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best free website builders

You can ask me, why this list of the best free website builders? Why this post on free website development tools? There are plenty of sites where you can find information on which website builder or website building tool can be better to use. But, here, I have picked only TOP TEN website creation software that you can use to create an awesome site.

Planning to build your site? Of course, hiring a web development expert is the best solution. An experienced web designer can create awesome designs that can glue visitors to your site. Of course, design is futile if it is not backed up with errorless functionality. So, here comes the role of a web developer.

Hiring a smart web development agency brings to you great advantages. You will get a site that is unique in its design and functionality.

Not Much Investment Needed For Site Design And Development

But, what if your budget is low for web design and development? What if you do not want to pay more for the site? Because, today, site development is an expensive proposition. You may have to pay in between $200-$500 for basic site design and functionality.

And of course, for an eCommerce site, you may have to pay like $30,000 to $50,000. That is a huge amount.

So, what is the solution?

Free Website Builders For Site Development

FREE website builders for site development is the solution. If you have got an idea to develop a site, try it out yourself. Yes, you do not have to be a coder. You do not have to be good at programming. It will be simple.

For startups, a website is a big necessity. But, startups have a limited budget too. To save from big costs, it is always good to make use of one of the FREE website builders.

Get domain registration and hosting for your site.

List Of FREE Website Builders

This is the list of the free website builders you can use to create awesome site for your online business presence. These website builders are free to use. You just need to be good at presenting the site in a much better way. Everything here is a game of drag and drop.

Yes, you drag a unit and drop it at a place you want on your web page to design the page in the best way.

Wix Website Builder

The first that rules the world of free website builders is Wix. You can’t create as much beautiful a site using any website builder than Wix.

best free website builders

It has got website building features that separate itself from other free website builders.

There are as many as 500 templates professionally designed for you to use. Pick from these templates a perfect one that can suit your business image. Browse templates using specific filters. Search using categories or business terms. There is an option of limited fonts. Add plenty of scroll effects. Search for the right images in media galleries. Add animation, Video Boxes, Maps, Testimonials and Contact Forms.

GoDaddy Website Builder

best website builders

To be very honest, Godaddy is good for registering the domains. But, when it comes to website building, it has got only limited templates. No doubt, it is good for startups. If you want to develop a site without spending more on development, Godaddy shall be your first choice.

WordPress Website Builder

free website building tools

If you have not heard of WordPress Website Builder, I would assume that you belong to some other world. WordPress, in my view, is the best website creation software that has plenty of unmatched features.

You can create an account to check how simple it will be to create a stunningly beautiful site.

Squarespace Website Creator

website building software

Let your website shine. Make it wonderful using Squarespace. This awesome website building tool is preferred by a large community of site developers. It is user-friendly. No worries. Everything is done at the click o the mouse.

I would say try out the FREE trial. For 15 days, you can experiment on it to learn more about it. And I am certain, by the time your FREE trial of Squarespace ends, you will be satisfied and prefer to make use of this free website creation tool for your site too.

Weebly Website Building Tool

After Wix, Weebly is the best website creation tool. If you are not a Wix user, be a Weebly user. That makes a lot of sense.

Weebly in comparison to Wix is smart and has some wonderful features. But, website creation features are not as impressive as those of Wix.

It has templates covering 50+ industries. Whether you need to develop a site for your academic institution or a travel agency, you can get the most appropriate template easily.

SITE123 Website Development Tool

Its name shows what it can do for you. Your partner will count up to 3, and the site will be ready. It is amazing at creating great websites.

Site 123 website building software requires you to be adept at picking the right units for the site. Yes, your website will be made up of ready-made units or sections. You can pick and drag any unit to the web page you are designing. You can delete portions of the web page you do not want or add new ones as you may need them.

Strikingly Website Building Tool

A strikingly great site is what Strikingly stands for. Of course, it is the best value for money. You will invest only a little amount to get the site going. You can log in and create the site for FREE.

Duda Website Builder

If you have searched for website builders in Google, you must have come across some big giants like Wix and Weebly. You may think that Duda is very rate and no popularity. But, that is not the case. Duda is as equally renowned as those of Weebly, Wix, WordPress, and Site123. Its inventory of templates is growing. Currently, there are more than ninety templates.

I would suggest that you should try this low-cost website building software to design and develop an eye-catching site.

Jimdo Creator

I want to speak the truth. I have no experience of using Jimdo Creator but what I have come to know about it through google review is that it is a better platform for the site creators.

1&1 IONOS Site Creator

The brand 1&1 IONOS may sound like a new brand in the arena of free website creators but it is an old website building tool that has been there for the website creators for a long time.

It has limited features but it is worth trying out. It will be a good resource to build a site for businesses that do not want to spend money on site creation.

Free Website Builders Reviews

I would rank Wix and WordPress Website Builder on first place in our list of the FREE WordPress Builders.

Weebly Website Builder is great. I am sorry but comparing different website creation tools is difficult in this single post.

There are so many websites where you can find reviews by the active users of these free website creation tools. For instance, this site gives you clear ideas of which website builder can be the best for you.

How To Select Website Builder?

Selecting the right Website Builder is a sheer necessity for any business. Remember, there is no use crying after making the wrong decision.

Listed in this post are all top website builders good for building the websites but still, I would suggest that you should try out A FREE TRIAL package offered by these site creation tools. If you can try out three or four of them, it will become easy for you to decide which site development tool can be the best for your site.

Check if you can get a template related to your business. As many of these free website development tools offer templates on all types of business, it will be easy for you to find and pick the one you need. That is most suitable for your business site.

For E-Commerce, beginners in blogging, resume creators, artists, photographers, musicians, academicians, real estate agencies, restaurants, wedding planners and others, I would say, Wix is the best, followed by Weebly and WordPress and Godaddy.

Check out the best free SEO tools webmasters use.


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