Adding Knowledge Graph to Google – How To Customize Knowledge Graph For Your Business?

how to add and customize knoweldge graph

This article helps you understand how to customize Knowledge Graph and improve business presence or site presence in Google.

Help Google Understand What To Include In Knowledge Graph of Your Business

Today, we are going to learn something about the Knowledge Graph. Every website should have a perfect Knowledge Graph (KG) as this will create a good impression on prospective customers who may search in Google using the website name. I will tell you how to make Google give perfect KG for your business site. It is all very simple. It will take just a bit of coding. Anyone with basic knowledge of coding can do it.

What actually is a knowledge graph?

Before we delve deeper into how to make Google give KG of your website let us understand what this is all about. KG is Google’s knowledge base, implemented by Google in the year 2012. This is to enhance the search results, provide searchers information at a glance about anything they may search for. It appears on the right-hand side. Just take a look at KG provided by Google when you search for an IT firm – Cognizant.

how to add customize knowledge graph

Here, you can see the information on Cognizant has been taken from various sources. First, its Wikipedia Page appears on the top with Logo, then some important information related to stocks, CEO, founder, revenue, headquarters, net income, founders, and subsidiaries. In the end, we find sites – Twitter, YouTube, and Google+.

But when you search for another IT company that is Amazon India then you will find not such results. Take a look at the screenshot given below.

Here, this can’t be considered a complete knowledge graph by Google. In fact, it is a Map Result. The data has been collected from Google My Business on Map.

Even if business owners do not focus on adding or customizing their KG, sill Google can fetch the information from various sources to show in its results. However, it would be better if the business owners make these efforts simpler for the search engine by adding some simple codes in their site (customizing the information as required).

How To Customize Knowledge Graph (KG) Results by Google

Business owners have the chance to customize what KG the search engine should display for their business. They can customize the data by adding Structured Data Markup to their site. The information that can be added includes Company Logo, Contact Numbers, Social Links (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google+, Pinterest or any other social link).

How to add a logo to the Knowledge Graph by Google?

Business owners can easily specify which image the search engine should use as its logo to display in the KG results. Just add organization markup to the site. Just take a look at the code given below.

knowledge graph scripts for adding logo

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How To Add Corporate Contacts To Knowledge Graph?

You can customize the knowledge graph very easily. You can edit the details as needed to improve site’s or business presence on Google.

To add corporate contacts to the knowledge graph by Google, make use of corporate contact markup on the site. Business owners have the choice to make use of various entities such as customer service, technical support number, etc.

Simple code goes like this:

Knowledge graph scripts for adding business contact details

How to Add Social Profiles To Knowledge Graph?

Make use of social structured data markup. Business owners have the option to add social links such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, MySpace, Pinterest, SoundCloud, Tumbler, etc.

The script goes like this:

knowledge graph scripts

And once, when you add the codes to your website, verify whether the codes have been rightly implemented or not. Testing the structured data here.

Does Knowledge Help Improve Onsite SEO?

Really sorry to say but this doesn’t help at all. It is just to make the searchers get the information they may require without having to look for it anywhere. Sites that display this data provide their prospective customers the information they may need in nutshell. With social profiles at the end, business owners help their prospective customers to get connected more easily.

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