Where Can I Get Complete List Of Social Media Sites That Are Good For SEO?

What Are The Social Sites Helpful With Optimizing Website?

complete list of social media sites

Where can I get the complete list of social media sites for SEO, social sites that are good for Search Engine Optimization? Wondering?

I am going to present to you a complete list of the social media sites that are good for SEO.

This complete, unbiased list of social media websites has been prepared taking into account their level of popularity and how good they are in carrying out the search engine optimization process.

These are the social media sites that can make SEO in 2020 more successful for SEO experts.

So, let us take a look at the complete list of the social sites good for SEO in 2020 and beyond (hopefully)!

Complete List Of Social Media Sites

Listed on this page for the social media sites that are good for improving the site’s position in search engines. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Tumblr, Delicious, Medium are popular sites but other sites too have got the power to empower social presence for the enterprises.


I will rank Facebook on the first position on the list of social media sites that are good to optimize the website. Because this platform is unique in its own way and has always been very helpful in optimizing the site or driving traffic to site (ever since its establishment in the year 2004).


Twitter is one big sound now! Amazing social site for submitting content. It has got a very large audience making this platform more efficient for posting links and driving traffic to websites or blogs. There are marketers who use to post images and content links they find are interesting and worthy of mentioning and grabbing the attention of the twitter-obsessed communities.


A perfect social bookmarking site with over 175 million users. Pinterest can be the source of driving a huge amount of traffic to site. From Pinterest alone, there are people who drive like 10,000 to 100,000 visitors a month. Roughly speaking, more than 50 billion pins have reported having appeared on Pinterest so far.


LinkedIn is here to stay. It is not only used as a tool to connect to business professionals across the globe but it is also used as an SEO tool to drive traffic to the site.


Disqus is a commenting platform. It is certainly one of the best global comment systems that help with improving discussions on blogging sites, websites, and other mini social sites across the web.


Are you looking for one of the popular bookmarking sites that make bookmarking a piece of cake for you? Well, that is StumbleUpon/Mix. Because it is so easy to bookmark. It is very easy to use and that is why it is considered a great SEO Tool for content posting and traffic generation. (Please, take note of it that the StumbleUpon turned into Mix in summer 2018).


Dribble, as intuitive, a perfect go-to bookmarking social media website is ideal for the designers who crave for showcasing their design talent. People who would like to explore with visual design, graphics, and other interesting design-stuff, this Dribble is the best social platform. It is the best when it comes to getting some quality SEO Backlink.


Delicious is an amazing booking marking social media website. This is simply ideal for content creators and content marketers who are looking forward to building as much traction on their content as possible.


To be very honest, I like this brand name, Pocket. It works just like the pocket. You keep something in it and it is there for you to get it later. Pocket users can have the opportunity to hold onto anything they find interesting on the web. The best thing about it is that if once anything is sent to pocket then it really needs no internet connection to get accessed by the user.


Have you got something more catchy? Then do not step back. Digg it. That is what Digg for. People are simply addicted to this social bookmarking website, unique in its own way to capture the content and present the content to the users.


The Folkd bookmarking site comprises an absolutely unique, remarkable social search feature, functions more or less like that of search engine. The content that is surfaced is not machine-driven or based on complex system of analytics.

The results that are displayed show content that has been bookmarked by other Folkd users. If a particular piece is saved by a large number of people then there are chances that that particular piece gets ranked higher in its result. This ultimately helps users get connected to only the top most content.


Wondering what can be there for you on Reddit? Reddit users will have the freedom to generate a list of bookmarks as per their preferences. They can vote (upvote or downvote), comment, share the content. It is certainly one of the best social media tools for marketing experts who want to popularize their own content.


Fark is known for its quality content. It is a social networking news website that receives a multitude of news submissions. Only a daily basis, handful of news items are published. Certainly, this social networking site is not for marketers who create wimpy or less quality content.


BizSugar is your content publishing platform if you have got something more exciting about startups, advertising, business marketing, or anything with respect to business. This social bookmarking website can make it simple for you to generate some presence business online and who knows you can gain great authority in your sphere or business too.


Slashdot, as a unique bookmarking site, is for the techies. If you have got some technical content then you need to go for Slashdot. The type of content that is submitted on Slashdot include content on cloud computing, networking, business technologies, gaming, artificial intelligence, virtual reality, and others.

We Heart It

We Hear It make bookmarking more result-oriented because it is more visual in nature. Users of We Hear It can submit inspiring content. Remember, most of the content will be imagery.


This is ideal for content curation, content creation, content analysis, and of course, intelligence too. There are two different versions. Free and Paid. If you are a professional and want to get the most out of Scoop It then I would suggest that you should go for the paid version.


It is solely for internet users, marketers who love Newsvine. It is more or less like that of Newsvine. The primary goal is to get people connected to trendiest news across the globe.


