Which Free And Paid Keywords Research Tools, SEO Analysts Use?

What are the best SEO keywords research tools? Free and Premium Tools that can be used for marketing analysis.

best keywords research tools

Want to know which keywords research tools SEO people rely on? Keyword research is one of the preliminary Search Engine Optimization tasks that help SEOs identify popular business terms, words or phrases that internet searchers enter in search engines to find information, products or services they need.

What keywords to rank for? What keywords are relevant to business? Researching keywords by making use of the FREE keywords tools or the premium that is paid SEO keywords research tools help with optimizing the site properly and get the best result too. If you do not focus on finding or identifying what business terms (keywords) can work for you and what can’t, it will be difficult to reach your SEO goals.

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Researching SEO keywords provides marketers a much better understanding of which words, or word combinations are popular or high in demand. It will help analyze the traffic a particular keyword may get (if it is popular and if it is used by almost 10,000 or 50,000+ searchers, it is more likely to bring good traffic to the site, if the site starts ranking for that keyword).

This will also make it clear how hard it would be to rank on that particular keyword (if the competition is high when everyone is trying to rank for that keyword, it will be difficult to optimize the site for the same term). Overall, keyword research gives proper directions to web or blog optimization efforts.

What Are The Best Keyword Research Tools?

There are so many FREE keyword research tools and premium keywords research tools for SEO professionals, marketers, and online business presence analysts. These amazing tools help online business owners and marketers drive traffic to their sites.

Listed down are the SEO tools that are used by SEO Evangelists such as Brian Dean, the founder of the Backlinko.com, Neil Patel, The founder of the Neilpatel.com or to name a few others, Carolyn Shelby, SEO Manager, ESPN, Cyrus Shepard, founder at Zippy.

Google Keywords Research Tool (Keyword Planner)

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I would like to talk about the Google Keyword Planner first. There are two reasons. One is personal. It is the first keyword tool that I knew about and used when I first started optimizing my site (way back in 2009). Back then, it was not branded as Keyword Planner.

It is just one of the tools that we find in the Google Adwords Account (now, again, this Google Adwords is Google Ads). The second reason is it is simple, easy-to-use.

It is mostly used by marketing people who want to analyze PPC keywords but the data it generates on for all phrases or terms can be used for SEO too. After all, SEO works on popular search terms.

How to do SEO for a site? How to write content for the sites using keywords?

If any keyword is known to have maximum CPC (Cost Per Click), it is going to have big search volume too (it is searched often, that is why it is priced higher). And it will have the potential to bring tons of traffic to the site.

Is this FREE keyword research tool by google? Of course, YES. but, you will have to create your Google Ad account. And once you log into your account, you can go to the section called TOOLS and navigate to this amazing resource for generating all types of keyword ideas on any niche.

KeywordTool.io As Keywords Analysis Tools

If you want to have an alternative to Keyword Planner by Google, I would recommend that you use this advanced Keyword Suggestion Tool. KeywordTool.io is FREE and it is simply the best at producing reports on all types of SEO and Pay Per Click (PPC) Keywords.

Users can get keywords using Google Autocomplete. It can provide as many as 750+ long-tail keyword recommendations, ideas for any search you carry out.

It is extremely trustworthy compare to other FREE SEO keywords tools. The best feature is one can use it without signing up for the account.

Soovle.com As SEO Keywords Tool

No sooner you enter a keyword in the search box at the Soovle.com, you get the lists of all possible, popular keywords. The suggestions on the keywords are aligned in arranged in different groups for you pick the right one.

This FREE keywords suggestion tool pulls ideas on the keywords from search engines such as Google, Youtube, Yahoo, Bing, Answer.com. You can check for the keywords popular in Amazon Search Engine, eBay, Buy.com, Overstock.com, Wikipedia and others.

So, this means there is an opportunity for you to select and use even the most untapped keywords that your competitors are not aware of. It also allows users to save the suggestions that are generated on the site and download the file in CSV format.

In my view, it is the best keyword tools that can be very helpful for marketers.

Ahrefs Keywords Explorer

The business king-maker is Ahrefs Keyword Explorer. Provide smart keyword recommendations. Ahrefs helps marketers calculate the traffic potential for all the keywords.

The tool delivers super, in-depth, more comprehensive and analytical data on each keyword you want. It scans for you a tremendously big database of almost 7 billion search terms. The best part is the data is always updated with fresh keywords every month.

This wonderful keywords Explorer streams a plethora of clickstream data not from just google but almost 100+ other search engines. The tool perfectly defines and refine search volume.

It provides enough data on Keywords Difficulty Score and Click Metrics and Advanced SEO Metrics.

Apart from this, it quickly generates SEO metrics that let the markets know of ranking history of the popular pages ranking for the keywords. And not just this, using this tool, you can easily assess whey they are ranking and how you can overcome the competition.

Save and single out the keywords lists generated by this tool and download it for future reference.

Moz Keyword Explorer

Find the most lucrative 500+ million keywords that can have the potential to drive huge amount of traffic to the site using Moz Keyword Explorer. It gives “lateral” keyword ideas. But, in order to check anything using Moz, you will have to create an account first.

The users will receive a complete report on all types of terms. Within very little time, it provides enough data for the users to consume in a more easy way. No complicated reporting.

The best features of this SEO keywords research and recommendation tool include Close Analysis by Search Volume, Search Terms in Question Format, Generate, Save, And Download Results, Predictive Metrics, SERP (Search Engine Result Page) Details on Keywords, Difficulty Level or Existing Competition and Competitive Analysis.


Entering a new market? Rely on WordTracker for keyword research. It delivers as many as ten thousand results per user’s search. This is better known as Market Research Tool as it provides clear, concise but more in-depth data on keywords.

