Free Social Media Marketing Tools

free social media marketing tools

Before we start talking about the best, free social media marketing tools, let us understand some basics things about social media and how media have been evolving.

Any business that doesn’t focus more on building, enhancing and managing social media presence may not reach the level of success it yearns for. Today, social media marketing has become a key to success in getting connected to new clients, convincing and engaging them and generating sales.

It is for everyone. No matter what industry you belong to, it is needed. Without which it may not be possible to make impressive strides in business. Enterprises which implement right social media strategies find their way out to enviable success and those which fail to do so lag behind others and it is also possible that these companies will go out of sight completely.

Free Social Media Marketing Tools

Social media has now evolved into marketing media. Now, social sites are not just for two people or a group of people to be in touch with or be more connected than ever before.

Things are fast changing.  Let me take an example here. Years back, when Facebook was just beginning to make its history, people found it to be useful to get connected to their school mates, college or university friends. Some got connected to friends they had lost contact with, some got the chance to stay in touch with their friends, etc.

Slowly, it evolved and now it is more than a social networking site. It has become a business marketing platform where businesses can find and get connected to their prospective customers, build and enhance their brand presence and generate leads. With changes taking place rapidly, it is expected that in years to come, social media marketing would occupy the topmost position in marketing strategies.

Venturing into the world of social media implies that you are opening up your brand and organization to the world, of course, at large and eliminating ways of traditional marketing that limit the spreading of the message.

Free Social Media Marketing Tools

There are companies who spend more on developing a unique approach to successful social media campaigns. They come up with different frameworks, iterate a couple of times and spend a lot of money too. These are big enterprises but for startups and small to mid-sized enterprises, it would not be wise to spend big bucks.  Making use of free resources can solve a lot of their problems and save their money too.

Social Media Marketing Tools For Startups

 As a startup or small to mid-sized enterprise, if it is getting much difficult for you to navigate through rapidly transforming social media world then these resources are going to help you. Here is the list of the best free social media marketing tools which will certainly save your time and money.


Create quote images in a jiffy. Type what you would like to and then select an image that you would like to. It will generate various image options.


This is one of the video editing tools. It has got so many features. This is preferred by many professional video editors. Even Hollywood guys use it. A free trial can provide you access for seven days. After that, you may have to select a package to continue.


This is again one of the top listed video editors which can make video editing very simple. One doesn’t have to be a genius at editing. It is loaded with simple and easy-to-understand features. With it, creating a professional video won’t take more time. Using this, users can publish video on YouTube directly. It comes with 5G storage data as well. One can save videos in the cloud.

Topic Generator by HubSpot 

Selecting a topic for the blog is very challenging. For bloggers, it is important to pick the most trending topic. When it comes to choosing the most influential topics then this Topic Generator by HubSpot can help a lot. Just fill out the given fields (enter the topics you want to write about) and see the magic. You will get blog titles that simply worth more.

Quick Sprout 

This is to analyze Google Analytics Data. Get insights into the data and turn it more to your advantage.


Be a professional image editor using this social media tool. It is easy to edit and design, add text, resize, images, etc. Users using the basic version will certainly go for premium (this is how it can influence its users).


This can perform A/B testing for you. You can test and find out more about variations of headlines or images that can bring good results. Signing up for a pro version can help you get the best out of it.


Analyze the quality of the headlines of the blog posts, generate a quality score. It helps in identifying more about how this effective it will be at social platforms. With it, it can be easy to know more of the headline’s effectiveness in increasing targeted traffic and boost up SEO.


This is great for content marketing. What all you have to is just enter a subject that is of interest to you and discover new ideas revolving around the same subject. With ideas through portent, creating new, catchy blog posts, developing videos, etc can be simple.


This makes simple to analyze presence on social media. It provides comprehensive data that can be used for streamlining all marketing strategies.

Headline Analyzer 

It is free, can analyze the effectiveness of the adverts, can help in reaching out to new prospects in an emotional way. This can help determine the impact of various emotions such as spiritual, empathetic or intellectual.


Using good, professional images is always important to attract and engage the audience on social platforms. This PostCreator makes it simple for anyone to create professional-looking images that can be used across social networks.


This is something you can certainly get obsessed with once you start using it. Create images that can best explain your brand with drag and drop features. There is an option to select an image from the image gallery and modify it as required by you. There are various types of fonts too and many other things.

Free Social Media Marketing Tools

There are various other tools that can provide great advantages for the business owners to go on well without having to spend more in building, enhancing or managing social presence. Stay connected to know other interesting tools. Will come your way, shortly.


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