How to make 100$ with just one single article?

Earn 100 Dollars For Article

Earn 100 Dollars For Article. Yes, that is right. You can make a handsome amount of money online by writing.

Do you have a flair for writing? In quest of content writing jobs but have found nothing more rewarding? If YES then this article is for you. I have seen many writers complaining of less pay for the content they write.

Generally, for freelance content writers, sites like,, etc offer content writing projects but the pay is always less.

For one project, there can be many content writers. They bid and often the employer chooses the one who bids less and promises of high-quality content.

Such sites are really money-making resources for the writers but really do not seem to rate the talent and pay as per the skills of the writers.

Earn 100 Dollars For Article

Making 100$ Writing A Single Article

More often, employers who hire content writers pay hourly, as per word-count, project-basis, etc.

Hourly rates vary from $30-$100.  Experienced writers may charge even more than this. And for articles that depend on word quantity, charges go like these: $3-5 for 300-500 words, $8-10 for 1000 words, etc.

Those who outsource the job of content writing of their complete site (15-20 pages site) show willingness to pay around $50-60 only. So, if this is the present state of content writing jobs then how can it be possible to get paid $100 for a single article?

I tell you how to make $100 by writing just one article. Recently, when I was searching for money making sites,

I came across a site for writers called ListVerse. An amazing site that provides $100 for an article. Yes, that is true. $100 for an article of about 1500 words.

The amount is certainly greater than what content writers might get when they work on any of the projects through or etc.

Earn 100 Dollars For Article At ListVerse

Earn 100 Dollars For Article. ListVerse pays $100 and even more for an article.

ListVerse website is all about the top ten lists. Yes, it is for the explorers who are looking for the top ten lists on subjects related to Gaming, Movies, Music or anything that is bizarre, creepy, mysterious, weird, etc.

How To Earn 100 Dollars For An Article

It talks about lifestyle (food, health, sport, travel), science (flora, fauna, humans, technology), society (crime, politics, religion) and much more. The site publishes 3 or sometimes more than 3 interesting articles (of course, submitted by one of the writers like you).

Articles that are packed full of fascinating facts.  It serves over thirty million pages a month to more than 8 million readers across the globe. It has been featured on Radio Scotland, BBC Radio and Television, Alabama Radio, Gizmodo, PBS and in the New York Times. Jamie Frater is the director, founder of the site.

What content writers can write?

They can write anything they want. But, bear in mind the article should follow the style of the existing articles.

Write and send lists (for instance, there should be at least ten things, for instance, ten best recipes for weight loss, ten weird creatures on earth, ten weird stories about aliens that can be true, ten strange hybrids scientists fear will dominate the world, 10 incredibly strange but effective mind refreshing ideas, etc).

For ideas about how the title should be, please, look at the articles already present on the site. Based on the lists, creating one’s own list will not be difficult.

So, this means the writer should be an expert?

No necessary. Anyone can write. The site says “you don’t have to be an expert. Good English is enough. Add a little bit of one’s own flavor of writing, sense of humor. That is all.”

How does it work?

Well, first pick the subject. It should be unique. It should not match any of the titles that are already there on the site. Do a bit of research and compile the list.

The word-count should be around 1500 words (the more, the better). When it is completed email it to the team at ListVerse. There is a small form. Send the content through the form. Give details about you and your account (PayPal account or Bitcoin) in the box called “Author Blurb.”

If the article is liked by the team then the amount will get credited into the account and will receive an email too saying that the article has been accepted but if the article is not liked by the team then reply with sorry may land into your inbox.

Are there any rules?

Rules exist but they are simple. Content writers really do not have to worry too much over the same.

The article should consist of 1500 words (article with less word count may not get accepted. In some cases, it is also possible to receive an email from the editorial team to increase the word-length, if it is not around 1500 words).

It should be verifiable, meaning, if it talks about ten weird animals then the list should be of the weird animals not that of common zoo park animals. They ask for verifiable content because they link to other reputable resources.

Do content writers have to send relevant images or videos?

Well, this is not required. They have a team that works on collecting or creating relevant images and videos.

However, if anyone would like to submit some relevant images or videos then they are welcomed to do so. The editorial team might edit them to make them look more awesome. Writers are required to send only URLs of the video or the images (YouTube or image gallery).

Option of Branding

The best thing about the site is it offers opportunities for branding. For bloggers, it can certainly be amazing. They can send an article to get a quality backlink as the site honors writers. The blog or Twitter account of the sender will be attached at the bottom of the article.

How much time will it take to get my money?

As soon as you submit the article, the editorial team will plunge into action. They will read, check for quality and if it is OK then will send the email to you to let you know that the articles have been selected. And once published, the amount will be credited into the PayPal or Bitcoin account.

If once, my article gets selected then can I send other articles and get paid the same $100 / article?

Yes, you can but I would suggest waiting for at least a few weeks to pass by. Focus only on quality and come up with something interesting so that every submission should bring for you $100. Make sure you check the author’s guidelines before submitting the content.

Earn 100 Dollars For Article – Payment Guarantee

I am sorry to say but the site doesn’t show any testimonials – list of the writers who have contributed and got paid. There can be many reasons for this but one simple reason I understand is perhaps the site doesn’t want to promote itself as just for the content writers. But, it is worth trying.

So, do not wait. It is time to earn $100 for a single article. I do not think there can be any other way.

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