Free Domain Registration And Web Hosting: Do You Really Get It Anywhere Or Not?

free domain and hosting

Free Domain Registration And Web Hosting – A Trap Or Reality

In this article, I have tried to explain to my readers everything about FREE Domain Registration or FREE Web Hosting. Are there any such domain registration and web hosting companies that provide FREE services?

I am certain, following information on the FREE domain and hosting plans will be helpful to you. You will be able to decide whether you really get it or not. Or is it a false promise to you?

I will also tell you where you can actually get FREE hosting for your site or blog. How will this be? Will this be useful or not? Whether you shall opt for it or not?

FREE Domain And Web Hosting – Revealing The Truths

Do you want to start your business online? A YES is visible in your eyes. To go online, you would first need a good website. Of course, these days, you can also use social media to establish and popularize small business but this may not give 100% good results.

So, you have no option but to buy a good domain for your business and a good hosting plan. You begin the search for domain registration and web hosting.

You know there are some big players in the market such as Bigrock, Godaddy, and others. But, do they provide free domain and hosting plans for first-time customers?

Well, it is very hard to explain. Some popular sites also run some discounts and offers. For example, there are some hosting companies that give FREE Domain. But, when do they give you? When you buy a good hosting package from them. Of course, not just the basic hosting plan. You will have to select a hosting package that is beyond BASIC or near Intermediate Hosting Plan.

For example, you can get such domain deals on Godaddy. As it continuously promotes itself by offering a FREE domain with its popular hosting plans.

There are many other hosting companies that offer such a FREE Domain with Hosting. Hostinger gives you the option to get a FREE domain with its basic to advanced hosting package.

FREE Domain And Hosting By Web Design And Development Companies

A Smart Marketing Strategy Of Numerous Web Design And Development Agencies.

Apart from big players in the online world, there are some smaller companies that work as third-party service providers.

For example, if you approach a web design company, you may have to pay like 15 K for a good-looking, eye-catching, mobile-friendly and SEO-friendly website. A smart web design and development company will always play safe. It will try to attract the customers by offering a FREE Website Domain and FREE Website Hosting Plan.

They say, they are charging for the design and development of the website but there are no charges for the domain and hosting.

It means the customers are made to believe that they are getting a free domain and hosting for one year. Next year onwards, customers will have to pay for the domain and hosting.

This is an effective marketing strategy that most of the web development companies use to convert leads into sales.

Where Do You Get FREE Domain?

Free Domain Registration is possible when you can find and bag one of the best hosting deals. When you need a domain for your business, search in google, FREE Domain with Hosting, this will bring to you the results that are appropriate. If any hosting company is running such an offer for you, you will get it. This is one of the best ways to get the free domain for your business site.

You can check out some of these selected hosting companies to see if they are running any such free domain registration offers or domain discounts.

iPage, Bluehost, InMotionHosting,, LiquidWeb, Hostwinds, Godaddy, A2Hosting, Flywheel, DreamHost, WpEngine, etc.

Where Do You Get FREE Hosting?

I am sorry to say, but you will not get FREE Hosting Anywhere. Even, if you find a hosting service provider, you may get a Month or Two Months’ FREE Trial Version.

free web hosting for sites

Hosting Discounts, Deals

I have already explained that it is very difficult to get a FREE hosting plan anywhere. But, you can get some good web hosting discounts or hosting deals. This will help you save a lot of money. Generally, hosting companies offer 20% to 40% off on their hosting package if you take an annual package or at least two years plan.

Yes, it is again a marketing strategy. They do not want to give everything free. They want to get some benefit too.

It is mutually beneficial to apply for a TWO YEAR Hosting Plan and get 40% off for the first year of hosting.

Is FREE Website Domain And Hosting Package Nowhere?

Let us talk about some Website Builders. Do you know there are plenty of Website Builders that provide an option for the business owners to start their business online

What is needed to start a business online? A good domain and hosting, right? So, they give you this option to use your brand name and host the site on their server.

