC.com.

You can set up a reporting review for the web property you have added. This will help you create filters for your web data.

You can filter the data that is from your own IP address or your company or any data from other IPs or regions.

But, in order to start with Google Analytics and discover and track the performance of your site, you will have to first add the Google Analytics Code to your site. This will be for the verification purpose. It will help Google verify that you are the owner of the site.

Once you add the Google Analytics Tracking Code, you are ready to start tracking the site’s performance in the search engine.

Page Speed Testing Tool By Google

Check the page speed of your web page using this Google FREE Page Speed Tool. It provides advanced information on-page issues and shares with suggestions with you on how you can improve the speed of your web pages.

free page speed test tool

Mobile-Friendly Test Tool By Google

mobile friendly test tool by google

Mobile users are increasing day by day. Search on mobile is now an obsession. Therefore, Google wants webmasters to have sites that are mobile-friendly. Check if your site is mobile-friendly or not using this free mobile friendly testing tool by Google.

This mobile-friendly testing tool not just lets you know whether the site is mobile-friendly or not, it will also provide clear recommendations on how to fix the issues.

Use the recommendations to improve the mobile performance of the site.

FREE AMP Test Tool By Google

Find out if your AMP page is valid or not. You do not need any PAID AMP (Accelerated Mobile Page) Tool to check the AMP of any URL. You can use this AMP Tool by Google to see the results instantly.

free amp testing tool by google

Structured Data Testing Tool By Google

Get to know everything about Structured Data of your site. This Structured Data Testing Tool That is FREE for users by Google is amazing. It tells you whether the site has accurate structured data or not. If there are any issues, you get some useful suggestions to fix those issues.

structured data testing tool

There is plenty of useful information on how to create, build structured data for any site and release it. Check this page.

You can find the Structured Data Testing Tool in your Search Console Account. Go to “Legacy Tools & Reports.” You will find “Web Tools.” Click on the “Web Tools” to find this tool and other tools.

Testing Tools By Google

There are other testing tools that you can find in Search Console such as Structured Data Markup Helper or Ad Experience Testing Tools (both for Mobile and Desktop).

Stay connected, I will be adding more useful SEO tools that are FREE.

If you have any questions, please, leave that in the comment section.

Other Useful FREE and Premium SEO Tools


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