How To Create An Eye-Catching Landing Page? Top Eleven Features For Successful Conversion

how to develop landing pages

Wondering how to create landing pages? how to drive conversion through your landing page.

Here are simple but effective landing page creation tips for marketers.

Eleven UX Tips For Enhanced Landing Page Conversion

UX is an acronym for User Experience Design. It is a web-based function for enhancing user experience or satisfaction by improving the accessibility of user-friendly websites. A UX Design Certificate from Nielson Norman Group is of great worth for students.

Creating a landing page is easy but it should be equally convincing enough to deliver the right message at the right time and convincing customers is the toughest thing in the whole process of advertising. But with these simple tips it can be overcome:

Minimal Matter:

Since a landing page looks like a stand-up rectangle, there is just limited space. The content should be crystal clear as well as appealing to the users. A page with too much of crammed-in matter will look disgusting and untidy.

Apply A User’s Thinking Process:

Before creating a landing up page, think of the end user’s requirements. Firstly, make a mental image of who your target audience is. Next, choose your channel for communicating the message. Thirdly, think about how the product is going to benefit the audience. Fourthly think about what would make the users start using the product. This is known as the appealing factor of the product. Fifthly, think of ways to increase the conversion.

Simple Language, No Big Jargon:

Since the product could, in some way cater to all sections of the audience, make it a point to use simple words and meaningful sentences. The message should be clear.

The Reply-Message Should Be As Precise As Possible:

Irrespective of whether it is a newsletter or a signup field space, ask only necessary information. Convince your end-users about a probable reward or information.

Targetted Landing Pages

There are options to create landing pages using landing page software, landing page builders. There are plenty of ready-made templates that can be used for the creation of successful targetted landing pages.

Some of the best examples of the revenue-generated landing page examples are given below.

An Impactful Call-To-Action (CTA):

Call-To-Action refers to the Appealing Factor. This refers to the selection and impact of shapes, sizes, colors and the choice of fonts for the CTA. Use the right font and color to make it visually stimulating.

Deliver Your Emotional Design:

Emotional Design refers to the strategic location of the key message in the central area which would be noticed first. The right color combination could strike the right note in the audience and deliver the message exactly.

Using The Exact Visuals in the Landing Page:

Visuals can make content more productive. Add visual content that is catchy. A meaningful visual will add to the clarity, engagement, and interpretation of the audience.

Optimizing For Mobile Users:

Since there are more mobile users than desktop users, this UX experience must be compatible with the cell phone too. If it does not open on a smartphone, then the users may be disinterested.

Practical Solution To A Problem:

Create a landing page to provide much better information about products. Merely selling your products is not enough, one also needs to educate the audience and its benefits.

Delete the Navigation Feature:

The Navigation feature is not helpful if you are trying to make your target audience get their required information in a brief manner. Navigation affects the conversion rate of a product.

Eliminate Other Distractions:

External distractions like a pop-up window, menu or any other link will only disturb the audience. The central message will not be conveyed to them properly. The audience’s attention span to the page should at least last for 20 seconds.

Hence the golden rule is to keep the message short and effective.

Landing Page Tips

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