This amazing tool derives ideas using Google and its own proprietary search technology. Start searching to get wonderful ideas.

You may not find features that WordTracker has to offer in another tool such as Google Keyword Planner or any other keyword tools that are there.

Out-of-the-world features for the SEO and PPC marketers that makes the task of marketing simple include the following: Actual Keywords (Not Grouped), Actual Results (Not Banded), Trends With Respect To Search, SEO Metrics, SERP Overview, Lateral, Related and Advanced Search, YouTube Search, Amazon Keywords, Negative Keyword Search

And yes, of course, LIVE Chat Customer Support Services. Wordtracker is known for its excellent support services.

Ubersuggest At NeilPatel.com

Ubersuggest at Neilpatel.com is more like Domain Analysis and Backlink Checker Tool but it has a lot to offer when it comes to keyword research. It is branded as a FREE Keywords Tool, but it may ask you to get your google search console account connected to it when you sign up for it. You can’t use it until you sign up for it.


There is no doubt, the tagline, “The world’s most advanced keyword tool,” appropriately suits this keywords research tool. Jaaxy reveals the top lists of the most popular and the hottest keywords for internet marketers, brings billions of keywords with a simple search.

It makes research a breeze. It is one of the most intuitive keyword tools that can help you know more about the words and phrases relevant to your niche.

With this SEO Keywords Identification Tool, marketers will be able to discover more quickly than ever the best, unique, relevant and untouched keywords that can be used for all SEO and PPC marketing campaigns.

Within seconds, plenty of suggestions are provided. It may provide results that you may not find using other tools. That is its specialty. The best feature of it is QSR – Quoted Search Result. This is one out-of-the-box term that defines “how many competitors are trying to rank for this particular phrase?”

Of course, not as much better as Ahrefs or SEMRush Keyword Tools but 50$ for its premium version really worth it. Certainly, not a bad deal.

Google Search Console

To be honest, this provides enough data on what actually are the keywords in the content that are bringing the visitors to the site. If you log in to the account and go to the Performance Report of this tool, you will find plenty of keywords related to your content and where the site ranks for that keyword.

You can ask me how this is going to help in keyword research. Well, it doesn’t exactly act like a keywords recommendation or identification tool but it does help by letting the webmasters know of the possible opportunities.

Where the keyword from your content is ranking? You can come to know of it from the “performance report” and work on improving the ranking on those keywords to drive more traffic.

I would suggest that webmasters shall connect their Google Search Console and Google Analytics accounts or use them collectively to get complete data on the domain keywords.


SECockpi is one of the Fast SEO Keywords Research Tools. it searches relevant keywords and provides ideas at warp speed. And not just the keywords in one language, English but in various other popular world languages such as French, Spanish and others.

Get keyword ideas based on Google Ad Keywords, Google Related Searches, and Google Suggest. And of course from other marketplaces such as Amazon.

It fetches for you top-notch keyword analysis data on any niche. Analyze competition, organize keywords, download the data and more.

Google Trends

Google Keywords Trends facilitates exploring of Google Data. It can help discover, understand and analyze what the searchers across the globe are searching in Google. You can enter a “Search Term” or enter the name of the “Topic” to get ideas on the same.

It brings you enough data on how the trend is. How popular it is. Whether it is moving up higher or moving down in search volume. It brings in search patterns across the countries.

You can pick the country to see the search pattern by the users, the search volume, traffic, etc.


SEMRush, in comparison with Ahrefs Keyword Tool, works more like SEO Keywords Analysis Tool. You can register an account to get FREE Requests. I would suggest that you get the premium version of SEMRush because it is helpful in generating plenty of ideas that are more meaningful and lucrative.

It works wisely and segregates the report for you.

It has a Keyword Magic Tool that helps marketers carry out research on keywords.


Marketers perform innumerable searches using this wonderful site of Wordstream. It is a FREE SEO Keyword Detection Tool. Find new ideas that can boost up your SEO and PPC campaigns using Wordstream.

It proudly says, “Supported by Google”

The tool uses the latest Google Search data to bring the results for its users. Results are more accurate, reliable and target-oriented.


KW is short for Key Word. That is something unique. And it is unique in the way it performs its function too.

Find, identify and get complete details on short and long-tail keywords, keywords with high and low SEO difficulty.

And seriously speaking, KWFinder is the only SEO keywords research and keywords analysis tool that you ever need on planet Earth if you are an SEO, PPC or Marketing Expert who wants to be ahead of other competitors. Sorry for that, it is just an exaggeration (as rephrased from the existing content on its official site that describes the tool)

Search by adding the filters. Any language. Any country.

Keyword Tool By SEO Book

SEO Book is one old site that I knew of ever since I started learning and optimizing the sites. The keyword tool that we find on this site is Premium but it pays off greatly to its users.

Spyfu Keyword Tool

Spyfu is another, pretty cool, useful SEO tool that can be used for keyword research. The moment you land on the web page of this tool, it captivates you by saying that with one single word, you can change your marketing strategy.

It is even true because what the business owners are going to select for web optimization or blog optimization determines their success or failure in the online world.

This is a paid SEO tool for keyword research and analysis. It can work like magic.


Comes next after Spyfu is TheHoth.com. Using it, one can easily take one’s website optimization or blog optimization strategy to the next best level.

Get to know more about other SEO keyword research tools that you can use.

Other Keywords Research Tools

I will be listing down other important, free and paid Keywords Research Tools that can make this list more comprehensive for the users. If you would like to add one of the tools that you use and you are happy with, let me know. I will include that in the list. Make sure you suggest the best and the most advanced ones.


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