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Before we begin talking about everything about content writing services, we would like to bring to your kind notice two important things. The first thing is if you are a business owner and want to get content is written from experts in website content development, blog, brochure or article content writing then you can rely on CWI – Content Writers India for they are the pioneers in content development and content marketing services.

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Don’t just get settled with cheap content writing services! 

Go for premium content writing services to get quality, sales-oriented web content for all your online business requirements.

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Content Writing Services – Hiring Writers

Are you planning to go online with a good business site? A good site doesn’t just mean good design and flawless functionality. In today’s content-driven, digitized world, it is important to make the site more attractive with catchy lines, phrases and content pieces that can actually help increase sales.

For start-ups, small to mid-sized, large-sized and growing enterprises, hiring experienced content writers for content writing services is important.

To create web presence online, to market business, to promote products and services, it is quintessential to hire experienced content developers, copywriters, business writers.

Embrace the content of content that can help market the brand or make it stand out in this competitive business world.

What Do Content Writers Write?

Content writers will be entrusted with writing content for websites, search engine optimization articles, how-to blogs, roundups, step-by-step guides, interviews, business proposals, business plans, company news, tips and tricks, why this or that product, whitepapers, e-books, company case studies, customer success stories, infographics, vlogs, corporate videos, testimonials, brand promotion material, product reviews, comparisons, collaborations etc. 

Types Of Content Writing Services 

Let us pay attention to different forms of content writing services. I will try to explain everything about different forms of web content development. 

Website Content Writing Services 

This is done for the website. Business owners need a good, eye-catching site with content written from expert website content writers. The task would be challenging because the content creator will have to write as per the design of the site. The content developer will write develop content for the main pages like the home page of the website, about us page, service-related pages, career, terms and conditions, privacy policy, disclaimer, and other main pages. A writer will also be entrusted to develop content for the website banners, taglines, logo slogans, video content, image content, content for the infographics, etc. 

SEO Content Writing Services 

SEO content writing denotes the use of search engine optimization techniques to create content that can be ranked higher by Google and other search engines. This can be divided into two different forms such as SEO-based Website Content and SEO Articles. 

SEO-Based Website Content is a piece of content that is developed with the sole purpose to target the search engines. The use of the keywords will be as per the business site optimization requirements. The SEO team will talk to the content developer and make him/her understand more about the keywords to be used in the content. 

SEO Article Writing Services 

An article that is written with the sole purpose to optimize the site is termed as an SEO Article. To optimize any website, content is needed. Generally, SEO Experts prefer SEO Content Writers who have got years of experience in developing SEO-based content. For example, an article can be any length from 500-5000 or even 10,000 words. The SEO Content Developer will know what type of short and long-tail keywords or the business terms to be used.

Even if the SEO Team doesn’t provide the keywords list to be used in order to create the content, the writer will take the liberty to carry out some research and develop the content. It will also be the responsibility of the SEO content developers to develop the content for the On-Page SEO. Yes, to write, rewrite, revamp website page titles, page descriptions from time-to-time.  

Blog Writing Services 

Today, almost all business sites prefer to have a blog. The reason is simple: Blog makes it easy to bring traffic to the site. Apart from this, websites that also run blogs manage to convert more easily. Higher conversion rate is always noted for the businesses that attract the search engine traffic through interesting blog posts that revolve around their products or the services. Only by hiring experienced blog content writers, the purpose of blogging can be achieved. A blog writer will work in close collaboration with the SEO Team and craft blog posts that are interesting and search engine friendly. 

E-Brochure / Flyer Content Development Services 

E-brochure, flyer content will be precise in nature. A writer will have to think out of the box to present business in as fewer words as possible. But, there are some brochures and flyers that accommodate more content too. 

Social Media Content Writing Services 

Now, it has become mandatory for all online businesses to have good social presence. Gone are the days when social media was just about posting updates. Today, people take note of what businesses post and how effective it is. In the past, adding copied content was unpunishable but now it is SPAM and such profiles do not even get optimized or generate any good results. Here comes the role of the social media expert, social media content writers who take on the responsibility to generate Social Media Content for the client. 

