Blog Post Ranking Factors – Ideal Word Count

Appropriate word length for blog post in 2019

Are you blogging? Do you want to understand how you can write a blog post that can rank higher in Google? Get to know more about blog post ranking factors to take your blog to the next level of success and beyond.

The word count for the blob post plays a crucial role. It is true that not all search queries require an ultimate guide or a skyscraper but there are a few things that need much attention from the bloggers. 

Wondering what shall be the optimal length for a blog post or an article in 2019? 

Focus on three very important things:

Deliver content that matches search intent (satisfying searchers)

Developing content that is incomparably the best.  

Plagiarism-free with supported data and links

Blog Post Ranking Factors To Rank On Competitive Keywords

There has always been a big debate on what types of articles rank higher in Google. If we look back from 2015-2019 we come across amazing trends in content development. Bloggers who use to write small, crunchy articles, bite-sized pieces of content are now paying attention to developing lengthy content. 

The ideal length may vary from 1000-2000 words or to put it simply, the lengthier the article, the much simpler it is for the article to gain some good place in search engines. 

word length for article in 2019

Suppose, you are trying to rank on a keyword such as “SEO Tips.” This is not going to be simple, that is for sure. 

Because there are already a big number of bloggers who provide content for SEO or SEO Tips.

A blog post with almost 2000 words will gain the attraction of Google. 

Carry out some research on a particular keyword. See, what search results you get. If you see the top five are blog posts that vary in length from 1000-5000 or even more then it really makes sense to develop a blog post that carries an equal number of words or more number of words so that your article can rank higher in Google. 

Ranking Higher In Google

But, remember, word count is not the only criterion which can bring the blog post or an article on top for the search queries. There are various other factors which shall be taken into consideration. 

Do not think that only a long-form article will help you rank higher in Google 

Backlinks are important as they back up the article and push it to the first page of Google.   

Try to satisfy search intent by developing content that answers the queries by the searchers. 

Remember, Google detests with all its heart the content that deviates from answering the search query. It doesn’t give importance to content fluff and dilution.

But, if you are a beginner in blogging then your primary goal shall be to grow your blog by adding as many numbers of useful articles as possible. A beginner in blogging can develop blog posts of about 500-700 words. 

Or you can go with 2000 words per article and with an optimized H1, H2, and H3. That is the best SEO.  


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