Diigo is your friendly, one-of-a-kind social bookmarking site that is primarily for the academic types. If you are a student, researcher, professor, educator, and would love to share your resources, Diigo is the right choice.


It is true that not all businesses may have an interest in churning out scientific content as a part of their brand promotion. But, for those enterprises that take this seriously, BibSonomy is for them. This unique, premier social bookmarking website is for the businesses, academic types who would like to share their research-based content.


CiteULike may sound uncommon to you but it has been there for a long time. It is a social site that offers free service for organizing and storing your articles. There will be automated recommendations from time-to-time for the CiteULike Users. This ultimately will help with boosting SEO for the users.


Pearltrees is all about simplicity in sharing and gathering content. Users of Pearltrees can create their collections and share with people in their circles and others across Pearltrees.


If you are a software developer and would like to boost up marketing through any social media site then count on DZone. It is a social platform where you can find software developers from almost all parts of the world.


Medium is a platform that makes publishing your content easy and fun. You start creating your article using its user-friendly WYSIWYG platform.


SlideShare can take your PPTs to the next level and help improve the SEO of the site. This may sound easy but it is not. Consistency and the right approach to marketing through SlideShare is of paramount importance.


Who doesn’t know about Quora? It is fast growing as one of the highly visited Q&A websites. As a registered user on Quora, one can ask questions on anything related to any industry and get answers from the industry experts. Questioners can also provide answers to the questions of others. The answers, discussions are backed up by the rating system too.


Flipboard is a social platform that makes curating stories across the globe easy. This will certainly keep you informed and involved as well.


This is one of the best and the most reputed RSS blog reader and it has got almost 15 million users.

Google Plus

I am sorry, this is not working. Am I right. If I not then please let me know.


Instapaper is promoted as one of the simplest ways of storing articles for future use. Articles can be read offline as well.

Full List Of Social Media Sites That Are Good For SEO (Continued)

Listed down are the social sites that are not so common but still, these sites have the power to improve social presence for the businesses. This is the full list of social media sites. Other sites to this list will also be added soon.


Kirtsy in its early stage of development gave its users the option to aggregate the content. But, now Kirtsy users have this option to submit slideshows too.


LinkaGoGo is almost two decades old now. Possibly by next year, it will reach 20+. This social media site allows users to view bookmarks.


Listly is all about the top 10 lists. If you have got some top 10 things to publish then Listly is the platform you need to get connected to.


I would rank Tumblr at a higher level because it is the tool that can have the power to empower off-page SEO. Tumblr users can share photos, videos, links, and text and drive traffic to their site.


Crazybacklink is one of those free social bookmarking websites that can help identify websites to build backlinks.


Dotnetkicks is now a growing news-related site. It is run by a community who have got expertise in.NET development techniques and various other technologies and business tools.


Emolinks is certainly not one of the common social bookmarking platforms that offer users to create, publish and share content for free. It has something more unique. Try out here by creating an account on Emolinks.


Facecool is not a copy of Facebook. And it is spelled correctly. Yes, there is no error in spelling. It is a social site that allows free submissions of blogs, events, photos, etc.


MozyLink is another simple yet very creative and easy-to-use social bookmarking site that allows its users to submit content and vote the content too.


Share your videos, news, photos and other interesting stuff using PiPiNews.


Sitejot makes bookmarking management simple. It is a free online bookmark manager. So, try it out.


Skybacklinks is more about a service that allows you to store and share content across the web.


SocialBookmarkNow takes pride in “instant approval.”Yes, you submit the content and it gets approved with no delay at all.


SocioPost is a platform that makes voting easy. This social site allows users to vote on recently bookmarked images, videos, content across the web.


TechDirt is a blog for the news creators. If you have something interesting to create as news for your business promotion, you can use TechDirt


Tracky is a social collaboration tool. Users of Tracky can collaborate, socialize projects. They can also have this wonderful option to store their stuff.


Zypid is the place that gives you the option to save favorite links.


A community weblog is what Metafilter stands for. Users on MetaFilter have the freedom to create a link or comment on the link that is submitted by the other users.


AixinDashi is a bookmarking site that allows its users to submit the articles.


BookMarkBook is a simple, easy-to-use, free bookmarking site.

Do Social Media Sites Boost Up SEO?

Social presence is an indicator of being more credible. No doubt, SEO without social media is lame. A website can’t be optimized to the degree of perfection if it doesn’t have good social presence. Here, social media presence doesn’t merely mean owning a facebook account or a twitter account. It is more than that.

It is all about how you manage social media. How friendly do you post on social media? What is the level of engagement with audiences across all social platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, etc?

Websites that have got social credibility scores are known to be more popular in search engines. Such websites also manage to rank higher too.

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