Business Proposal Writing Services 

Enterprises look for new business opportunities. They would like to explore how well they can get connected to other businesses and start running other businesses.  Business proposal writers help entrepreneurs organize their ideas or plans and put them into words. A business proposal content developer will work closely with the CEOs, CFOs, and other managing teams to understand more about the proposal and then deliver the content that fulfills the purpose. 

Content Development Services: Hiring Content Developers

Are you confused about who you shall trust for the website, blog, SEO, PR, brochure content writing services? Let there be no confusion. Here is the checklist that can make it easy for you to decide who can be the best content writer for your content writing project.

What Type Of Content Do You Need?

It is important to focus on what type of web content you need. There are different various types of contents such as written content, interactive content, visual content, video content, etc.

Based on what is needed, hire a content developer who can do the right work.

Of course, it doesn’t make sense to hire an SEO Writer for the content for e-profile or a corporate video. It is true that there are some experienced content writers who have got the skills to work as a Website Content Developer, SEO Writer, UX Writer, Blogger or a Brand Journalist but still, it is recommended that you hire an expert in a particular type of content development.


There are various types of businesses. A content writer who can develop content for a university website may not have the skills to work on content development for an IT business site.

Similarly, a software development website may need the writer to be more adept at software technologies, a travel-related portal needs content that is written by a travel writer.

There are various industries such as Advertising And Marketing, Agriculture, Construction Industry, Education, Entertainment Industry, Farming, Fashion, Finance, Baking, Green Industry, Hospitality, Media, Materials, Music, Information Technology, Retail, Oil And Gas, Telecom and others.

Yes, it is true that not one writer may have the skills and expertise to develop content for all types of industries but a group of content writers, a content writing agency can have skills to deliver the content on selected industries.

So, when you have plans to hire a content writer, carry out intensive research on content writers. Find the right content writing agency that can work for you.

Content Writing Prices

What shall be the budget for content writing? How do content writers charge for the content they develop? There are two major content writing pricing models which are common.

Fixed Content Writing Price

If you wish to get content from an experienced content writer or one of the best and reputed content writing agency, you will have to pay a fixed amount for the content project. Let us say, your new business site has got some 15 pages.

The content writing service provider will provide a quote that covers all content requirements of the site. Content for all the web pages, content for the call-to-action buttons, banners, videos, infographics, images, taglines, etc. The fixed price model may vary from site to site, depends more upon the type of industry the client belongs to and the length of the content too.

Usually, content is written as per the design of the web page. The website owner, the client or the website design and development team can share the web template or the sandbox URL to help the writer get an idea of the design of the web pages. This will help the writer develop content as per the web page design.

Or else, give the content writer the freedom to develop the content for the site and then the designer will place the content on the web pages as needed or customize the design a little to adjust the content in the best way.

Cost-Per-Word Content Pricing Model

The website owner will pay per word to the writer. There will be mutual agreement on price per word. A fresher in content writing may charge like 90-150 Paisa per word whereas the experienced content developers charge like 3-12 Rupees per word. There are some other experienced and well-known content writers who charge more than 15 rupees per word.

Of course, you may get the option to hire one of the best freelance content writers who can do the job for you for a price lesser than 1 rupee per word.

Be very careful before you hand over your project and make any payment in advance to the freelance content developer.

Inexperienced freelance content developers may not work as per your expectations. Do not fall bait to low prices. Nine times out of ten, business owners get attracted to low content prices. They hire people who may not even have experience of working on a single web content project.

By hiring such amateur writers, business owners face trouble) And YES, there is nothing wrong in taking the content writing services even from an inexperienced content developer. But, if you have already got to know of his or her abilities through sample content. If the sample, you have received is good then you can go ahead. (but, why take risks when you can get content writing services from an experienced content writer).

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