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Creating SEO-Friendly Permalinks In Wordpress

Structuring the best SEO-Friendly URL in WordPress – The best Permalink Structure for SEO

Creating SEO-Friendly Permalinks In WordPress is not difficult. Wondering how you can optimize WordPress URLs to improve SEO ranking in Google? Then, this article on URL optimization techniques, tips and tricks is for you. The right permalink structure that is the most suitable for SEO of your WordPress site is very important. Often, new bloggers ask questions…

how to add and customize knoweldge graph

Adding Knowledge Graph to Google – How To Customize Knowledge Graph For Your Business?

This article helps you understand how to customize Knowledge Graph and improve business presence or site presence in Google. Help Google Understand What To Include In Knowledge Graph of Your Business Today, we are going to learn something about the Knowledge Graph. Every website should have a perfect Knowledge Graph (KG) as this will create…