But, yes, there will be no uniqueness in the domain name.

In a jiff, the site will go LIVE.

But, the domain will be like

You can create a business site at It is very simple to create the site on Wix. You pick your brand name and design and build your site using drag and drop site design and development features.


Squarespace is another website building platform. You can pick the business name and go online. There are plenty of ready-made templates for you to select from. Pick the website template that matches your business. Modify it and click on the Publish button to make your business site live.

Similarly,, Weebly.Com are also good platforms to build some online presence for your business.

FREE Domain And Hosting By Google

I would suggest that you make your business website LIVE by using Google’s FREE domain and hosting services.

You can create Google Business Listing and add a site for your business. This will be very simple. It will take only a few minutes for you to create a business site with Google. It will also very easy to update or modify as per the trends.

The best thing about Google My Business FREE Website is that it will also rank higher in google. As it is Google’s product, so, you can optimize it more intelligently to appear in search results.

Visitors who will find you on Google MAP will call you on the given number. They will also redirect to the site you have created if they wish to see your site.

That is good for startups and small businesses that are looking merely for some online presence. For growing businesses that are looking for high sales online, they anyhow have to spend some money on Domain and Hosting.

Use Blogspot FOR Domain Redirect

If you are new to the Internet and you do not know about blogging, you must have not heard of Blogspot. This is one of the numerous wonderful products created by the giant search engine, Google.

Blogspot is a blogging platform that gives you access to create the blog you want. It will be very easy to create a blog or a website using Blogspot.

If you have a Gmail account use it to log into Blogspot. You can name the blog and get started.

The URL of the blog will look like this:

But, wait, it is not OVER yet. There are plenty of options Blogspot gives for its users. One of the best options is the FREE Domain Redirect.

Yes, using this option, you can redirect your Blogspot site or Blogspot blog to any domain you want.

So, first, you at least the domain for your brand name. Domain prices can be as low as $5 or lesser than that. You need to book the domain using one of the best domain deals.

Once, you book the domain at the cheap price, it is time for you to redirect the Blogspot URL to your newly registered domain.

Blogspot Redirect Guidelines

For this, purpose, you can follow these guidelines.

  • Login to your Blogspot.
  • You need to have a blog first before you start this process. Create a Blogspot blog if you do not have one.
  • Go to settings and click on BASICS. You can find the blog address. You need to click on Add Third-Party Address. This will be the domain that you have bought for your business. Add the domain name and click on SAVE.
  • When you click on SAVE, you will get a MESSAGE that goes like this:
blogspot redirect domain
how to redirect blogspot to domain

You need to verify the ownership of the domain you have added. Please, add the two CNAMEs given.

Adding CNAMEs

Adding CNAMEs will be very simple. Go to your domain provider and click on Settings. You will find the option to manage DNS. click on Manage DNS. You can add the records you want. Add TWO CNAMEs as given. Remember, the first CNAME will be common for all the bloggers. But, the second CNAME will be UNIQUE to your blog.

Once, you add these TWO CNAMEs, you are ready to go LIVE with your Business Domain.

Your Blogspot website will be redirected to your business domain.

Previously, it was After redirecting this blog to your business domain it will be like

Remember, you will also have to add A Records that will point to IPs of Google. These IPs will be as follows:


If you do not add these Google IPs, there are chances that your site will not be redirected completely. It may show some connectivity errors. So, take time to add these four A records to your DOMAIN DNS as well.

After Redirect, your site will enjoy FREE Hosting. Yes, that will be one of the best FREE Hosting Packages for your business. You will not pay for web hosting anymore. You do not have to worry about upgrading the hosting plan. No worries. You just need to pay for the domain registration yearly. That is all.

Your Take On FREE Domain And Hosting Plans

So, what do you think about FREE Domain Registration and Free Web Hosting Packages? A reality or a marketing gimmick? Please, share your views. Share your stories for people to help understand what can be the best for them. You can share your web hosting experiences too.

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